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His Guardian Ninja by Kakashifan727

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Table of Contents

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All he could feel was pain. It was everywhere and threatening to drive him insane. He couldn't move or even breathe, each small gasp for air rapidly depleting his lungs. Everything around him was black, with splotches of red here and there. There was no sound; he couldn't even hear his own breaths. He knew he was still conscious somehow, or maybe he was already dead. He wasn't sure, everything had happened too quickly for him to register it all. He remembered trying to protect some civilians from the Kyuubi, and putting up a decent fight, but after that…nothing. He supposed he was dead, for that was only thing that could explain why a bright white light was starting to fill in the darkness.

The light filled the space he was in, illuminating his features. He blinked one onyx eye and wished he could push some bloody strings of his silver hair away from his face so he could see better. Suddenly, the pain began to fade and he found he could move again, his head turning from side to side slowly. All he could see was white, and still had no idea how it had gotten there. Was he at the hospital? No, he'd already told himself he was dead; he could affirm that much from the fact that he no longer needed to breathe anymore. Slowly, he started to rise up, being careful with his slightly numb body. He wasn't sure how much time had passed since he died if his body was this stiff. He forgot about that a few seconds later as he looked up, a look of astonishment on his masked face.

"Greetings, little one."

Kakashi just blinked, unable to comprehend the being that was in front of him. It was huge, almost fifteen feet tall and was decorated with various beads and rosaries, like ones he'd seen on a monk. He could see it was a woman from its bulging breasts, but it wasn't human because it skin was colored bright blue. It looked down at him with piercing eyes, seeming to bore into his very soul. Kakashi wasn't sure what to make of it, and just waited for it to speak again. It chuckled, the laugh reminding him of bells. One of its hands was brought down, and he stepped onto it, watching as the thing lifted him up to eye level.

"You seem confused."

"D-did I die? If so, then this must be where I get reincarnated, right?"

"Yes, but you will not be reincarnated."

Kakashi just stood there on its palm, his eyes closed in a thinking pose.

"Then…Either I'm in Nirvana or you have something special for me to do back on Earth."

"It is the latter. You were not supposed to die, Kakashi. It was too early for you to go. Buddha has decided for you to have a special role in the fate of the universe."

"A special role?"

"Yes, you will be reincarnated, but this time you are an observer; your job will be watching over an orphaned child. This child will have a big impact on the shinobi world. He will be the one to change the future for ninjas forever."

Kakashi just stared, shocked at what he had just heard. Amitabba didn't give him any time to think about it though, as he felt himself falling through air. Looking down, he saw that he was falling through clouds. He was speeding down faster and faster through the sky, the colors suddenly changing from golden like the sun to blood red, like it was before he died. She must be transporting me back to Konoha. The speed of his descent started slow down, then stopped completely as he reached the ground. He was at least a hundred feet below the village and could see the death and destruction the Kyuubi had brought. Various buildings were toppled over, debris littering the streets and alleys. Bodies of shinobi and other civilians littered the street, their corpses still spilling out blood and entrails. Kakashi was thankful he currently didn't have his sense of smell.

He felt a stinging pain in his back and turned around. He gasped as he saw a wing, made of white feathers and about four feet long, protrude from his left shoulder blade, blood dripping down the sides onto the ground. He winced as he felt another sharp pain, this time from his opposite shoulder, and saw the wing erupt almost instantaneously. What the hell? I'm a guardian angel now? Kakashi thought, his wings now flapping behind his back, trying to keep him afloat. It took him awhile to get used to his new appendages, testing them out in the air a few times before he was confident he could control his movements. Diving down into the chaos, he gasped as he saw his old body, most of it crushed and bloody beyond recognition. Staring at it reminded him of Obito, whom had died only a few years back. Two Jonin, Asuma and Gai were standing over it, lamenting on the loss of their comrade.

"Now we have lost the Hokage and Kakashi in one day…"

"Indeed, my youthful friend. It seems that fate does not smile on us this day."

Kakashi flew in front of the duo, to show them that he was still alive, but they didn't even notice him. Odd, am I invisible? He shoved his hand in front of Asuma's face, in order to get a reaction, and saw that the appendage only went hurried on, watching as the two carried his previous body away. He sighed, hoping to find someone whom he could communicate with. After flying around for a few minutes, he heard the soft warbles and coos of a baby. Speeding toward the sound, he saw a crying Naruto, the seal still burning brightly on his blood and gore covered body. A dead Kushina was lying to him, her face locked in a permanent smile. Kakashi resisted the urge to cry, the pain and sight of the scene before him making him feel sick. He floated over to the infant, hoping to calm the child's warbling down, but then remembered he was all but a ghost in this life.

Kakashi sighed, sitting down next to the child and folding his wings behind his back slightly. As he went to touch the boy, he felt Naruto's hand grab his index finger, the warmth of the child's touch surprising him. Naruto giggled as he wrapped his hand around Kakashi's, the dead shinobi's masked face twisted in an expression of shock and happiness. That only lasted a second though, as Naruto began to cry, shaking his hand back and forth.

"Hm? What is it, Naruto-kun? Oh boy…this is going to be difficult enough as it is!"

Kakashi mumbled, unsure of what he should do. If he carried out the child, certainly someone would see and freak out at the sight of a floating infant. It was bad enough the kid was considered the Jinchuriki by the villagers. He really didn't need more rumors of possession or something more sinister floating around the poor boy. But if he left Naruto alone it might take awhile for someone to find him. He sighed, letting go of the infant and flying out of the room. As he went, Kakashi almost tipped over one of the candle bras with his wing, the holster wobbling slightly. Kakashi swore, grabbing it and righting it before it did any damage. He then grinned as he thought of a way to help Naruto. Even if he couldn't be seen, the objects Kakashi interacted with would be. He just had to figure out a way to get someone to Naruto before the poor child cried itself to death.

