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Shadows of Vengeance by Shizake Uchiha

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Lyrics in the summary belong to Metallica's song, Nothing Else Matters.
Chapter notes: So here it is, my newest story. Hope you enjoy!
Every four to five hundred years a hiccup in a person’s DNA occurs. This “hiccup” causes them to be able to be in control of all five chakra natures. This type of power can be used to a great extent. The types of jutsu created from this trait are unimaginable. Different combinations and variants that are unthinkable to the common ninja are possible just because of this mutation. Most of the time this happens though, the person is unaware of this and goes on to use only one or two of the natures. Yet when it becomes known to the world that one of these people have been born, others vie for this power and will go out of their way to harm them and harvest this power for evil. This ability is known as Kekkei Dota, more rare than the Kekkei Touta.

The Fog Village is a distant country located far north isolated from the rest of the countries. The Kirikage, leader of the Fog village only has a select few villages in which he has decided to establish trade with. This means the people of the village hardly know anything outside of their own village. The village itself is very vulnerable but with the fog it is nearly impossible to find.

But now our story falls upon someone else. A young boy by the name of Ikari Fukazi is such a person who possesses the Kekkei Dota. He resides in the Village hidden in the fog, a village almost unheard of because of it’s secrecy. Along with him lives with mother, Mikara, his father, Zumaku, and his twin brother and sister, Hitari and Kikoro.

Enough rambling though…let our story begin…


“Do you have another mission again?” Ikari pouts to his twin siblings.

“I’m sorry Ikari, being an ANBU has its pros and cons…” Hitari says slipping on his wolf mask.

“But I wanted to play.”

“I’m sorry. I promise, right when we get back we’ll do whatever you want. How does that sound?” Kikoro proposes.

Ikari smiles, “Okay. Promise?” he says holding out his pinky.

They both smile back, “Promise.” They simultaneously say as they both grab his pinky with theirs.

“Stay safe Ikari. We love you. Now we must go, see you soon.” Hitari says walking out the door with his twin sister.

“Stay safe!” The young one yells as they exit the door.

“Ikari!” A voice shouts from the other room.

“Yes father?”

“Its seven o clock.”

“Oh uh right father.” He complies following his father outside.

“We’re going to keep working on your taijutsu, it needs the most work.”

“Do we have to? I hate fighting against you…”

“What did I say about complaining…?”


“Now come on.”

Both of them walk outside to the backyard. They both take separate sides preparing to train. Zumaku puts up his fists, as does Ikari. Instantly Ikari charges at his dad with his left fist drawn. Zumaku uses his hand to swipe away Ikari’s fist and uses his right palm to smack him in the forehead, knocking him down.

“You’re dead.” Zumaku says.


“Again. Get up.”

“But dad…”

“I said again!”

Ikari reluctantly gets up and goes back to his side. This time Zumaku charges at Ikari. Ikari dodges one fist and blocks another then rolls under his dad’s legs. He straightens up and goes to hit his dad with a fist but his fist is driven aside as he’s kicked in the side sending him reeling sideways.

“Dead…again.” Zumaku states. “One more time, get up.”

Once again Ikari goes back to his side. They both charge each other, this time Ikari lands a successful punch to his father’s chest who then delivers one of his own which Ikari blocks with his arms. Zumaku kicks at Ikari with his left foot aimed at his head to which Ikari counters with his elbow then uses his father’s leg as leverage to deliver a kick to the side of Zumaku’s head causing him to stagger.

“Impressive.” His father compliments.

Zumaku proceeds to deliver a series of quick multiple punches causing Ikari to constantly block. He then delivers one good punch causing Ikari to fall flat on his back. His father whips out a kunai and puts it to his son’s throat ending the fight.

“You’ve died, three times.” Zumaku says, putting the kunai back in his pouch and sighing.

No words come out of Ikari’s mouth as he tears up from being overworked and defeated. His father stares down at him and shakes his head before sticking out his hand to help his son up.

“You must always respect your opponent no matter the circumstances.” Zumaku comments.

“Yes father.”

“Now get inside, dinner should be ready soon.”

“Yes father.”

Ikari rushes inside and washes up before heading to the kitchen. The sweet savory smell of Oyako-Don* fills the air reminding Ikari that he’s hungry. His father sits down and sips on his tea while waiting for the meal. No words are spoken between them and the only sound is the pot boiling the chicken on the stove.

“Do you know when brother and sister will get back from their mission?” Ikari eagerly asks.

“No. The ANBU’s business is very secretive they could be gone for years for all we know.” Zumaku responds.


The awkward silence is broken by Mikara setting down the rice, chicken, and egg on the table for Zumaku and Ikari to fill their plates. Ikari’s mouth waters at the sight of the delicious food. There’s nothing better than home cooking. He waits for his parents to fill their plates before grabbing as much as possible and piling everything on and munching down.

“Your taijutsu is getting better. You need to be better aware when fighting, don’t just pay attention to the initial attacks but the limbs that aren’t being used. That’s how I kept pinning you, you weren’t paying attention.” Zumaku explains.

“Yes father, I’ll keep practicing.” Ikari replies.

“Oh honey, why are you so hard on him? He’s only 8.” Mikara says.

“This world is cruel, he needs to learn how to fight when the time comes. Especially if he were ever to go out into the real world away from the village.” Zumaku explains.

“That’s what the academy is for. They’ll teach him.”


“Don’t mind your father sweetie. He’s only tough because he cares about you, trust me.”

“I’ll keep working hard dad I swear. I want to be just like Hitari and Kikoro!”

“Hmph.” Zumaku grunts.

“So Ikari, your birthday is coming up soon do you want to do anything special?” His mother asks.

“I just want brother and sister to come back. I don’t like when they leave.”

“They’ll be back soon sweetie they always do.”

“Yeah hehe your right mom.”

“Now help with the dishes then it’s off to bed. You have school tomorrow.”

Ikari takes everyone’s empty plates and proceeds to clean the dishes along with his mother. They make small talk and quickly get the job done. Ikari runs off to his room and throws on his pajamas, jumping into bed. His mother comes in and sits on the edge while caressing his short dark brown hair. She looks into his deep hazel eyes and smiles, doting on her son just as a mother does.

“You know your father loves you right? We both love you Ikari.”

“I know…I just wish dad wasn’t so tough all the time.”

“Like I said, it’s because he cares about you and doesn’t want to see you hurt.”

“Yeah. I want to make him happy like brother and sister. I know he’s proud of them.”

“Don’t think you have to become just like them Ikari. Your father will be proud of you no matter what.”


“I promise sweetie. Now get some rest.” She finishes with a kiss on his forehead then gets up and turns out the lights. “Goodnight my precious boy.”

“Night mommy.”
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