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Instrumentally Dead by Peony

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Darkness covered my eyes as surely as I knew the dawn would never come again. I heard the tapping and tooting of the jazzy flavored music through the wooden door I knew to be bolted closed. Oh, if only those people would open the door that surely someone must be leaning against. Their laughter filled my aching ears and my aching body. This body won’t ever laugh again; never feel such agonizing pain ever again. I let one hot silent tear fall down my cheek as I think of my six year old daughter who will celebrate her seventh birthday in a few weeks. She'll be motherless again despite all the promises I made to her. Finally, the time has come.

It’s soothing, almost, to feel your body’s pain and weakness leave. It’s relaxing to be able to let go of your worries, I guess, except I’m still worrying. Not about my family, I’m sure they’ll be fine, but about the next to die, to be killed. There's nothing to leave behind in warning. How will they know that I never wanted this? How will they know I died because of someone else?
Chapter end notes: What ya think?
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