Such a Pretty Smile by marionette
Summary: A promise made 14 years ago.

A forced 21st birthday celebration that leads to something more.

A secret.

And a love that lasted.

*Idea by A Vampire's Butterfly.

sank youu~!
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1. Chapter 1 by marionette

2. Chapter 2 by marionette

3. Chapter 3 by marionette

Chapter 1 by marionette
Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

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naruto's 6 years old.
sasuke's 7 years old.

I hear someone crying.

It's a soft sound, but it's so sad.

So lonely...

I follow the quiet noise, peering carefully behind trees and bushes.

Who could be out here all alone...

And crying?

It's getting louder.

I'm close.


There is silence.

The soft sobs quiet.

I pause, looking around.

"Anyone here?"

And then they're running.

He bursts out from behind a nearby bush, stumbling and pushing on towards the path.

I lurch forward, taking hold of his wrist.

He freezes, caught mid-step.

Terrified blue eyes turn to me.

"Don't hurt me..."

I falter, watching as the tears escape quietly from beneath those long lashes.


"Don't worry"

He sniffs softly, rubbing the tears from his eyes.

He looks so sad.

"I won't hurt you"

"Y-You promise...?"

"I promise"

I lean slightly forward, wrapping him in a gentle embrace.

He blinks, eyes wide and watery.

I place my hands lightly on his shoulder, pulling away.

"Why are you sad?"

"No one likes me... They're all so mean..."

I tilt my head to the side, pushing blonde bangs away from his face.

"I like you"

"Really? You do?"

I laugh lightly, admiring the perfect blue of those eyes.

"You're prettier when you smile"

He scrunches up his nose, tilting his head.

"Pretty is a word for girls"

He giggles.

I like the way it sounds.

"That's alright. It fits you"

He leans forward and I pause, feeling his lips brush a tiny kiss to my cheekbone.

"Thank you"

He says it softly.

I feel my cheeks burning.

He smiles.

"You're pretty too"

I don't know why, but my heart feels warm.

And it feels nice.

"What's your name?"


"My name's Sasuke. Let's never forget eachother, okay?"

He giggles, hugging me again.



I untangle myself gently from his arms, picking a daisy from the grass.

He watches curiously and I straighten, placing it easily in his hand.

"Here. For you"

He stares at it for a moment, and the complete awe in his eyes makes me smile.

He looks up at me.

"Thank you, Sasuke. I won't forget"

His gaze moves to the darkening sky.

The sunlight is fading.

"We should go home now, Sasuke. I probably won't see you again for a while. But let's promise to meet again"

I press a tiny kiss to his forehead, a faint blush rising to my cheeks as I do.

He giggles.

"I promise, Naruto. I promise"

Chapter 2 by marionette
Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

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14 years later...


"I cannot fucking believe you took me here"

"Come on, Sasuke! Man up! It's your birthday, man!"

Those fucking idiots.

"I am not getting out of the car"

"Oh, hell you are!"

I cross my arms over my chest, turning my head away from the window.

"Oh, fuck I'm not"

Kiba narrows his eyes, tapping his fingers slowly against the hood of the car.

"Don't make me come in there and drag you out, Uchiha"

"Go ahead and do it, Inuzuka"

And, in an instant, he slamming the door open, taking hold of my arm, and tugging.


I land with a smack on the ground, wincing as my arm scrapes against the pavement.


"Sorry, Sasuke"

He closes the door behind me, locking it with a practiced flick of his wrist.

"It's for your own good"

Shikamaru rolls his eyes.

"Always doing things the troublesome way"

I pull myself grudgingly to my feet, dusting the dirt from my jeans.

"I'm gonna kill you guys..."

Lee whoops.

"Now, to celebrate the springtime of youth! Forward, my friends!"

I curse, wincing.

"Gods, Lee. You're too loud"

He falters, smiling sheepishly.

"Sorry. Just excited"

I roll my eyes.

"I cannot believe you guys are really dragging me into this"

Neji sighs, arms crossed loosely over his chest.

"Well, it's not like they're gonna let you go home now. It's kind of pointless to resist once you've gotten this far into it"

I glare.

"He's right. Now come on you wuss. This place is the best. I heard it's amazing in there. Like, costs more than I could ever afford"

I raise a brow.