Flying out of the corridor, he went outside into the reddened gloom, trying to think of a good way to attract someone's attention. Just then he saw a couple Anbu, each supporting the other, their porcelain animal masks still on their faces. He sped toward them, stopping just short of the pair. One had a broken leg and was struggling to walk without the other. His partner sighed, sitting down and setting his comrade on the ground next to him. Kakashi groaned, how in the world would he get help from those two? He began to fly away from the pair, nonchalantly floating through the Anbu's body. He felt a shock, like he was being pulled apart, and found himself looking through the Anbu's eyes; Kakashi realized he was in their body! Possession, huh? This little trick will be useful.

Turning to the man's partner, he mumbled something about checking the surrounding area. The shinobi nodded, Kakashi using the other Anbu's body to walk back to Naruto. He was in the corridor when he suddenly felt a tug on his soul, like he was being stretched. He found himself looking at the Anbu, who was staring around him in confusion. Damn! I guess I can't use it for too long. Maybe with practice… Kakashi thought, watching as the Anbu heard Naruto's cries and hurried toward the room harboring the child. He sighed contentedly as Naruto was in the Anbu's possession, following the two to make sure nothing would happen to the infant. As they walked, Kakashi noticed that the boy never took his bright blue eyes off of Kakashi, as if he could see the dead teen. I wonder…since I'm his caretaker, I'm not surprised if he can see me.

They went back to where the man's comrade was lying, and Kakashi noticed it was Yugao, her long purple haired bloodstained along with parts of her unmasked face. She gasped as she gazed upon the infant Jinchuriki, and took her partner's hand gently, not wanting him to drop the child. The quartet continued walking until they were able to make it to the remains of Konoha's hospital. The building was slightly dilapidated, rubble decorating parts of the hallway and reception area, the lights flickering and hanging from their holsters, but was otherwise intact. Kakashi just stared, looking around at the damage as they continued walking. Numerous patients were bedridden, most of them shinobi as well as some nurses and civilians, lying on bloodstained beds in darkened hospital rooms. Medical ninja and nurses rushed to and fro between each patient, the damages too much for the weakened hospital to treat right away, especially with the lack of staff on hand.

The Anbu turned suddenly, going into an empty room and setting the sleeping babe on the bed beside him, Yugao and Kakashi following. He wasn't surprised to see Tenzou, his black eyes somber as he helped Yugao sit on the bed, the child now in his arms. Kakashi flew in front of the pair, his wings flapping gently every now and again to keep him afloat. The two were just staring at the babe, unsure of what to do with it.

"What should we do with him? I don't think the hospital has enough staff to take care of the little thing."

Tenzou muttered, laying the infant Jinchuriki on the pillow. Taking hand of Yugao he led her out of the room, hoping to get her broken appendage treated before it could become something serious. That left Kakashi alone with the infant, who unfortunately decided to wake up and start crying. I swear I was cursed when I was born. Dammit man, you can't be serious. Why is he crying now of all times? Kakashi thought, sighing as he flew over near the infant.

Hearing a small rumble from its belly, he groaned. How in the world could he feed the thing like this? Or worse, what if he was caught? He didn't need rumors to spread about the 'demon child and his hell spawned caretaker' or some such out of the room, Kakashi looked for any empty formula bottles he could find. Sadly, there were none nearby and he was too worn out from possessing Tenzou to try doing it on one of the nurses anytime soon.

Luckily, he was able to steal one from a sleeping baby in the infantry. He didn't feel very bad about it, as it was more likely that baby would get a new bottle than Naruto. Bringing it over to the infant, Kakashi gently held the child with one hand and fed with the other, his wings keeping the pair aloft. He was halfway done with the bottle when he heard a scream, dropping the bottle to the floor and startling the infant, renewing his cries. Kakashi turned around to see a nurse, along with Tenzou and Yugao, their mouths wide open in complete shock. He just stood there, watching as the milk from the bottle split onto the concrete floor, unsure of what would happen next.

The nurse let out a piercing shriek, which sent all the nearby birds into a panic, her whole body trembling. The two Anbu were a little more discreet, both just gaping open mouthed at the floating infant before them.

"The Kyuubi child is floating! How can it do that?"

The nurse shouted, her small frame slowly backing away from the open doorframe. Kakashi groaned, shaking his head at the idiocy of these people. Didn't they understand that this boy saved their worthless lives? Without him, you would all be dead!

"Speak of the devil…" Kakashi muttered out, sure that no one would hear him.

Unfortunately, that did not prove to be one hundred percent true, as the two Anbu tensed. Tenzou took a step forward, his hand extended and chakra flowing through it.

"W-what was that? I heard some…kind of sound. Like a…gurgle, or possibly a different language?"

"Huh? What do you mean, Tenzou-san?" Yugao muttered, her eyes narrowing curiously. The poor nurse was long gone, walking through the hospital and trying to check on the other patients.

Tenzou shook his head; he wasn't sure if he'd imagined it or not. After all the things that had happened today; The Kyuubi attack, and the loss of the Hokage, he wasn't sure if his brain was working right from all the stress. Though he was certain that the Jinchuriki was floating in front of him, who, seconds before was being fed milk by an unknown entity.

"I see…The demon must have conjured up some servants in order to help take care of its vessel so it would not die. Surely, the Kyuubi must have contacted a spirit from his world to take care of the child!"

Kakashi moaned, surely things would and could not get any worse from here on out. Sadly, little did he know that their problems were just beginning for the unlikely father and child pair.
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