Flower shop beauty by Thestonefang
Summary: This story follows the love story of Ino and Ishi.
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One step closer by Thestonefang
Ino looked up at who she bumped into. "I'm sorry I was just coming around the corner." She said before her eyes widen. Before her stood a man. He wore a black leather jacket over a black shirt with large white S on the front. He had a black flannel shirt tied around his waist. His grey cloth headband hanging from a belt under the flannel. He had a pair of blue jeans on. However the one thing that stood out to Ino was a dark grey crown beanie on top of his head with curly black hair poking out from under it. "I-It can't be him can it?" She thought. "I know that long blonde hair anywhere." He chuckled. "Ishi! It is you!" Ino cheered hugging him. Ishi smiled as he hugged her. "Ino what are you doing?" Shikamaru yawned walking around the corner with the rest of their friends. "Is that Ishi?" Sakura asked as Ino let go of him and nodded. "When the hell did you get back?" Sasuke asked fist bumping him. "I got back last night it has been such a long time since I've been home. I heard you came back around the same time Naruto returned." Ishi sighed. "Your still wearing that dumb beanie?" Kiba coughed. "Well I like it on him." Hinata giggled. "Ah Ishi you got to tell me all about your training." Naruto said. They all walked together as Ishi looked at Ino from the corner of his eye.

Ino sat on her bed looking out her
window she thought, "I wonder what he is doing right now." She heard a knock on her door and looked as her father poked his head in. "Hello Ino is everything ok?" He asked smiling. "I'm fine father just thinking." She said rolling her eyes. He sat on her bed and looked at her. "What about my little flower?" Inoichi asked. "This really nice guy named Ishi. I like him alot but I don't know if im what he looking for." She sighed blushing. "You can't tell what tommrow will bring my child. If he likes you then it will happen. " He said as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Ishi!" Yelled Naruto as he turned to face him. "How can I help you Naruto?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "You wanna hang out after school just us guys?" He asked as the other guys walked up behind him. "Sure why not." Ishi nodded as he watched Ino walk across the way to meet up with the girls. "Hey see something you like?" Shikamaru said placing his hand on ishi shoulder. "I don't know." Ishi said as he walked to class. After school he went to meet with the guys. "There you are!" Kiba said smiling. They spent the afternoon talking.

It started to rain as they all went home. Ishi was running home when he noticed Ino standing under a roof. "Ino you ok?" He asked walking over to her. "Yes Ishi-kun just forgot my umbrella, I'll just wait it out." She said smiling. Ishi shook his head and smiled. "I'll walk you home
" He said as he moved her under his umbrella. Ino blushed as they walked close together. They arrived at her house and as she turned to leave he grabbed her hand. "Ishi-kun?"she said looking at him. "Ino... never mind. " He said letting go. She watched him run off as she went inside.

Ino came out of the shower and looked out side drying her hair. "Ishi you idiot you should have kissed me." She said blushing. Meanwhile ishi sat on his bed looking forward." I should have just kissed her."
Love in the air by Thestonefang
Author's Notes:
You will see the seeds of other relationships start here
Ishi woke up and slowly rolled out of his bed . "What time is it?" He though looking at his phone and made himself breakfast. "I wonder what she would have done if I did kiss her." He said to himself as he finished eatting. He walks to the door and as he opens it he sees Ino standing outside it about to knock on it. "Oh Ishi-kun hi." She said blushing. "Oh hello Ino." He said looking away. They stood there in silence till Ino leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Snap out of it silly." She giggled as she grabbed his hand and started to walk off. "Um where are we going?" He asked. "You'll see." She smiled.

As they walked Ishi saw that they walking to meet up with their friends. "You guys are finally here." Choji said smiling. "Why is everyone here?" He asked. "We're all friends here aren't we?" Sasuke sighed. Ishi shrugged him off and looked down seeing he was still holding Ino hand. "So when did this start?" Neji said pointing at there hands. "Oh, I was um." Ino said blushing letting go. Ishi blushed. "Come on let's eat." Shino said as he pulled out a huge basket.

They sat and ate. Ishi noticed how close a few people were sitting closely. "Lee your making a mess!" Tenten said handing him a napkin. "Sorry." He whimpered. "Sasuke here have a drink." Sakura said. "Thanks I guess." He said taking it. "Temari you need something?" Shikamaru sighed. "Yes just another piece." She giggled. "Hinata here you look cold." Naruto said handed her his jacket. "Thank you Naruto." Hinata said blushing . "It seems there alot of couples forming. " Gaara said rolling his eyes. Ino rested her head on ishi shoulder as he smiled.
Flowers and Diamonds by Thestonefang
Ino sat behind the counter of her family flower shop. "Today such a slow day." She sighed. Her phone vibrated and she looked to see a text from Sakura. "Hey Ino! Guess who asked me out." "Who?" She replyed. "Sasuke did and I said yes." She replied. "That great I wish you two the best." Ino replied. Sakura then called her. "You busy?" She asked. "Just a slow day here. So tell me how this all happen." Ino said. "He asked me to meet him by the school and asked me out. ", Sakura giggled. So Lee dating Tenten, Shikamaru with Temari, Naruto and Hinata, and now adding in you and Sasuke. Now all my friends have boyfriend." Ino mutter. "Maybe I can get Sasuke to talk to ishi for ya." Sakura said. "No I want things to be perfect." Ino said.

Ishi had gotten a text from Lee asking him to meet him and some other guys. "Now that your here we can talk about something. " Sasuke said. Ishi looked at his friends Lee, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Naruto. "Word is you all have girls now." Ishi said. "Yes and that why your here, we know you and Ino are getting close. "Naruto said smiling. "What your point?" Ishi sighed. "We want to go on a group date but we can't if your single." Lee growled. Shikamaru walked up to ishi "look I know it a drag but Ino one of my best friends. She really likes you and we aren't stupid we know you have feelings for her." He sighed. Ishi looks at his friends and sighed. "I don't know guys let me think about it." He said walking away.

Ino closing up shop. "I really enjoyed that talk I had with Sakura. " Ino said to herself as she water the plants. "Tho I am worried she might try to get Shikamaru to talk to ishi. " She sighed. She walked around watering the flowers. "I wonder if Ishi and I started dating if he would help me with the shop. " She giggled think of Ishi helping her around the store. "I would really like that." She said looking outside as it started to rain. "Well atleast I am home." She thought. There was a knock on the door and she walked over to it. "Sorry were closed." She said opening the door to see Ishi standing in the rain. "Hey Ino." Ishi said
Birthday girl by Thestonefang
Ino stood there as Ishi moved closer to her and smiled. "You must be cold you can come in." She says turning. He grabbed her hand and back her up to a wall. "You look so cute when your scared." He said moving closer to her. "Ishi-kun what are you doing?" She asks blushes. "You must know by now how I feel about you. So you don't have to be afraid." He said kissing her neck. They kissed and he moved to take his shirt off.

"Ino wake up!" Said a voice as Ino felt her self being shaking awake. She looked up to see her father. "It was just a dream ." She thought. "You slept here all night Ino. It your birthday. " He said handing her a gift. She open it and saw a necklace. "Thank you dad." She said hugging him. She looked at her phone and saw everyone had wish her a happy birthday. All but Ishi. "He must not have known." She sighed as she started to open the shop.

Through the day her friends have come in and gave her,her gifts. Sakura walked in and gave her a stuff pig. "Happy birthday ino." She smiled. "Thank you." Ino giggled. "So I heard from your father. That you were having a interesting dream. " Sakura said winking. "Shut up." She said blushing. "Ino it ok I know you like Ishi so why wouldn't you dream about him. " She giggled. "But Sakura it was a very dirty dream." Ino said looking away. Sakura puts her hand on her shoulder. "It going to be ok." She said . "No it not I dont even think he knows it my birthday." She sighed. "Oh I wouldn't say that." Sakura said pointing at Ishi walk in.

Sakura leaves and Ishi walks around. "What is he doing here?" Ino thought watching him. He walked to the counter with a bouquet of roses. "Hey Ino." He said paying for it. "So who are these for?" Ino asked scared to hear his answer. "Well there for you. Today your birthday right?" He said blushing holding them out to her. Ino blushed. "He remembered." She thought. "So you bought me flowers from my own store." She giggled. "Your the only flower shop in town." Ishi growled. "Thank you Ishi-kun." She said taking them. He placed his hand on hers and looked into her eyes. "Listen I've been thinking. I really like you and i can tell you feel the same. I love getting lost in your blue eyes. I love the fact you always smell like flowers. I love your long blonde hair. So as part of your birthday gift, I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend." He said blushing. She leaned in close and kissed him playing with his tounge." Dose that answer your question?" She said pressing her forehead on his. "Loud and clear." He said kissing her again.
Not a word by Thestonefang
Ishi looked into Ino eyes and kissed her again." Well well what do we have here?." inoichi said as he watched them. "Dad! How long were you there?" Ino asked blushing. "Long enough, so this is the famous Ishi I've heard so much about." He said looking at him. Ishi blushed and nodded. Ino looked at her father and then at Ishi. "Dad i would like you to meet my boyfriend. We just started to date." She said holding Ishi hand. "Wow already bringing him to meet your old man already. " He said smiling sticking his hand ishi shook it and smiled. "I was already here. Wishing Ino a happy birthday."

The next day Ishi awoke and got dressed. He walked outside and saw Sasuke."What are you doing here?" Ishi asked him. "Heard from Sakura your dating Ino." He snickered. "Wow word got around already." He said blushing. They laughed and started to walk. "So where are we going?" Ishi asked. "To pick up the girls Sakura slept over at Inos. " Sasuke said. "And why are we going to get them?" He asked. "Becuse that what boyfriends do. " He sighed. They kept on walking.