"Then how are we affording this?"

"Neji. His family's loaded, man. And so are you but hell, it's your birthday"

Neji scoffs.

"Oh shut it. Let's just go. I already made prepaid reservations"

I sigh following as they walk on ahead.

I have to admit it, the place is beautiful.

Marble pillars glitter prettily before the arched doorway, a fountain pleasantly tinkling to the side.

The flowers are bright and wild, reaching out over the sides and quivering lightly in the soft evening breeze.

"Wow, it's so high class"

Kiba wanders on ahead, hands linked easily behind his head.

I roll my eyes.

It's cool inside, sweetly fragranced and bright.

The marble floors glisten a flawless white, chandaliers glittering like hung diamonds from the high ceiling.

"What a fine group of guys we have here today"

The woman at the counter smiles, tilting her head to the side.

I elbow Kiba when I see where his gaze had fallen.

He clears his throat, looking back up at her face.

Neji makes his way to the front, leaning casually against the counter.

"We have reservations for tonight, madam"

"Ah, I see. And your name?"


She pauses, running a manicured nail down her paper.

"There you are. Right on time, Neji"

He smiles calmly.

"So, you've reserved one room specifically and the others are more general. So you get to choose those right now. And the one you've already specified..."

"The most expensive room. For the birthday boy here"

He gestures easily towards me.

I look away.

She chuckles lightly.

"Ah, I see. I'm sure he'll enjoy his time. That's the most popular room here"

I feel myself begin to blush.

This is all so crazy.

"And for the more generic ones, it was a choice from the flower rooms correct?"


"Well then. Let me bring them on out"

She rings a bell lightly and we all wait quietly, listening intently to the soft tinkling chime.

They enter in a line, mascared eyes scrutinizing each of us calmly.

There are exactly four.

One is long and blonde, very thin and pretty.

Her skin is pale and smooth, manicured nails colored a pale yellow.

Her eyes remind me of a cat's.

I turn my gaze to the girl beside her.

Her hair is a blushing pink, eyes a glittering emerald.

The color of her lips is soft, a gentle red against her pale skin.

It is a pretty contrast.

I look to the next girl in line.

Chocolate locks are pinned up in two elegant buns, sleek neck highlighted with a low neckline.

She has a classical beauty, a subtle grace in the way she holds herself.

I can imagine her being paired with Neji.

Finally, I shift my eyes to the last girl.

Her eyes are lowered shyly, soft blush touched lightly across her cheeks.

Dark hair frames her delicate face nicely, a pretty pink accenting the beautiful shade of her eyes.

"These are the four flowers of our house. Ino, Sakura, Tenten, and Hinata"

"Good evening"

They say it in unision, soft smiles adorning each of their delicately painted lips.

Kiba's blushing.

I follow his gaze curiously, tilting my head.

He's staring at Hinata.

She raises her eyes slightly, peering up from beneath long lashes.

Her gaze meets his and she quickly returns her eyes to the floor, blush deepening against her pale skin.

He does the same.

I can't help but smile.

"So, which of you would like to choose first?"

I elbow Kiba.

He stumbles slightly forward and I clear my throat, looking away.

"Ah, this young man. Who would you like to spend your night with?"

He fiddles nervously with his thumbs, looking cautiously up at Hinata.

"I'm Kiba. I, er... Hinata, would you like to...? Um..."

"Ah, Hinata then! Wonderful choice. You will be in the lavender room then"

Hinata smiles gently, looking up at him with shy eyes.

"Alright then, Kiba-kun. Come with me"

She holds out a delicate hand and he takes it carefully, following after her quietly.

Neji chuckles.

Lee steps forward, kneeling before the girl with pink hair.

"My name is Lee. I would be honored, Sakura-san, if you would accept me"

His face is red.

She giggles.

"Arigotou, Lee. We're in the blossom room"

She takes his hand, and in a moment, they are gone.

"Alright, who would like to choose next?"

Shikamaru is staring at the ceiling.

Neji turns his gaze to the brunette.

He holds out a hand eloquently, a calm smile touched lightly to his lips.

"My name is Neji. Be my hostess, Tenten?"

She smiles, dark eyes genuinely pleased.

