Naruto's Cinderella Story by playin_lover
Summary: Year after year Naruto has put up with the taunts alone, so he's started to feel suicidal, but when a new a arrival in town has taken a liking to Naruto. Will he finally have someone to talk to about it?
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1. Making a Wish by playin_lover

2. The Difference by playin_lover

3. Chemistry in the air by playin_lover

4. Lunches and Verbal Punches by playin_lover

Making a Wish by playin_lover
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Disclaimer: okay i don't own Naruto or any other character from the series, i just mess with their minds. If you guys want me to continue with this story, I need feedback people to see what you guys what to see. Or else i wont continue!
Naruto's Cinderella Story By: Starcrossed_lover
'Monster! Monster! Monster!' Naruto tossed and turned, but no amount of comfort from his soft warm bed could make him sleep. Since the age of five Naruto had been abused, teased, or merely ignored. Now at the age of fourteen he still believed those words, the whispers of hell, every one said would be his road after life. They said even the devil was a good man compared to Naruto. His crime, being born the same night that the great Kyuubi attacked the village, and having Yondaime, the man named the Fourth Hokage of Konoha, seal the spirit of that very fox into him. Naruto was frowned upon, called murderer, but then the Third judged him as a friend and set a law, a law making every one that witnessed what happened that fateful night to a vow of secrecy. But still hate for the boy still lives on through the attitudes of those elderly citizens. ' Monster! Monster! Monster!' the voices would not die. He felt the cuts on his wrist throb through the bandages. He also felt the Kyuubi laugh at his futile attempt at suicide.

' Monster! Monster! Monster!' the voices taunted. ' I can't take it anymore! Someone... Please help me! Anyone...' he cried silently knowing no one would help him. He stood up and walked to the window, a shooting star whizzed by. 'I wish some one would come along and help me' and Naruto laid down on the window chair and stared into the stars. Not long did it take him to cry himself to sleep. ' Monster! Monster! Monster!' the voices taunted him in his sleep.

Fourteen-year-old Sasuke looked up at a dark window, he swore he saw some one there. The persons hair had flashed in the light, he had caught a glimpse of it in the corner of his eye. It was a blonde boy, ' it probably was my imagination' Sasuke thought. The cardboard box slipped nearly slipped out of his hands. He was moving to a new part of the country because the Uchiha clans bloodline had grown large. "Sasuke, move a leg!" an elderly man cried out, quite a distance from where the raven haired boy was standing. "Coming father!" he cried. He glanced back up at the window and ran back to his father.

As he walked alongside his family he felt a gust of chakra from some one filled with... with sorrow, the sorrow was almost too overwhelming that he felt his eyes water, but somehow it had hope in it too. But not much it was a sliver a tiny sliver of hope. Sasuke looked up into the sky and saw a shooting star, 'I wish that person could be happy...' Sasuke wished on the star.

Chapter 2: A Strange First Impression
The Difference by playin_lover
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I tried to remember the classes names, but they kinda slipped my mind. Sorry!
Religious Studies

"So, yesterday... uhh, what were we talking about yesterday?" Iruka Sensai asked.

"We were talking about the what the afterlife would be like." Shikamaru, put in.

"Oh! Right, so who would like to tell us what they think the afterlife is like." Iruka-sensai waited for someone to volunteer. "No one? How about you Naruto?" Naruto looked back from the window, dazed.

"What?" he asked pulling down his sleeves, to hide the bandages.

"The afterlife, Naruto. The afterlife." Iruka-sensai, repeated.

"Uhhh, okay." he stood up to answer. "Well I think that Heaven is a dark place, with a bunch of bright sillouhetes , and that uhh..." Naruto nervously scratched the back of his head, feeling the stares of his classmates.

"Go on Naruto." Iruka-sensai encouraged.

"and that Hell is a bright place, with a bunch of shadows.." he said, hastily sitting down.
"And how do you get to that idea. Naruto?" Iruka-sensai asked.

"Well every one says that badness is dark, so you need light to see all of the sinners, and that goodness is light, so you can't see light in the light ,can you?" Naruto explained.