Ino woke up to Sakura facing her." Moring sleepy head." Sakura giggled. "Sakura your a little too close. " Ino said moving back. "It was hard to sleep you must have been having a crazy dream."Sakura sighed. "What do you mean." Ino asked tilting her head to the side. Sakura pointed down and Ino followed her finger and turned red. "Oh my god! I had a wet dream!" Ino screamed. Sakura covers her mouth . "Shush your dad still home."she sighed. "I can't believe I did this ." She said about to cry. "It ok but tell me what it was about. " Sakura said . Ino shook her head. "Please get out so I can change my panties. " Ino said getting up Sakura grabed her and pulled her down pinning her down. "Nope now tell me Ino ." Sakura growled. "No Sakura now get off!" Ino yelled. The door open as Ishi and Sasuke looked in. "Um what the hell going on?" Sasuke said. "It not what you think !" Ino screamed. Ishi closed the door and the guys walked down stairs. "Hey ishi were they ?" Sasuke said looking at him. " Not a word. " Ishi grunted. "but.." Sasuke didn't get to finish what he was going to say as Ishi looked at him and said. "Not a word."
Hard times breed better men by Thestonefang
Ishi sat on the railing as Sasuke sat on the ground waiting for the girls. "Why do I get the feeling today going to be long?" He said looking at Ishi. Ishi shrugged and pointed to the girl. "Ishi I swear it wasn't what it looked like. "Ino said. Ishi smiled and kissed her. "Does that put your mind to ease?" He asked, she nodded. "My God you two are so cute together!" Sakura said. "Well this is an interesting turn of events." Said a voice. They all turned to see there friends. "So when did this start?" Neji asked looking at Ishi. "Yesterday." Ishi said. They talked as ishi felt himself being dragged.

"Um where we going?" He asked Sasuke. "Today we go to the academy and hang out with our little buddies." Naruto said looking at him. "Maybe i can explain better. At the being of this year we came to the academy and each were given a student to teach and be a role model to." Hinata said. "That great and all but I doubt there will be one for him. " Shino sighed. "We could have Ishi work with that boy." Kiba chuckled. As they arrived to the school Ishi saw his friends being pulled off by other kids. "Miss ino!" A little girl yelled running up to her. "There you are Yuri." She said hugging her. She smiled and looked up at ishi. "Who that? Oh! Is he your boyfriend." She said. She had short red hair and was wearing a short sleeve black shirt with green pants. "That right I'm her boyfriend ishi." He said bowing. "Yuri do you know where we can find Kota ?" Ino asked. She pointed to the tree as ishi saw a boy sitting under it. Before anyone could say anything ishi walked to him.

"You mind if I sit here?" Ishi asked as the boy grunted. "So what are you going to try and be my role model . " He said looking at ishi. He had short white hair and wore a red tank top and a pair of white shorts. "Maybe why don't you tell me about yourself." Ishi said. " Listen I don't need no one to fill the shoes my old man left me and ma are just fine." He growled. Ishi looked at Kota. "My father said when I was younger hard times breeds better men. I lost my whole clan when I was about your age so I know what it like not to have a father, but you still have a mother who loves you and I bet she doesn't like you acting like this. I'm just here to help if you want it. " He said standing up. "Wait." Kota said grabing his wrist. "Maybe we can talk for a little while longer." Ishi sat and they talked. Ino smiled watching him. "You know Ino he is quite good when it comes to kids, that a good quality in a man ." Temari said as Ino blushed. As it became sundown ishi met up with his friends. "Bye ishi! See ya soon!" Kota yelled waving. Ino held his hand as they walked home. "Hey maybe tomorrow you can help me at the shop. " She giggled
Hooks by Thestonefang
Ishi stood along side Naruto and Tenten as they listen to lady tsunade. "Now ishi I know you haven't been back in the village for quite a long time, but you are still a ninja of the leaf, a chunin at that. Therefore I have decided to have you three go on this mission. It an A rank misson from the village hidden among the stones. There has been reports of pepole going missing, your task is to find out who or whom is taking pepole from there homes and bring them in. I am putting Ishi in charge. You all are dismiss." She said as they bow and left. "Finally I've been wanting to work with you for so long!" Naruto cheered. "Ishi I didn't know you were a chunin when did you take your test?" Tenten asked. " A year before you all did, my test was in the village hidden in the sand. " He said pulling out a map. " From this map it seems to be a two day trip to the hidden stone. Two hours from now we will meet at the front gate, that should be enough time for us all to get what we need for this mission. "He said as they went there separate ways.

Ishi stop by Ino's store. As soon as she saw him she ran up to him and hugged him. "I heard from Sakura your going on a misson." She said pouting. Ishi kissed her pouting lips and held her saying. "I will be back before you know." He held her for a while longer. "Is something wrong Ishi-kun?" She asked looking up at him. "No it just going to be a while till I get to do this again , so I want to remember what you feel like in my arms. " He said blushing. Ino blushed and kissed his cheek. "Ill be right here when you get back. I love you." They kissed and Ishi went home to pack for the misson.

Tenten and Ishi stood at the gate waiting for Naruto. "I did say two hours right?" Ishi said looking at Tenten. "Yes but it Naruto so it normal for us to be waiting." Tenten sighed . Naruto ran up and smiled "hey guys I made it." He said . "Naruto your ten minutes late." Tenten growled at him. "It doesn't matter he is here now so let's go. " Ishi said walking. They as started to walk. "I think we might get there sometime tomorrow afternoon if we go thru the night. "Tenten said. "So if we keep going thru the night we will eat while we run?" Naruto asked. Ishi nodded as they kept running. "So Naruto how things between you and hinata? " Tenten asked. "There great, she makes me so happy! What about you and Lee ?" Naruto asked. "There great, I really feel like I can relax with him. " She said blushing . They both looked at Ishi as he looked over his shoulder at them. "What, are you guys looking at me like that for?" He grunted. "Well we know you and Ino are a couple so how that going? " Tenten asked. "It going good." He said. "Do you ever wonder what your kids might look like ?" Naruto said. Ishi was caught off by the question and tripped over his foot . "Ishi you ok?" Tenten said stopping by him. " Just fine, Naruto how about we don't ask questions like that." He growled .

Half a day later they arrived at the hidden Stone. "Ok they know were here for a misson. " Ishi says walking back from a office. "This is all the info they have on these abductions. " He said handing them both a copy of the notes. " It seems they attack at night. ." Naruto said. "Listen to this , they say that it seems the people were attacked with hooks. " Tenten added. They form a plan and waited for the pepole. They waited outside the house that was said to be the next target for the culprits. Right when the moon was it highest ishi and his team saw two figures walk up to the house. They charged in to cut them off. "There no place to run now!" Naruto yelled as he charged at one. They fought them. Ishi saw his team mates get knock out. "I think this one will do sister." One of them said . "I agree." The other said as ishi felt two hooks dig into his shoulders and himself being dragged off.

When ishi came too he saw a girl with short red hair looking right into his eyes. " He's awake Ren!" She said looking over her shoulder ishi notice she was wearing a white tank top and pink shorts. He saw a girl with long silver hair walk up to him. She wore a black short dress. They were both very busty and had nice butts. "Mika maybe you shouldn't have said my name out loud ." Ren said putting her hand on his cheek. Ishi looked to see a hook going thru both his wrist and the two still in his shoulders. "What do you two want?" He said." Well at first we were going to use you to set an example but your too cute for that, so now we're thinking you would make quite a cute little pet. " Mika said smiling. "I don't know if it the blood loss or something but did you say you wanted to keep me as a pet?" He grunted they kissed him and nodded. "Soon you will come to love us." Ren said.

Naruto and Tenten followed the trail of blood till they found out where the two girls were hidding. "Let's just go ahead and take them out and save ishi. I really don't want to listen to Ino cry if we lose him." Naruto mutterd. Tenten shook her head. "We cant go in there blindly we need to be smart about it." They sat outside and started to come up with a plan. "This would be alot easier if we had a Hinata or Neji, hell even Ino could help with her mind transfer Justus. " Naruto mumble . "Well there not it just you and me now, we need to help Ishi out of this and capture those two girls. " Tenten sighed

Ishi watched as they girls walked around their house. " So why do you guys keep kidnapping people? " He asked. "We do it for money, sell there dead bodies to people for the highest price." Ren said looking at him. " Don't think we don't know who you are, ishi the last of the Kuzuri clan, your bloodline was almost lost, I bet we could get a nice amount for you, but then we got thinking , we could make more of your clan and have more money. " Mika giggled kissing his neck. He shudder as Ren walked over and made him look up at her. "I think we're going to have a lot of fun with you." She giggled. Mika noticed that Ishi was trying to pull the hook out of his wrist. "Now now, none of that . " She said as she cast a Justus another hook appear and went thru his back chaining him to wall. Ishi cough up blood and look at the girls. "Well it seems that a good motivation not to try and escape." He sighed.

Naruto and Tenten got into place as they saw Ishi get the hook thru his back. "There so evil." Naruto whispered as Tenten grabbed a scroll. "On the count of three we go." Tenten said holding up three fingers. One by one she put a finger down and at one they charged in. Tenten used her scrolls to shoot out chains that wrapped around the girls as Naruto went up to ishi. "Took you long enough." Ishi smirked. Naruto helped ishi down but he couldn't get the hooks out. "They won't come out!" Naruto growled. "Leave them in when we get back to the leaf we will get him the help he needs." Tenten said as she and Naruto helped him up and they ran. Ninja from the hidden Stone had taken the girls.

"You know it would be faster just to summon something." Naruto sighed. "That would put to much stress on his body." Tenten said. "Naruto it a good idea but here a thought , think about how that going to make me feel when I have fucking hooks in my body." Ishi grunted. They ran as fast as they could. They made it back to the village and ran into Sakura. "Oh my god what happen?" She said covering her mouth. "Help him sakura" Naruto said as they noticed ishi eyes start to roll into the back of his head.
I may fall by Thestonefang
Ishi slowly opened his eyes, "where am I?" He said. "Your in the hospital, you had us all pretty scared." Said a voice . Ishi looked over to see Choji sitting by him. "Why are you here, how long have I been here?" He asked trying to sit up. "All of us have taken shift watching you, you have been here for a week." He said pulling his phone out. "You supposed to text everyone and tell them I'm awake?" Ishi asked as he looked down at his body, from his chest to his belt line was wrapped in bondages. "You know she hasn't left this room since you have been in here." Choji said motion to the corner, ishi looked over and saw Ino asleep. "She never left my side?" Ishi asked. Nodding Choji looked over at the door. "Folk will be coming soon." He said.

