Screw Your Lid Let Me Tell It! by vampirella
-Hello there! The name’s Sakura. Just your typical girl looking for some-
-What do you think your doing? What about me?
-What about you, Sasuke? Okay! Uh, lets see, you’re annoying for starters…
-You’re so full of yourself. This is a story about BOTH of us. Not just about you.
-Says who? Besides, I look better in a two piece better than you ever will. That’s reason enough that this story to be mine.
-No, it isn’t. -sigh- Can we just get started on this already?
-Alright alight… -pause- Hey, is that a boner in your pants?

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Rose Petals by vampirella
Author's Notes:
this is different than what im used to but i cant resist a challenge so walla

I don't know why I bother coming early every morning when Kakashi's the one who's never on time. And the weather wasn't a walk in the park either. Who said spring was all sunshine and short-shorts? Whoever it was, take another look Einstein! The sky was cloudy, the wind, chilly. Not to mention it was raining for three days straight and the newsman's readings this morning wasn't all that hard to guess. Rain, rain, and more RAIN. The guy was practically a salesperson in disguise trying to sell it to you. Calm down, guy, we get the picture. Anyone in their right mind would turn back, go home, and enjoy a nice hot cup of chocolate while sitting in front of a warm fire… At least it wasn't raining… Yet. But it would come. I could practically smell the smell of wet earth. Mmmm, like mom's home cooking.

As I walked over to my team's meeting place at the bridge, a slight draft drifted through my scarf. It made me shiver and I tightened it around myself even tighter. It was no longer a scarf. It was a noose.

Spring? Spring my ass. It felt like winter.

I stuck my fingerless gloved hands in my pockets as far as the wooly sweater would let me. Yeah, that's right. It wasn't so cold that you needed a heavy jacket. Just a light sweater, a scarf, maybe a hat and WABANG! You'll live. Still, it sucked!

As I neared my destination, I saw something unusual out in the distance. At first glance I thought it was a person who was laying down on the ground… Oh wait, it is a person. Huh…weird. What kind of insane person sleeps out in shitty weather like this at nearly six in the morning… Shit. It was Sakura.

Silly girl. Was she homeless now? No, I doubt it. Sakura had a great carrier going for her. Ninja -- jounin, actually-- top medic specialist aside from Tsunade and, my favorite: model. Yes, Sakura was a model. No, not Playboy. Fuck right? She was actually very good at it. I hear it's hard these days for anyone to become a model. Not skinny enough, not pretty enough. Some can't even stay awake long enough to make it down the Catwalk once because they don't have nothing in their stomachs. Or maybe the hairspray fumes got to them first?

I looked down at the girl at my feet. Yep, asleep. I knew she was balancing practically the whole world on her shoulders, that explained why she was asleep. What it didn't explain was why was she sleeping out here in the cold. Didn't she know some random guy could just pass by and have his way with her? Wasn't she worried about things like that? And to make matters worse, she had her iPod on full blast, no way to hear if danger was brewing just around the corner. God, this girl was just asking for it.

I kneeled down to wake her up. At least it wasn't wet here. "Sakura…"



Not even a twitch of the eye. Was this girl even alive? Yes, she was. Her chest was heaving up and down in normal rhythm. So why wasn't she responding?

Duh Captain Obvious! her iPod was on at full blast!

I silently thanked the Gods that no one was here.

Pulling both ear-pods from her ears allowed me to get a listen in on what she was listening to: "Crushcrushcrush" by Paramore. Not bad. Girl had great taste.

"Sakura, wake up." I said once again. I took both her shoulders and shook her a bit.

OHO! At last! Life. It wasn't much. Her eyebrows came together and she frowned a bit. Then she continued on sleeping.

Well…that was productive. But at least I knew she wasn't dead. Which kind of surprised me that she wasn't. Oh, come off it you jerk! I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that in the short denim shorts she was wearing and long socks that barely reached her knees, she was lucky she didn't freeze into a block of ice. All that was exposed was thigh, face, thigh, thigh, thigh, and more thigh. Like Christmas in the Bronx.

Her face was pale. No surprise. But surprisingly beautiful. She looked more angelic. As if she were wearing that powder stuff modeling girls wore. I couldn't resist. I plucked one of my hands out from my pocket and quickly swept it along her cheek. Nope. Not the powder stuff. She was just naturally beautiful I guess. Well, okay, she was. I wasn't denying it. But I would never admit it out loud.

This was probably my only chance to do what I've always wanted to do. I looked around to make sure no one was looking. Good, the coast was clear, Bonnie, here comes Clyde.

The skin was soft like rose petals. She must put lotion or something… Huh? What? No not her thigh you pervert! Her face! Her face! God, some people…

I brushed some of her hair out of her face. Just like her skin, it was also soft, only it carried a smell to it. Strawberry or peach or mango. I wasn't sure. The color was pink. Not PINK or PinK or Pinck. Just pink. Simple yet elegant, mixed with beauty and flawlessness and… Since when did I get poetic?

"Hey, Sakura! Good morning!"

Great. Just what I needed. A cup of moron with the side of stupidity and loudness in the morning. I quickly stood back and straightened myself up. Who me? Stroking her?

I heard her soft whimpers as she stirred. Opening one eye, she glanced around at her surroundings with a confused look. What? Why am I not in some random rapist's house listening to Paramore?

Eventually, her green glassy eyes landed up at me. I did a very good job at starring straight ahead in front of me and not at her.

"Sasuke?" Her voice was raspy, coated with sleep still. "How long have you been standing there?"


-Argh! You…you…

-Sound it out.



-This chapter was all about you! I didn't even say anything except for that one line at the very end.

-Hey, it's better than nothing. -shrugs- Besides, next chapter starts out with you so quit bitchin' already… You're giving me cancer.

-AHHH!! And under no circumstances are you ever to touch me ever again unless I say so… Or unless I'm conscious.

-That may take eons.

-Up yours!

-Hey this is your author, Ileana. See what I have to put up with? -sigh- Hope you liked it so far.
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