"That is so fucking stupid, Naruto." Ino said out loud, making all the other classmates to laugh. Naruto blushed, sitting back down, burying his head in his arms, not noticing the stare of the new kid in the corner.
Chemistry in the air by playin_lover
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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto
"Students! We have a new student in the class, his name is.." the teacher bringing the clipboard closer to his face, "his name is Uchiha Sasuke." He looked around looking for the boy in question. "Sasuke?"
"Here" he said as he walked into the classroom, ignoring the girls squeals as he turned to the class. Naruto spared a glance from his wornout notebook, to look at the new guy. Then turned back to his notebook, for a second. His gaze shot back to the new guy, looking into his eyes. As he tuned out the sound of his teacher talking, he studied the guys face. His eyes a rare black, his hair the same color. His skin as pale as snow.
"Naruto..." he didn't hear his teacher calling him. "Naruto!" His gaze shifted swiftly to his teacher.
"Yes sensai?" he asked, the tone of his voice only asking for trouble. His teacher walked to his side. The new boys eyes on him too.
"Daydreaming again are we, Naruto?" his teacher asked. Something in his voice, made Naruto that there was something else he wanted to say. "This is your new partner, Uchiha Sasuke." groans eminated from the surrounding girls. Naruto scowled at the words, 'partner'.
"Sensai, i've done well without a partner for seven years, why start with this 'partner' buisness now?" Naruto asked, staring down Sasuke.
"If you call barely passing with a D- passing, I seriously doubt you'll pass this year. Because I won't stand for that this year Naruto. This year in my class you must have a C+ or higher to pass." he smirked arogantly as Narutos jaw dropped. Then turned back to Sasuke.
"From your transcripts, I noticed your grades had you at the top of your class. So I assume you will have no problem with this pairing?" he asked Sasuke pleasantly. Sasuke, who was interested in his new partner, had no complaints.
"It's fine." he said finally, causing the girls to groan in disapointment. He sat down next to Naruto, swinging his messenger backpack on to the table with a thud. Naruto was staring at Sasuke with intruige.
'Maybe he doesn't know about the way everyone treats me, maybe he's new to this country! denying himself the pleasure of thinking that the new guy might have a genuine interest in himself. 'He'll toss me out like a sack of dirt in about a week!' was the conclusion he came to.
Lunches and Verbal Punches by playin_lover
Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Warning: Cursing and plenty of it.
Sasuke walked along the lunch line, picking out what had meat and what didn't. Vegetarians are very picky. And sometimes even on the border line of obsessive compulsive. As he handed his money to the luch lady he turned to look for that bonde headed boy. Pink, red, black...geez they whole school didn't share one same hair color. Blonde! Wait no back away from that girl! Run! Crap, she got me.

"Sasuke-kun come sit next to me, I want you to be as welcome as you can be!" She said, holding tightly to his arm and laying her head on his shoulder.

"No, I think I'm going to sit with Naruto. But thanks for the offer." He replied, still looking for Naruto.

"Please Sasuke-kun? Guys as hot as you shouldn't be sitting with guys like that. His kind isn't very wanted in this school." Ino said.

"Well, I think I'll take my chances sitting with him."

"Sasuke-kun, I really must advise you that he is not a very nice boy. Come on Sasuke-kun sit next to me and I'll make it the time of your life." She whispered into his ear, and blew on the pale nape of his neck. Suddenly he shook her off.
"Get off me, you ugly little bitch. You don't know me like that, next time I suggest you think before you act." He said quietly, challenging her with the connection of their eyes.

"I don't know who you think you are but guys like you are meant for girls like me. Not for guys like Uzumaki Naruto. So you better get that idea out of your fag mind right now." Ino said, her eyes cold and hostile. "You are going to regret this." Then she smile her fake plastic smile. "I'll see you around Sasuke-chan." And she walked away to a table not too far.

He saw a flash of blonde in the corner of his eye, Naruto was just getting out of the line. He turned back to Ino, casting her a cold look.

"Bitch." He muttered under his breath, then he turned to Naruto. "Hey Naruto! You mind if I sit with you?" Naruto looked around, as if trying to see if there was another 'Naruto' at this school. When he saw none, he looked at the new kid and pointed at himself. "Yes you."

"Uhh.. sure why not?" 'This guy will be in the popular crowd by this time tomorrow, and he'll forget all about me. So what's the harm?' And he walked to the lawn under the tree, with the hot new kid that everyone will know, and will forget about him.

A/N: And no I haven't given up on this fic, I like this one more than other ones I've written. Other than "In My Dreams" I love I.N.D. the most because it's my first ever fanfic! Now, I comand you all to reveiw! Please?!