After ten minutes all of his friends were in the room smiling. "Man you had us all so worried, I'm so glad your ok." Lee said. "It took a long time to get those hooks out of you, but lucky for you Sakura was there to help you right away. " Shikamaru said . "Thank you." Ishi said smiling at Sakura . She smiled "it my job." Ino slowly woke up and noticed ishi was awake. "Ishi-kun?" She said walking up to him. "Hey Ino." He said looking at her. Ino slapped Ishi hard and the room grew quite. Before ishi could say anything Ino hugged him crying into his chest. " Don't you ever do something like that again. When I saw them bring you in with hooks in your body I was so scared! I thought I was going to lose you, I love you so much Ishi. I don't want to ever be scared that I'm going sitting at home and then one day one of our friends come to me and say you are dead." She cried. Ishi held her close and kissed her head. "Ino I'm sorry this happened, I never wanted to see you cry, however this is the role I am ment to have. I may fall, I may stumble, but I promise you, after every mission, after every fight, even if I'm right on death door, nothing will stop me, I will always come back. Come back to you." He said as she looked up at him.

"So Ishi they say you could be released tommrow." Sasuke said. "How bad were my injuries? ." Ishi asked looking at Sakura . "From the amount of blood you lost and how deep the hooks were you were lucky Tenten and Naruto were there. "Thank you two, you really saved my life back there. " Ishi said looking at them smiling. "Well we were a team, leave no man behind. " Tenten said smiling. "Yeah well I know you would have done the same for us." Naruto said sticking his fist out. Ishi fist bump him and smiled. "And i really didn't want to deal with Ino if you died. " Naruto said. "What was that?" Ino growled . "Nothing miss." Naruto whimpered. Ishi smiled and looked at his friends.

"I'm really glad I got to meet you all." He said. "How about we let him sleep , we can all see him when he gets out." Shino said. They all left. Ishi grabbed Ino hand and looked at her. "Look I had alot to think about when I was dying, but all I could think of was you. Your smile, your eyes, your hair, the warmth of you in my arms. I know I haven't said this to you before,but now it the right time. Ino I love you. " He said and kissed her, Ino left smiling. "Why you so happy?" Choji asked. Shikamaru and him were waiting for her. "Ishi said he loves me." She said smiling. "I guess it time we had that talk with him huh Choji?" Shikamaru said as Choji nodded .
InoShikaCho by Thestonefang
Ishi sat outside his house waiting. "I wonder why Shikamaru and Choji want to talk to me." He thought as he saw them walk up. "See I told you we weren't going to be late Shikamaru." Choji chuckled. "I just want to get this over with and then go lay somewhere." Shikamaru yawned. "What are you two talking about?" Ishi said standing up. "It about you and Ino." Shikamaru sighed. "What about it?" Ishi said raising an eyebrow. "Well now that you said I love you to her, it our job to inform you of what you have to do now." Choji said. "I don't understand what you mean." Ishi sighed. "Listen, for generations our three clans have been intertwine with each. So in other words, we have to pretty much make sure your good for her, and the future of InoShikaCho." Shikamaru sighed stretching. "I still don't fully understand what you are saying, but from what I'm getting it seems you want to test me." Ishi grunted as Choji nodded. "Are you two really doing that?!" Said a voice.

The three of them turned to see Ino. "How much of it did you hear?". Choji asked looking down. "All of it." She said walking up to ishi. "Ino you know I don't really care about it, it just how our families work." Shikamaru yawned. "My dad already approved of him, so I think that good enough." Ino said holding Ishi hand. "I wish it was that easy but we have to be able to know if the future of InoShikaCho will be safe." Choji sighed. "Um guys I think it a little early to start talking about that right?" Ishi said . "No I knew this would happen when you said you loved me. " Ino sighed. "Yeah but I approve of Ishi." Choji said smiling. "I do too, but my dad wants me to fight him it such a drag." Shikamaru sighed.

"Choji will train with you, Ino isn't allowed to see you till the fight. We will meet in four days in the woods." Shikamaru sighed as he walked away. "See ya tomorrow Ishi." Choji said shrugging . Ino kissed him and ran away. The following days Ishi trained harder then he has ever done. "You know Shikamaru doesn't really want to do this." Choji said as Ishi dodge his giant fist. "Yeah I know it something to do with this team right." Ishi said as he formed diamonds on his fist and hit Choji. "Yeah but I think you can beat him." Choji grunted falling. "So tommrow we fight huh." Ishi sighed helping him up. " Yeah let's go eat." Choji chuckled. Ishi smiled and they walked to get food.
End Notes:
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Shikamaru vs Ishi by Thestonefang
Choji knocked on Ishi door.He walked out to meet Choji. "Woah you look ready." Choji smiled as ishi nodded. "Lead the way my friend. " He said as Choji started to walk. "Now in this battle Justus will be allowed. So be careful." Choji said. Ishi gave a thumbs up. "It will just be you and Ino watching right?" He asked . "I think so." Choji said as they walked up to see Shikamaru and Ino. Ino ran up and kissed him. "Oh Ishi it was so hard to be away from you for so long." She giggled as Choji walked up to her and they walked to sit under a tree. "ishi hasn't taken his eyes off of Shikamaru since we got here." Choji said. "He is focused." She muttered.

"Choji told you the rules, last one standing wins or who ever gives up. " Shikamaru sighed. Ishi nodded as he got ready. "Ishi is a wild card I don't know a thing about his Justus just how his hand to hand is." Shikamaru thought as ishi ran at him. Shikamaru jumped and started to make hand signs. "Shadow stitching." He yelled as ishi felt his legs being wrapped in shadows. "Dam I can't move my legs." He sighed and made hands signs. "Diamond arrows." He yelled as diamonds shoot up and went towards Shikamaru. Shikamaru dodge them but lost control of his Justus so Ishi was able to move free. Ishi made hand signs and yelled. "Diamond meteor shower." As he brought his hand down. Diamonds started to fall from the sky at Shikamaru.

After they made contact ishi noticed a shadow coming at him. "Ah shit." He yelled jumping back into the cover of a tree. Shikamaru poked his head out and was bleeding from his mouth. "Too close." He thought as he made hand signs. "Shadow webbing." He said as a web of shadows formed under Ishi. "Dam what is happening!" Ishi yelled as he felt he couldn't move. "Gotcha now time for shadow strangling." He said making the hand signs." Ishi-kun watch out!" Ino screamed as he felt hands on his throat. "Ishi use that Justus!" Choji yelled. Ishi groaned as he felt the hands grip tighten.

Ishi felt his body going numb. "Fuck how do i get out of this." He thought as he notice a diamond over Shikamaru head he struggled but made a hand sign and the diamond fell on his head. Ishi gasped for air but started to make hand signs. "Choji what Justus did you two work on?" Ino said looking up at him. "It kinda like the chidori and rasengan. " He said as ishi smiled and ran at Shikamaru. "Look the chakra wrapping around his fist." Ino said. Ishi ran and pulled his fist back. "Hero's Welcome!" He yelled punching Shikamaru who went flying into a tree. "I think that about does it." Choji said running over to Shikamaru. Ino watched as Ishi fell backwards on to the ground. She ran over and put his head in her lap. "Hey you think I got his vote now." Ishi chuckled. Ino smiled and kissed his forehead. "What am I going to do with you." Ino giggled and looked up as Choji was helping Shikamaru walk over to them. They all sat on the ground and laughed. "Yeah I think the next generation of InoShikaCho will be just fine ." Choji chuckled. "Im not having Ino in any of my kids name." Ishi groaned. "Aw but Ishi-kun it traditions." Ino pouted . "Fine but only one will then." He sighed. They smiled and all started to head to the village. "Oh don't forget the Halloween party at Choji house this year." Shikamaru yawned. "I'm not dressing up." Ishi sighed. "Oh but I am and I think I have just the costume for ya." Ino giggled, she leaned up and whispered into his ear what she was going as and he turned bright red. "Wait what will I go as?" He asked. "You'll see tommrow." She said winking and kissing his cheek they all went home. Ishi fell on his bed and close his eyes. "I think she will look great as that." He said to himself smiling.
Plans by Thestonefang
Ishi sat up in his bed and looked at his phone. "Huh I guess it time I got up." He said as he walked to the living room. He made himself breakfast and noticed he got a text from Ino. "I'll be there in around 20 minutes with your costume." It said. Ishi finished his breakfast and got dressed in the clothes he fought Shikamaru in. "Well I know what she will be dressed as but I'm kinda scared to think of what she going to have me dressed up as." He thought as he heard a knock on his door. He open it to see Ino wearing cat ears and a tail. "Thought I would give you a little preview of what to come." She giggled as ishi blushed. Ishi saw a bag behind her. "Ino what in the bag?" He said watching her start to open it. " Your costume silly." She giggled and pulled out a butler outfit.

Ino had force ishi to try it on. "God dammit why am I doing this?" He sighed. "Because you love me." Ino purred. Ishi walked out in his costume still wearing his beanie. "You look so handsome!" She giggled hugging him. "Yeah yeah. " He sighed looking at himself in a mirror. " I knew you would look great in it." Ino said nuzzling his chest. There a knock on the door. Ishi walked to open it. "Hey ishi you want to hang out.. what the fuck are you wearing !" Naruto yelled. "It a costume ok." Ishi said as Ino poked her head over his shoulder. " Oh and Ino a neko , sure you guys aren't trying to be kinky?" Sasuke chuckled. "I heard from your girlfriends what you two are dressing up as, Naruto going as a zombie, and Sasuke your going as the headless horse man right?" Ino said as ishi let them in. They nodded. "What Sakura and Hinata going as?" Ishi said as offer them drinks. " Sakura going as a witch, thanks Butler." Sasuke smirked. "Hinata going as a vampire." Naruto smiled taking his drink. "Your taking your buttler role very well Ishi-kun." Ino giggled as ishi growled. "I think this will be a great party this year" Naruto said as ishi sat down. "That right ishi never been to one of our Halloween parties." Sasuke said. "Oh shoot I have to go to work I'll see you later I love you." Ino said kissing him and then leaving.