"Of course, Neji-san. We'll be in the lotus room"

She takes his hand elegantly, walking him steadily down the hallway.

And then there is only Shikamaru and the blonde.

He sighs.

"So troublesome..."

Ino ignores it, taking his hand with a slightly pressed smile.

"We'll be in the daisy room then. Come along"

And in only a few moments, I am left alone.

The woman at the counter smiles knowingly, rising from her seat.

"My name is Tsunade. I'll be showing you to your room then"

I sigh, following obediently after.

It's awkward, being here.

She pauses at a particularily decorated door, knocking lightly.

The engravements are beautiful.

"Your guest is here, Naruto-kun"

Naruto... Kun?


The door opens quickly and I stare, breath catching easily in my throat.

Brilliantly blue eyes look me over curiously, sun-kissed skin shining softly in the chandalier lights.


A guy?

"Have a nice time, Sasuke-san"

The woman waves pleasantly, and in only a few moments, we are left alone.

He smiles, tilting his head playfully to the side.

"Come on inside, Sa-suke-san~"

I blink, watching the movement of his lips as he draws out my name.

I don't know why, but he seems so familiar.

And that name...

Where have I heard it before?

Chapter 3 by marionette
Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

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As soon as the door clicks shut behind me he's in my arms, nuzzling his face playfully into my neck.

"Sasuke~! I knew you'd come back!"

My cheeks blaze, heat touching my skin with a pink breath.

"H-Hey! What're you doing?!"

He laughs lightly and my blush deepens.

That grin adorning those perfectly shaped lips...

How is it that I find it so familiar?


He takes my hands in his, spinning me around with him.

I stumble against his chest, watching as the room blurs past.


He giggles, pouncing.

I land with a thud on the shining marble floor, wincing as he lands heavily on top of me.


Those blue eyes are wide, bright and sparkling under the glittering chandalier lights.

He's smiling.

"Ne, ne, Sasuke-san! I knew you'd keep your promise. As soon as I heard that I was gonna have a guest named Sasuke I knew. I knew it was you!"

I blink.

What in the world is he talking about?

"Though I'm a little surprised that you'd come to meet me in a session. But that's fine with me, Sasuke! Tell me, do you like top or bottom?"

I feel the heat burning at my cheeks.

This guy...

He's insane.

"Look, I don't know what you're talking about but-"

"Are you shy, Sasuke? Perhaps you like bottom then?"


He tilts his head to the side, smile softening.

"So you want to be on top? That's fine"

He shakes shaggy blonde bangs over those painfully beautiful eyes, nibbling lightly on his bottom lip.

His voice lowers an octave, soft and breathey.

"Are you gonna be gentle with me, Sasuke?"

I stare.

"G-Get off!"

I sit up, attempting to wiggle my way out from under him.

He waches me intently, blue eyes interested.

"So you really don't remember?"

I pause, glancing up at him.

"You're crazy"

He smiles, leaning close.

I freeze, feeling those soft lips against my ear.

"Pretty is a word for girls..."

And then, suddenly, everything clicks into place.

I look up into those familiar eyes, looking over that beautiful face so that I catch every last memorized line.


He giggles, throwing his arms tight around my shoulders.

"You remember now!"

I flush lightly, drowning in the warmth of his body against mine.

"So, Sasuke. Wanna have sex now?"

My face goes red.

"None of that!"

I pull myself out from under him, getting to my feet.

"Look. I didn't come here on purpose. My friends forced me to come against my will. I do not want to have sex with you. You don't need to do that"

He stares, blinking slowly.

"So... You didn't come here for me?"

I falter.

"Hey, now that's not what I meant..."

His lips press, eyes darkening.

"Ah. Alright then. Maybe I should just go get you some tea to drink on your way out"

He stands quietly, turning away.

"I'll be back in a moment, sir"

A sigh falls from my lips.


He keeps walking.

I reach out, grasping firmly onto his arm.

He pauses, caught midstep.

Blue eyes are downcast.

"Gomenasai. I didn't mean it that way"

I turn him so that he's facing me, placing my hands lightly on his shoulders.

A faint pink touches across his cheeks.

"Cheer up. You know..."

I press a soft kiss to his forehead.

"You're prettier when you smile"

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