"So how long you going to stay in that get up?" Sasuke asked. Ishi changed his clothes and sat back with his friends. "So things going smoothly with you and Ino huh?" Naruto asked. "Yeah, for the first time in a long time I am happy." Ishi said smiling. "So let's go do something just the three of us." Sasuke said looking at ishi. "Sure not like I have anything eles to do. " Ishi sighed. They all decide to meet up at the ramen shop and then go hang out.
Trouble in paradise by Thestonefang
Ishi sat in his bed just getting home from hanging with Sasuke and Naruto. "That was great, I had such a good time." He thought as he got a text from Ino. "Hey!" It said. Ishi got the feeling Ino was mad at him. "Hey Ino." He replied. within a few seconds Ino had replied, "come to the flower shop now we need to talk!" Ishi got up and sighed . "Dam what did I do wrong?" He thought as he walked out his door. He walked with his head down trying to think if he forgot something. As he walked up he saw Ino and how mad she was. "Did you have a good time with your friends." She growled as he walked in. She locked the door and turn the sign to close. "I did is that a problem?" He grunted. "No I want you to spend time with your friends. But not when you made a promise to me!" Ino yelled.

Ishi looked at her confused. "Oh did you forget?! Is that what im in store for in this relationship!" She growled. "Im sorry ino but I dont know what the hell you are talking about." Ishi said trying to stay calm. "You promised that you were going to help me out at the shop today!" Ino cried. Ishi slowly started to remember. "I'm so sorry I completely forgot." He said . "Ishi I love you, but I don't want to be in a relationship where when we make plans, im the only one who keeps them!" She said looking at him with tears in her eyes. "Look I made a mistake, but that doesn't mean im not trying that means I'm human, I love you Ino I truly do, but I don't know if I'll be able to keep this together if you bite my head off each time I make a mistake. " He sighed. Ino walked up to him and hugged him. "I don't want to lose you Ishi." He held her close and kissed the top of her head. "And I can't lose you. Ino you are the only thing that keeps me sane. The one ray of light in a otherwise dark world. I love you and I will forever." He said.

The two of them stayed holding each other. Ino looked up and kissed ishi. He kissed back she slide her tounge into his mouth and start to play with hers. He wrapped his arms around her and held her closer deepening the kiss, they slowly broke the kiss and then open their eyes blushing. "If you want Ishi-kun we could go up to my room and." Ino said blushing. "I would strongly advise that." Ishi said his eyes looking past Ino to see her father. "Daddy how long have you been there?" Ino asked hiding behind ishi. "Long enough to hear that you want to start the next generation already." He snickered. Ishi smacks his own face with his palm and groans. "No it wouldn't be that way, I would have had him wear a condom. " She says blushes. Ishi looks over his shoulder at her and smiles. "And beside I guess I ruined the mood huh." Inoichi sighed. They all laughed and Ishi kissed her. "I will see you tomorrow morning, I will be here." He said. Ino smiled and watched him run off home. " I think he will be great for our clan, our Justus mixed with his diamond style." Inoichi chuckled and Ino drags him upstairs. "Daddy it too early for that kind of talk!" She yelled
Bumps in the night by Thestonefang
Author's Notes:
Most of this came from a dream I had
Ishi made his way to Ino's house and smiled. "I wonder what she going to want to do today . " He thought as he felt his arm being grabbed and himself being pulled the other way . "Hey what the fuck!" He yelled as he turned to see Ino and Sakura dragging him. "Come on we have been summoned by Tsunade for a misson. " Ino giggled. " Lee is waiting for us." Sakura said as Ishi started to follow. "Great just what I need another misson ." He sighed as they meet up with Lee . "Hello my friends it would seem you have found Ishi so that mean we can go in." Lee said givng a thumbs up. "You know the last time I went on a misson for this village I ended up with hooks in me." Ishi growled as they walked in. " Well with sakura and Ino here who know healing Justus, we should be fine. " Lee said as he walks with him the girls were walking ahead of them. "So I heard from Naruto what Ishi going to be for Halloween." Sakura giggled as both girls looked back and him and smiled. "I can't wait for this Halloween." Lee cheered as ishi knocked on the door.

"Come in." Tsunade said as they all walked in. Ishi puts his hands behind his head and sighed."how can I be of help this time." "Well since you asked so nicely, I have got a good misson for you four." Tsunade said sarcastically. "Oh I can't wait tell me already!" Lee said pumped up. "You four will go into the woods around here at night to find out why children of our village are being lead away and then never seen again. " She said. Sakura, Lee and Ino looked at her and then ishi. "Sounds alot like when you send me off to the stone and I got hooks into my back." He growled. Tsunade slammed her fist onto the table and glared at ishi . "Now you listen to me you little shit. I'm sorry you were put on that misson but you have been thru worst, we have kept tabs on you. So this one seems less dangerous then the last one!" She yelled, ishi put his hands up and sighed giving up. "I will get this done." He said and looking at his friends. Ino hugged his arm as Sakura got the scroll with more information on the misson.

"Ishi if you wouldn't mind I'm going to put you in charge of this misson once again." Tsunade growled ishi nodded the four of them left. "If this keeps happening Im going to end up like Asuma and start smoking." Ishi snickered as Ino pouted at him "you better not!" She growled. They all laughed, then ishi got a serious look on his face, "we will all meet at the entrance of the woods tonight right before sundown. So you all get ready" he said. "I've never seen this side of him, I quite like it." Ino thought blushing. Ishi looked at her and smiled. "You know he is quite manly ." Sakura whispered to Ino as she nodded. "Sakura open the scroll and let us see what were dealing with." Ishi said as she did. "From what the parents who chased their kids, this is what they said they saw. A giant thin man with no face whose skin was white, he wore a suite and tie. " Lee said reading it. "Sounds like they might have been under some kind of Justus." Sighed ishi.

They all went to there house to get ready. "How dumb a slender man. Really." Ishi thought to himself as he locked up his house. "I'm going to hang with Ino till the misson start." He said as he sent a text to her. She said Sakura and lee are there so they are meeting there. He knocked on her door and as the door open Ino tackled him. "Well someone in s good mood." He said looking up at her. She nodded and let him get up. "I get to spend a night with Ishi-kun, too bad it a misson tho." She giggled holding his hand. They walked in to see Sakura sitting with Lee there a bunch of scrolls around them. "What this?" Ishi said tilting his head to the side. "We're just looking into more reports of this man." Lee said looking up at him. "This slender man? How dumb" Ishi sighed. "Aren't you the one with a diamond monster inside you." Sakura said without looking up. Ishi rolled his eyes as Ino picked up a scroll and looked at it. "Black tentacles grew out of it back and wrapped around the child and then it was gone." Ino read as a shiver went down her spine. "If this is a real thing were going against then we might be in for a hell of a fight. " Lee said with fire in his eye. They all packed up and headed to the woods.

Ishi stood against a tree as the four of them waited till they heard something. "Did you hear that?" Lee said looking at Sakura . Ishi climbed the tree to get a better look . Ishi saw what looked like a thin tree moving thru the woods towards a little girl. "Lee about five miles south, go!" Ishi yelled as Lee ran as fast as he could. Ishi and the girls ran over there and got there just in time to see Lee grab the little girl and run off. Ishi rammed his forearm into the back of the man. It didn't even budge as it turn slowly he could see it was faceless as Ino throw a kunia at it, the creature turned it head to the girls and charged at them. Ishi ran to the girls and pushed them out of the way as he saw a tentacle wrap around his arms and pick him up to be face to face with the monster. "Leaf hurricane!" Lee yelled as his foot hit the creature in the head making it let ishi go. Sakura slammed her fist into ground as Ino throw paper bombs at it feet causing it to lose it footing. Ishi ran and tackled it. "Well that wasn't so bad" Lee said as the creature stood up and punched Ishi into a tree.

Lee and Sakura continue to attack the creature as Ino ran over to Ishi to see if he was ok. "Ishi-kun are you ok?" She asked helping him up. "If I can hit him with a hero's Welcome I think I could end this." He said. They ran back to the fight as Ishi started to charge for his attack he saw Ino get hit hard and went thru a tree. "No!" He yelled as the creature turned to look at him. It threw Lee and Sakura off and it sent it tentacles at Ishi. He grabed them and looked at the monster. His eyes were white. He grabbed the tentacles and pulled the monster to him punching him to the ground. Ishi roared and started to punch the thing nonstop. Ishi jumped back and charged up his attack and hit the hero's welcome causing the thing to go flying away. Ishi turned to Ino and picked her up turning normal.

"Hey Ino please open your eyes." He said holding her close tears forming in his eyes. Lee and Sakura ran up to him and looked at Ino. "Let me see her so I can use my medical Justus." Sakura said as he laid her down. Ishi held her hand and looked at sakura. "She just has a small concussion she will be fine." She sighed. Lee found a small box and picked it up." What this?" He asked opening it to see a ring with a diamond. Ishi grabbed it and stuff it in his pocket . "Don't say a word about." Ishi grunted. "Is that for Ino." Sakura asked as he nodded. "It not the right time for that right now." He sighed. Ino sat up and looked at him. "Why not?" She asked tilting her head to the side. Ishi kissed her forehead and smiled. "It only been four months. And right now you have a concussion." He smiled . He picked her up and carried her to the village. She kissed him. "I still would say yes, becuse I love you that much." She said taking the ring from his pocket and putting it on. "Your lucky I love you Ino." He said kissing her cheek. "That Mrs. Kuzuri to you now." She giggled.
End Notes:
And yes that right I did a slender man story
Devastate by Thestonefang
Ishi walked outside his house and raised his hand to block out the sun. "Well look who decided to come outside." Said a voice as ishi looked to see Choji. "Hey man what up?" He asked walking up to him. Choji just look at him and shook his head. "What happen to it too early to talk about that." Choji chuckled as he pulled out his phone and showed a text from Ino, showing off her ring. "You know the one thing I don't like about this village is how fast things spread. " Ishi sighed as Choji laughed. "come on Ishi everyone waiting for us at the barbeque restaurant." Choji said smiling as they started to walk. "And why are we all meeting there?" He asked. "Well other then to congratulate you and Ino engagement, it just a good place to hang with friends." Choji said as they walked up to the restaurant. They walked in and were waved over by Kiba. "It about time you guys got here." Kankuro Snickered as they sat. Ishi felt a hand on his and he looked to see Ino. They smiled at each other. "I never noticed how adorable you two are together." Hinata giggled.

They all talked till the food came. As they started to eat Shino spoke up. "So Ishi your really going to marry Ino?" "Well I wasn't sure if it was the right time when she found the ring, but after seeing how happy she was and, when she said she would say yes no matter what, because she loves me that much. The ball started to roll and well it kinda happen." He said smiling. Ino rested her head on his shoulder. "I'm so happy for you two." Temari said. Sasuke looked at Ishi and smiled. "Best of luck my friend." He said raising his glass. They all raised theirs and cheered. "Well that means we can tell that suitor of yours to go away huh?" Shikamaru said as Ishi looked at him confused. "What are you talking about?" He asked as Ino glared at him. "I guess I'll tell you Ishi." Sakura sighed. "No it better if me or Choji does." Shikamaru yawned. "Ino father had made a deal with this Lord that if Ino didn't find love by the age of sixteen then she will marry his son, well she is sixteen now, but that shouldn't matter becuse of Ishi." Choji said looking at Ishi. "This isn't going to lead to me fighting someone again is it?" He sighed. "Most likely." Naruto said shrugging. "God dammit." Ishi growled. "It won't make a difference im engaged to you, and that all that matters. I love you." Ino said kissing his cheek. Ishi smiled and kissed the top of her head. "So Ishi have you two set a date?" Neji asked taking a piece of meat. "Nope." Ishi said . "What he means it just happen so not yet." Ino giggled. "Are you sure this guy will just back off, because Ino has a finance?" Gaara said. "Yeah have you even told your father Ino?" Lee asked before putting a piece of meat in his mouth. "I'm going to tell him tonight, Ishi going to be there with me." She said. Ishi choked on his drink and looked at her. "We're doing what now?" He asked catching his breath. "We shouldn't wait to tell him should we?" Ino asked looking up at him. "I know we should tell him as soon as possible."

After they all finished eatting they went outside the restaurant. "Well I guess you two are going to go tell your father huh?" Shikamaru yawned. They nodded and Ishi felt Ino put her hand in his. They started to walk towards Ino's house. "I hope he will be happy." Ino giggled. "As do I. Tho I'm still wondering about this other guy." Ishi grunted. Ino stop and turned to face ishi. "Look it not like I'm going to leave you for him, this ring represent my love for you. So don't be afraid." She said smiling. As they arrived to her house ishi kisses her pressing her up against the wall. They played with each other tongues. "Do you mind stopping." Said a voice. They stop to see her father. "Daddy look!" Ino giggled showing him her ring. "I-I see so you did find love." He said as he looked over his shoulder. " Daddy what wrong?" Ino asked

"Well if it isn't my lovely Ino." Say a voice . Ino froze and Ishi looked to see a man with long silver hair and red eyes walk up to Ino. He is wearing a long purple jacket, with a red shirt and grey pants. He took her hand and kissed it. "I have come for you my dear." He said. "Um Jushin I'm not going with you." Ino said slipping her hand and hiding behind Ishi. Jushin looks at Ishi and frowned. "What does this lowly man, offer you that I can not. I have money, I have power. " He said looking Ishi up and down. "Jushin that isn't called for." Inoichi said. Jushin glared at Ishi. "Look Ino has made her choice she has that right." Ishi said getting angry. "Then how about we fight , if I win Ino is mine. If you win ill leave." Jushin smirked. "Fine whatever." Ishi growled. "Good be prepared to be deleted!" Jushin chuckled walking away as Ishi watched him, with his hand tighten into a fist.
Delete by Thestonefang
Ishi stood in the middle of his room thinking. "This Jushin thinks because of his place in this world he can just get what he wants." Ishi said to himself. He heard a knock on his door, he walked over to the door and open it to see Ino. "You know you don't have to do this?" She said looking at him. "I'm tired of people with power taking what they want, no matter the cost." Ishi growled. "But even if you lose I will not marry him." Ino said kissing his cheek. Ishi smiled and held her. He held her close and kissed the top of her head. "I promise you this Ino, I will not lose to this man, or will I be deleted." He said. Ino looked up and kissed him. The two of them started to walk to where Ishi will fight Jushin.

Ishi and Ino walked up to see Ino's father and Jushin. "Well well it looks like the child decided to come." Jushin snickered as Ishi glared at him. Ino and her father walked to the side line and watched as Ishi walked up to Jushin. "I hope you are ready to be deleted, becuse once I'm done with you Ino will be mine." Jushin growled as Ishi rolled his eyes. "He not backing down , he might have some fight in him" Jushin thought. Ishi rushed at Jushin punching him in the face. Jushin took a step back and looked at him. "Such anger in you." He snickered turning into mist. "What the fuck?" Ishi thought as he felt himself being kicked in the head. Ishi fell forward and slowly got back up. "How can you hit something that you can't see boy!" Jushin yelled stabbing ishi in the leg. Ishi yelled in pain swinging down at the mist. "Mist dragon!" Jushin yelled as Ishi got hit by a huge dragon made out of mist. Ishi hit a wall and looked up at Jushin who had made himself solid. "You can't beat me you weak little..." before he could finish Ishi shot a diamond spear at him going thru his shoulder.

Ishi slowly stood up and ran towards Jushin . Jushin turned to mist but the spear was still visible so Ishi started to swing his fist at the spear. "Seems Ishi was able to find the weakness in his Justus." Inoichi said as Ino nodded. Jushin yelled and stabbed Ishi in the neck causing him to fall to a knee. Jushin ramed his knee into Ishi jaw causing him to stumble back. Ishi started to make hand signs. "Diamond meteor shower!" He thought as he brought his hand down make Diamonds rain from the sky at Jushin. Jushin tried to dodge them but there was too many and one hit him in the head. Ishi slowly stood up thinking he won. Ishi felt a sharp pain as he looked down to see a knife thru his chest.

Ishi turned to see jushin smiling at him with a bloody smile. "Now it time I deleted you." He said as he turned to mist. "Toxic mist!" He yelled as he went in thru ishi nose and mouth. Ishi grabbed his throat coughing. "Oh no please!" Ino said trying to get up. Her father stopped her and pointed at Ishi. Ishi made a hand sign and yelled. "Diamond edge!" As Diamonds came out of skin they saw the mist start to leave his body. "No! How can that be possible!" Jushin yelled. He charged at Ishi who tackled him. Ishi slowly stood up but felt himself falling backwards as Jushin had pulled him down by his arm.

Jushin climbs ontop of him and starts to punch him repeatedly. "What the fuck makes you so special huh?! What do you have that I don't?!" He yelled as Ishi caught his fist and head-butted him off. "Nothing, I'm just a guy in love." Ishi said as he felt his nose seeing that it was bleeding. Ishi kicked Jushin and tried to punch him, he rolled out of the way and Ishi hit the ground. Jushin put Ishi in a choke hold. Ishi felt his grip tighten as his vision grew blurry. He put his hands on Jushin head and started to lift him up and then slammed him onto the ground making him let go.

The two of them laid on the ground breathing hard. Ishi slowly got to his knees as Jushin kicked him in the face. "I think they are both running on fumes." Ino said looking at Ishi as her dad looked at her. "Stay down already! If I wanted it you would be dead already." Jushin snarled. "I'm not going to give Ino to a spoiled little brat like you!" Ishi growled as he slolwy rose to his feet and started to charge his attack. "What the fuck is that!" Jushin yelled as Ishi looked at him. "Heroes fucking welcome!" He yelled punching Jushin into the ground.

Ino ran up and caught Ishi before he fell. "Hey I got you." She said helping him lay down. She started to heal his wounds as some men came and toke Jushin away. "Hey Ino can I ask something of you." Ishi said looking up at her. She nodded looking down at him. "Please don't have anymore surprise fights in store for me." He winced. "Of course my sweet hero." She said kissing his forehead.
Red like roses by Thestonefang
Ishi sat in the open window watching Ino work with the flowers. She smiled when she noticed him. "I thought you had fallen asleep." She giggled. "How can I sleep when you look so beautiful surrounded by those flowers." He said with a smile. She blushed and walked over to him giving him a kiss. The door open as Temari walked in she looked over at them. "Dam Hinata wasn't kidding you two are so cute together." She said. Ishi rolled his eyes as Ino smiled and walked to her. "What can I do for you today Temari?" She said. "Oh Sasuke asked me to come find your husband to be." Temari giggled. "What dose he want with me now?" Ishi sighed standing up. "Ishi hun come on it can't be that bad." Ino giggled as Temari texted Sasuke.

Sasuke arrived with Kiba, and Hinata. "Well now that we're all here I can relay the message I got for the hokage." Sasuke said. Ishi looked at him saying "That lady going to be the death of me." Kiba started to laugh. "Well she says there been some shady people wondering the village. They are wearing robes with hoods. Both red like roses. Kiba, Hinata, Temari, Ino, Ishi, and myself are tasked to keep an eye out for these people and to find out what there up to." Sasuke said. "Um what do you think they can be up to?" Hinata said. "I think that something were going to have to find out." Ino said looking at Ishi. Ishi shook his head and said " This sounds like a waste of time. " Temari looked at him. "It just a mission the sooner we get it done the better, these guys just sound weird." She sighed. They all came to an agreement and left.

Ishi sat down as Ino sat in his lap. Ishi ran his hand thru her hair. Ino smiled and leaned against him. He closed his eyes till the bell rang and Ino got up. "Hello how may I help you." She said. "Hello my child I'm looking for some flowers." Said a women. Ishi open his eyes to see two people in the red robes. The man gaze turned towards him . "Of course I'll get you those flowers right away." Ino said, Ishi could tell she was a little uneasy. As soon as she left to get the flowers the women turned her gaze to Ishi. Ishi stood up and walked to them. "Is there something you would like to ask me?" He said looking at them. They both smiled at him. "You are him aren't you? The man of diamond?" The women said. Ishi was taken aback by this statement. "You are the one we have been searching for, the man who will end this world." The man said in a deep voice. Ishi just looked at them as Ino came back with their flowers. "Here you go, will this be all for you?" She said noticing the atmosphere. They paid for the flowers. As Ino reached for the money the man grabbed her wrist tightly. Ino winced, as Ishi watched. "You should be careful who you let into your heart. You know not what evil may follow." He said tighting his grip. "Enough of, let her go." Ishi said grabbing his wrist making him let go. They left as Ishi held Ino close.

Ishi shook his head and held Ino wrist and looked at it. "Ishi I will be ok don't be so worried." She said kissing his cheek. "Now I understand why the hokage wants us to keep an eye for them." He sighed. Ino snuggled into him and smiled. "Shh Ishi it ok. Nothing bad going to happen." She said. Ishi kissed the top of her head and smiled. "I think I should go home soon." He chuckled. "Why, I don't want you to go." She pouted. "Becuse your old man looking at us again." He chuckled as Ino turned to see her father. "Hey hun." He said waving. She glared at him as Ishi laughed.

Ishi walked home after saying good bye to Ino. As he walked he noticed that there would be someone looking at him. Everywhere he would look he would see that red robe. "Are they following me?" He growled as he kept on walking. Ishi felt there eyes on him. He stopped outside his house and looked over his shoulder at them. He saw at least ten people looking at him. When he turned to face them they were gone. "What the hell going on?" He thought to himself as he walked inside his house. He felt his phone vibrate and it was a,message from Ino. "I loved that you spent the day with me at work today. It makes me feel like were already married . I love you so much Ishi." It said. He replied with I love you 2. He got ready for bed. Before he went to bed he looked outside. He saw a man in the robes looking up at him. And then in a blink of a eye he was gone. "What the fuck?" He said to himself as he laid down in bed. The next morning he woke up to a pounding on his door. Ishi open the door to see Kiba. "Do you know what time it is?" He growled. Kiba yelled. "Ishi! Ino, Ino has been kidnapped!"
End Notes:
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Mirror mirror by Thestonefang
Ishi sat in a chair with his hands clasped together as Hinata spoke. " It would seem last night Ino was kidnapped from her bed. Witnesses say they saw a man in a red hooded robe carrying Ino last night ." Kiba looked over at Ishi who hasn't spoke since Kiba told him what had happpen. "Well it would seem this was a message towards Ishi." Sasuke said handing him a note that just says the diamond man. Ishi grip the paper hard and dug his fingers in it. "It seems he won't speak until his sees Ino again. " Temari sighed. Kiba took the paper and walked over to Akamaru. "If he can get the scent we will be able to find Ino, so don't worry Ishi." Kiba said smiling.

Ino slowly open her eyes to find herself in a room that wasn't hers. "Where am I?" She muttered. A man walked in and sat in front of her. "hello my dear, I know you are scared but you dont have to be. My name is Liger, and you are with my family now, welcome to the mirror." The man said. His robes were a darker red then others. "And what do you want from me?" Ino said noticing she was now in a red back less dress. "You are part of the great plan, giving to me by the gods. To start the end of the world, we need to have the man of diamonds. And it would seem he to fallen for a maiden of flowers." He said raising his hands to the sky. Ino shook her head. "You sound like a cult leader you know that right." She said. He clapped his hands a group of people in the robes walked in and surrounded Ino bed. "Take her to the chamber, we will set the great plan into motion." Liger said as they grabbed her.

Ishi was running faster then the others. "Hey slow down Ishi !" Sasuke yelled. "You won't get thru him, there is only one thing on his mind and that getting Ino back. " Temari said shaking his head. "Yes but if he out runs Akamaru how will he know where to go." Kiba growled. Ishi stopped as Hinata landed by him. He held up a diamond that was glowing. "Of course, there must be a diamond with Ino that he can track, he did that once with me when i was young." Hinata said as he ran faster. "Dammit Ishi !" Sasuke growled chasing him. They stopped outside a building. Ishi kicked the door in and looked at the sea of red robes. At the end of the robes was the leader Liger, and Ino "Give me back Ino!" He roared.

Ishi started to run thru the people . "Stop them! Do not let them thru!" Liger yelled as people charged at them. They started to fight the people off . "Don't kill them!" Hinata yelled hitting one of them in chest. Ishi hit them in the throat and started to kick. Others out of the way. He stopped when he noticed a giant man stood in front of him. Ishi tried to hit his flying punch the man grabbed his fist. "Oh shit." Ishi said as he was slammed into the ground. Ishi felt the man grabbed him by the back of his neck. Ishi looked around to see his friend being captured. "Bring him to me my child." Liger said. The giant brought Ishi to Liger, he dropped him in front of him. Ino wrapped her arms around Ishi and held him. "Are you ok Ino?" Ishi said holding her. "Yes my love, Liger showed me the error of my life. The mirror has shown me everything I need. " she said looking at him . Ishi looked at her dumbfound.

"Look my children just as I said, the man of diamonds has arrived, for the maiden of flowers. Just like the gods foretold. Now all that happens is the man of diamond must kill the flower maiden and the end of,the world will come." He laughed as Ishi looked around. His friends were chained to the wall. And he looked at Ino. "You don't believe this shit do you? Come on Ino you don't want me to kill you do you?" Ishi said. Ino just stood there. "Now time to release the beast that lies in him." Liger said punching Ino, and stomping on him. "Stop it!!!" Ishi roared. Sasuke started to laugh as Liger looked at him. "What so funny?" He asked. "You have no idea what you just unleashed." Sasuke said. Liger looked to see Ishi eyes are pure white
From shadows by Thestonefang
Liger took a step back as Ishi walked towards him. "What wrong didn't you want this?!" Ishi chuckled. Ino slowly came to as she heard screams. "No this isn't what the Gods foretold. " Liger said falling down. Ishi grabbed him by the throat down and brought him to his face. "You wanted the man of diamond well now you have him." Ishi roars tightening his grip. "So this is the form he hide from the world." Sasuke said as he started to free Hinata, Temari, and Kiba. "Ill go check on Ino." Hinata said running to her. Ishi slammed Liger against the wall as he brought his right arm back as a huge diamond came out of the top of his hand. "Ishi no!" Ino yelled

Ino ran towards Ishi. Ishi felt Ino hugged from behind. He looked over his shoulder at her and roared. "Ino are you crazy?! There no way he knows who you are, when he liked this." Sasuke yelled running towards him. "You should listening to your friend. This isn't the man you love anymore he is a monster." Liger winced as Ishi turned his attention back towards him. "Shut up you don't know him! I know him, I know that deep down the man I love is in there. The man who loves getting lost in my eyes. Who loves the smell of my hair. Who only wants to see me smile. I love all part of him, even this." Ino said crying. Ishi brought his fist at full force towards Liger.

Ishi fist went into the wall right next to Liger head. Ishi let him go and looked at Ino. She looked up at him. "That right it, Ishi , it me, you know me right." She said. "Ino." He said looking at her. His eyes started to change to normal. He fell to his knee as Ino held him. "Who would have thought love would be able to tame the beast." Kiba said. Temari smacked him in the back of the head. They walked to them and looked at Ishi. "You fools, how dare you make my words into lies." Liger yelled.

They looked at him as he drew a blade out. "No one will leave here alive, my children it time for us to rise to the gods. It time for plan from shadows." He said as he cut his chest open as everyone else in the room turned into shadows and went into his,chest sewing him up his eyes went all black and he looked towards the leaf ninjas. He grabbed Hinata by the hair and threw her into the wall. "Kiba, Temari let's go." Sasuke yelled charging at him. Liger grabbed Sasuke by his arm and threw him at Temari. She caught him as Kiba and Akamaru jumped over her. "Fang over fang!" He yelled. Liger blocked Kiba attack and kicked him in the face. He looked at Ino as she held Ishi. "You little bitch, your the whole reason that my plan didn't work. Becuse of your fucking love!" He roar driving his knee into her head. He grabbed Ishi and started to punch him in the head . "Fire ball jutus!" Sasuke yelled as fireballs went towards Liger. He threw Ishi down and ducked out of the way. "Wind scythe jutus!" Temari yelled as it hit Liger in the back. "Darkness falls." Liger said as Temari and Sasuke were hit by dark matter. He looked at Ino and said. "It time to end you flower maiden, Dark hell flame!" He yelled as back flames rushed towards Ino. She closed her eyes. "Diamond shield!." Said Ishi as he jumped in front on her with a giant shield.
I burn by Thestonefang
Ishi stood up after the flames died down and the shield disappeared. Blood dripped from his nose as he looked at Ino and then towards Liger. "You not once, but twice you hit the woman I love." Ishi growled. He looked around to see his friends slowly stand. "The gods will not let this stand, they have given me this power, I am a god now!" Liger laughed. Ishi ran at full speed and hit him with a jumping punch. "Why would gods want to end the world." Ishi said as Liger fell to the ground. "Well that wasn't as bad as it could have been." Kiba chuckled. Liger slowly started to rise. "Kiba I hate you at times." Ishi sighed taking his jacket off.

Liger started change his skin turned black as night with long claws. He slashes Ishi tank top off. "Get everyone out of here!" Ishi yelled. They started to run, but Ino stayed back. "Ino go!" He yelled as Liger slashed him in the back. "No Ishi! I don't want to leave you behind!" She screamed. "Ino I swear I'll come back to you, now Sasuke get her out of here!" He yelled turning towards Liger. Ino tried to say something, but Sasuke picked her up and ran out of the building with her. "Ishi!!!" She screamed as she was taken out.

Ishi stood in front of the now monster like Liger. "I have a feeling if I get thru this I'm going to look like shit." Ishi sighed charging at Liger. Liger slashed Ishi chest and bit his shoulder. Ishi drove his elbow into the side of his head. Liger jumped back and roared . Ishi felt the blood dripped down his body. "Diamond claws" Ishi said as his hand turn into diamond bear claws. He ran at Liger at full speed and slashed him across the jaw. Liger drove his claw thru Ishi shoulder. Ishi yelled out in pain as he kicked him off. Ishi tackled Liger thru a wall and stumbled back. "Well that went better then I thought it would." Ishi thought as Liger drove his claw thru his chest and fire wrapped around his leg.

Ishi drove his elbow backwards into Liger eye and jumped away. "I burn all over." He thought as he started to cough up blood. He looked at Liger and then at the door. "I can not let that monster thru that door. Im so sorry Ino, but this might be it." He said as he cocked his wrist as his chakra started to form around his fist. Liger roared and charged at Ishi. Ishi slowly start to run towards Liger and then started to gain speed as he ran faster pulling his fist back. He let Liger drive his claw thru his gut as Ishi punched him straight in the heart. "Hero's welcome!" Ishi said as he watched him fall.

Ino ran in and saw Ishi leaning against the wall bleeding out. She ran to him and caught him as he fell forward. "Holy shit what happen in here?" Temari said walking in with the rest. Ino started to cry as she held Ishi close to her chest. "We need to get him to the village, he has a small heart beat." Hinata said. Ino tears fell onto his cheek . "I never thought this would happen. I can't lose him. " Ino cried. Kiba and Sasuke walked up to help carry Ishi but Ino didn't let them take him . she felt a hand on her cheek as she open her eyes to see Ishi looking up at her. "Hey there." He said . "hi." She said as she started to smile. "I told you I would always come back to you." He said wiping her tears. "Yes Ishi. Lets go home." She said as Sasuke and Kiba picked him up and helped him onto Akamaru. The group of them started to head to the hospital.
End Notes:
This ends the cult arc
Future shock by Thestonefang
Ishi sat in his hospital bed and drank his smoothie. "You know I'm tired of just being able to only drink smoothies, at least they put protein in it." He sighed. There was a knock on the door and Ino walked in and sat on his bed. He looked at her, his whole chest was wrapped up in medical tape. She kissed his forehead and smiled. "You noticed how many dangerous mission Tsunade end up putting me in?" He groaned. "You know it for the good of the village, and it helps put money for our wedding . " She giggled as she moved his hair out of his face. He smiled and leaned in to kiss her as another person enter the room. Ishi looked up to see Naruto.

"Oh sorry I didn't know Ino was in here. "He said looking away. "You must have a reason to be here so what is it?" Ino growled clearly mad that he ruined the mood. "Well I brought you your clothes you asked for." He said tossing him his clothes. "Thanks Naruto." Ishi said. "Now if you don't mind Naruto. Ishi and I were doing something so leave!" Ino growled turning toward Ishi . Ishi put his hand up and said. "Ino I would rather do that, anywhere other then a hospital." Naruto went to get the nurse so Ishi could leave. 

As the three of them exit Choji and Shikamaru were out there waiting for them. "Hey guys why are you here?" Naruto asked. "Well there seem to be two people waiting for Ino at the flower shop." Choji replied looking at her. "Better not be another fucking suitor." Ishi growled. "No they um well it kinda drag to explain." Shikamaru yawned motioning them to follow. They followed, as Ishi wonder who could be there. As they got there they saw two kids, one boy who looked around ten and one girl who looked around twelve. They turned and looked at Ino and then Ishi. Ishi noticed the long blonde hair and the blue eyes of the girl , and the medium length black hair and the Hazel eyes of the boy. "Hello I'm Kirino Kuzuri, and this is my younger brother Inokori, it good to see you mama , and papa." The girl said.

Everyone jaw dropped as they heard what they said. "Um how can you be our kids if we just got engaged." Ino said blushing. "Well this might sound odd, er odder then it already is, but were from the future, and well Shikarmau was able to create a jutus that lets people travel thru time." Inokori said. Ishi just stood there and looked at them. "Prove it. Prove that you are my children, i can tell by your eyes you are Ino kids, Hell Kirino looks like Ino, but how do I know." Ishi said looking at,them. The two of them nodded and walked outside. "We don't wish to destroy mama's shop." Kirino said. Inokori form his hand into a triangle and said. "Diamond flower blizzard" Flowers made of diamonds started to surround a tree cutting it. "Diamond sword." Kirino said as a diamond formed from the top of her hand and she cut thru a tree. As the two trees fall they looked over there shoulder at Ishi. 

Ishi stood there not knowing what to say. Ino held his hand as the two Kuzuri kids walked to them. "Papa I know this is hard to... " before Kirino could finish Ishi wrapped his arms around them both and held them close with tears falling. They embraced and pulled Ino into it. "That so sweet." Naruto said rubbing his nose. "Thing is tho, why are you two here?" Choji asked. They slowly let go of each other. "Yes what brings you to the past, it wasn't just to see how we looked when we were young." Ino said looking at them. "Were here for papa." Inokori said. "What do you need me for?" Ishi asked looking at them.

"We were sent back here by you ." Kirino said looking at him. Ishi and Ino sat across from their children. "Tell us what he said." Ino said. "Well in our future there a huge war, and our village is dying. This war started once the hidden grass created a weapon after Sasuke killed someone from the village, they captured him and in his DNA they were able to find a way to use his sharingan and they created these golems that could over come any Justus that is used against them. Many people were killed , people from the leaf, sand, stone, cloud, and mist, any one who stood in there way would be killed or put into prisons. We were sent back to let you speak to yourself." Kirino said as tears formed in her eyes. "How can I talk to myself?" Ishi said looking at them. "That why Inokori here, he is more talented at the mind jutus then I am. " she said looking at her brother. He nodded and looked at his father. Ino held Ishi hand.

Ishi sat across his son and looked at him. "This might hurt a little papa." He said as he put his hands on the side of his head. Ishi felt a rush of pain and was able to see everything that had happen. "Papa focus look for you, look for you." Inokori said. Ishi open his eyes and looked around to see his friends all grown. Ino was there with a smile on her face. "Welcome to the future Ishi, my I forgot how cute you were back then." She giggled hugging him.  Ishi was dumbfound. "Ino you look so beautiful ." he said. As he looked around the faces of friends were smiling,looking at him, however one was missing. "Where is Neji?" He asked. They all looked but then a voice spoke up " Neji died in the great war." Ishi turned to the voice and saw a man who was wearing his beanie, his shaggy black hair poked from under it. He had a short beard that ended at his chin. He wore a long sleeve blue shirt with a large white S. He wore a pair of blue jeans. Ishi looked at him as the man walked to Ino. "Ishi I would like you to see what you will look like all grown up." She giggled 

The older Ishi looked at him and laughed "that right I used to dress like that when I was that age." He said. Ishi stood and looked at him as everyone but Ino and his olderself. "So tell me, what did you want to speak with me about." Ishi said looking at them. "We want you to change the past." Ino said. "I don't know what you want from me! What is it your asking me to do?" Young Ishi said. "we need you to stop sasuke from killing that person. If you don't this will happen, and there will be so much pain that will spread around this world." Older Ishi said. "I'm not the man I once was." The younger sighed while the older tilted his head to the side. "Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, doesn't mean there lost forever. Sometimes we all need a little help." "When I use my diamond style it almost overwhelms me." Young Ishi sighed. The older one put his hand on his shoulder and said. "Your afraid and our kekkei genkai knows it." "All those screams. So much pain." Young Ishi choked on the words with tears in his eyes. "It's not their pain your afraid of Ishi, it's yours. And as frightening as that may be that will make you stronger. If you allow yourself to feel it. Embrace it, it will make you more powerful then you ever imagined. It's the greatest gift we have, to bear their pain." The older one said as the young Ishi walked away from him. "I don't want your suffering, I don't want your future!." Ishi yelled shaking. Older Ishi put his hand on his shoulder. "Ishi, I need you to be strong. I need you to be a leader to us, work with them to make sure this never happens. I need you to only use the one thing you have and that is to hope. Please Ishi we need you to hope again." Ishi awake with his Ino looking at him. "You become even more sexy in the future." He said smiling.
End Notes:
All the charcters look like they do in Bourto
Off with his head by Thestonefang
Ishi stood across from Sasuke after explaining what happen the day before. "I know it hard to believe but it true." He said looking at him. "If you would have told me this when first met i wouldn't believe ya, but after all the shit we went thru I believe you." Sasuke said smiling. They fist bumped and walked to meet the others. "So what did I look up all grown?" Sasuke asked. "Your hair was longer." He said as he walked up to the park. He saw all his friends. "Ishi I have to show you this awesome,jutus I learned. " Naruto said running up to him. "He just got here and beside I should be the,first to see him." Ino said appearing next to Ishi. Naruto was running too fast and crashed into them causing Ishi to fall and his head hit the step. He heard his friends running over to him as his vision faded to black.

"Hey wake up!" Said as voice as he open his eyes. He looked to see Sakura wearing a red dress with long white bunny ears. "Sakura the fuck are you wearing." He said rubbing his head. "I don't know any Sakura my name is Xion and becuse of you I'm late." She said holding a clock. Ishi noticed her white knee high stockings. "Xion? Anyways where is everyone the last thing I remember is falling?" He said standing. Xion hugged him. "I don't care that I'm late I'm just so happy Ishi finally in our world." She said nuzzling his chest. Ishi moved her away from him. "What do you mean by this world?" He asked holding Xion at arm distance. "Your in wonderland silly." She giggled. Ishi looked around and realized he wasn't in the leaf village.

Ishi parted ways with Xion as she headed towards a castle he walked around trying to figure out how he got here. "You seem lost traveler may I lend you a hand." Said a voice. Ishi looked around for the voice. Till he felt two arms wrap around his waist and then felt something soft on his back. "Who is hugging me?" He asked as he looked over to see Hinata wearing pink pants and,a purple hoodie with two purple cat ears poping out of holes made for them. She had a long fluffy purple tail with pink stripes on it. "My Ishi have you no idea who I am? It me, your silly kitty Larxene." She purred. Ishi wiggled free from her and looked at her. Larxene swayed her tail back and forth looking at him. "Seriously what the fuck going on?". He said watching her. "It so amazing to finally have you here. We have been waiting for you to come to our world Ishi." Larxene giggled and walked towards him. He took a step back. "I don't know what going on here." He said as she pounced on him the rolled down a hill and landed in front of a mansion. "Ow. The hell Larxene?" He said as he,saw two more familiar faces.

Larxene stood up and ran at the two of them. They both wore blue overalls and black shirts under them. "Xigbar, Demyx! Look he is finally in our world!" She giggled. "Oh this is such a drag" Xigbar yawned. Ishi noticed he looked a lot like Shikamaru. "Oh come on brother we have waited so long for him to come now, lets play with him." The one she called Demyx said. He looked like Choji. They ran towards Ishi and he noticed Larxene had disappeared. "You two slacking off again?" A voice asked from behind Ishi. He looked over to see someone who looked like Naruto with long brown rabbit ears. He wore a tan tank top and black pants. "Oh stuff it Axel can't you see were trying to play with Ishi." Demyx grunted pulling on Ishi arm. "Oh so he really is here in our world." Axel said smiling. Ishi looked at him saying "Im here because of someone who looks like you." "Well boys you know what our boss said when he arrived. We have to bring him to Namine." Axel chuckled as he tried to grab him. Ishi ran away as fast as he could.

He arrived at what looked like a clock tower. "Oh do you plan on going in too?" Said a voice right to him. He jumped and saw gaara in a suit of armor. "Sorry didn't mean to scare ya. My name is Terra and you are?" He said looking at Ishi. "Im Ishi what is this place." He said looking at the tower. "Oh so your who Xion was talking about." Terra chuckled. A man walked out he wore a,grey suite and tie and looked like Neji. "Your late Terra." He sighed. "I got lost Luxord." Terra said rubbing the back of his head. Luxord looked over at Ishi and said. "So your the one I've been hearing so much about." Ishi nodded as Luxord turned to walk back in. "Come see me after you have met the others Ishi. Terra take him to the queen castle." He said. "Come one Ishi let's go see the queen, she has been waiting a long time to see you. Ever since Xion told her you were in our world. " Terra said leading the way. Ishi sighing followed.

Ishi stood in front of the castle glaring at Terra. "Now what that look for?" Terra asked. "Three mother fucking times. You got us lost three times." Ishi growled. As Ishi turned a corner and was tackled to the ground. "So that what that feels like." He groaned and looked to see Xion on top of him. "Im so happy you are here!" She said kissing his cheek. "Xion off of him let me see him." Said a women voice. "Yes my queen." Xion groaned as Ishi saw Temrai in a royal white gown with a gold crown on her head. Terra helped him up and bowed. "Queen Aqua I have brought Ishi to you." He said. Ishi watched as Aqua walked up to him and put her hand on his cheek. "My my you are far more handsome then I thought you would be." She said. "Um thanks i guess." He said taking a step back. "You don't need to be so afraid to stand in my presence. I do not bite, well hard that is." Aqua giggled. "Um my queen, Luxord has asked Ishi to meet everyone and then go back to him." Terra said. "That dam clock maker, he knows how to take the fun out of things. Fine take him to the hatter. Ill see you soon Ishi." Aqua said kissing his cheek.

Ishi found himself outside the mansion again. "Where did that idiot go?" He sighed looking for Terra . Ishi heard the gates open as Ino walked out. She wore a long black leather coat, a black crop top, black short shorts and a black top hat. "Well so my boys were telling the truth. My love is finally here." She said hugging him. "What your name?" Ishi asked. "My name is Namine, my love." She said looking up at him. Ishi found himself getting lost in her eyes. She leaned into him. He smelled the familiar scent of flowers in her hair. "Namine. I didn't know I would miss you so much. ." he said holding her close. "Now Ishi I knew you would fall under my spell." She giggled. "Wait she may look like Ino but she not her." He thought taking a few step backs. She looked at him and sighed. "I guess it wouldn't be that easy now would it?" Namine said shaking her head.

Ishi watched as Namine walked back thru the gates. "Once you see Luxord you come back to me." She said blowing him a kiss. He walked to the clock tower and saw Luxord waiting at him at the door with someone who looked like Sasuke, he wore a grey top, and yellow pants. "Who is this Luxord?" Ishi asked "This is Roxas, he and I need to have a word with you." Luxord said walking inside. Roxas looked at Ishi before walking in. Ishi walked in and sat down in a chair looking at them. "So you gonna tell me why I'm in this world?" Ishi sighed. "Your here because you where needed to be here in wonderland." Roxas said before drinking his tea. "And I'm needed here why?" He asked looking at Roxas. "Well you need find out who you really love, The white rabbit Xion, The Cheshire cat Larxene, The queen of hearts Aqua, or The mad hatter Namine." Luxord said. Ishi sat there and looked at them. "Im sorry what did you say?" He asked just to make sure he heard right. "You heard what Luxord said." Roxas growled.

Ishi stood outside the mansion that belong to Namine. "If I'm going to end up loving anyone then it has to be the one who looks like Ino." He thought to himself as he knocked on the door. Axel open the door and saw Ishi. "So you here to see lady Namine again?" He asked scratching his head. Ishi nodded and was lead to her library. When he walked in he saw Ino sitting in a chair, her coat, and hat was laying on the table. He could see her long black boots. "Why hello my love." She giggled watching him look at her. "Hello Namine, you look comfy." He said looking away. "I would rather be sitting in your lap."
Namine said standing up. He heard Axel close the door and now Namine and him were alone in the library.

He sat on the couch and watch as Namine walked over to him. She sat on his lap and puts her hands on his chest. She looked up at him and smiled. He looked down at her and smiled back. "So it would seem you have made up your mind on who you pick." Namine giggled. Ishi rolled his eyes as he felt her hand explore his chest. She leaned up and kissed him sliding her tongue in his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her and deepen the kiss playing with her tongue. He felt her slide her hand under his shirt and up to his chest as their tongue fought for control. He pushed her on the couch and started to kiss her neck as his hands slide up her leg. "Oh Ishi your so naughty." She moaned holding his head down. He undid her pants and started to slide his hand down her panties. After getting past her little patch of hair he felt her wet pussy and was about to finger her. Axel ran in. "Queen Aqua here!" He yelled.

Ishi stood up and looked at the door as Aqua walked in clearly mad. "Ishi how dare you pick the hatter over me!" She screamed. Ishi watched as Terra and other knights walked in. Namine stood as Axel, Xigbar, and Demyx surrounded her. "Ishi my love don't do anything dumb."she said as they watched him. "I make no promises Namine." He said with a smile and watched as they lead her away. So it was just the knights, Terra and queen Aqua. "For breaking my heart, I say it off with your head!" Aqua yelled as the guard charged at him. Ishi started to fight them off the best he could. "I'm sorry Ishi ." Terra said kicking him in the back of his knee. As he fell forward he heard a sword sword coming down toward his neck . He closed his eyes and when he open them he felt something soft on the back of his head. "Hey there Ishi." Said a voice. He looked up to see Ino looking down at him. "You had us all pretty scared." Choji said. Ishi sat up and looked at his friends. He saw Naruto and punched him as his friends laughed.
End Notes:
Might make a longer story of this. As it own Series
Wrong way by Thestonefang
Ishi sat in the window of house he watched the sun raise as he thought of his life. Ino walked up behind him wearing his shirt and kissed his cheek. "Thanks for letting me spend the night Ishi." She said as he got up from the window and smiled. Ishi made breakfast as Ino got his clothes for the day out. "Nope Ishi you are getting this all washed today!" She yelled from his room. "Then what will I wear?" He asked putting the food on the table. Ino put a pair of clean blue jeans, a black tank top and a leather jacket. "These are clean so we will take the others to the cleaners." Ino giggled sitting down to eat. Ishi got dressed and sighed "This feels weird." Ino cleaned the dishes and hugged his arm. "Well I think it nice, you don't always have to wear that shirt." She said.

After the cleaners Ishi and Ino walked the streets. Ino eyes kept darting over her shoulder. "What wrong my love?" He whispered. "Someone been following us since the cleaners" She said looking at him. Ishi nodded as he turned to a ally way. "There a fence over there I will boost you over it and see what they do." He said before Ino could say anything he lifted her over the fence "Go get Shikamura and Choji." He said as he cracked his neck.

Ishi hide behind the dumpster and waited. "Where did that bitch go." A voice grunted. Ishi walked behind him and pushed him against the fence. "What the fuck?!" He said as he turned to see Ishi fist come at his face. Ishi drove his knee into his gut and threw him at the wall. "Talk! What do you want with Ino?!" Ishi growled as the guy spat at him. "Like I have to tell you." He said. Ishi headbutted him and tied his hands behind his back. "I have ways to make you talk." Ishi said driving his knee in his face. Ishi slammed him into the dumpster. Ishi brought his fist back to punch him again but a hand wrapped around his fist. "That's enough!" Said a voice.

Ishi looked over his shoulder to see Asuma holding his arm. "What the hell are you doing, boy?" Asuma said. "I'm just getting answers." Ishi growled ripping his arm away from Asuma. "That not how we do things in this village." Asuma said looking at the man. "What would you have me do?! He was looking for Ino, stalking her. I'm not gonna just stand by and let my lady go thru that!" Ishi said. Asuma sighed and pulled out a cigarette lighting it. "Your young Ishi you can't go acting like that, and think there will be no repercussions for it." Ishi looked at the man then at Asuma. "Whatever you deal with it." Ishi said trying to walk past him. Asuma grabbed him and looked Ishi in the eyes. "Ino like a daughter to me, if I ever find out you act like this again we will have problems." Ishi shrugged it off and walked out of the ally as Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji ran up.

Ishi sat in his living room rethinking about the events that happen that day. The sound of the lock turning brought him out of his thoughts. Ino walked in and looked at Ishi . "Hey Ino." He said as she put his clean gear in the closet. "So I'm guessing Asuma told you about our run in today." He sighed knowing that was why Ino hasn't said a word to him. Ino sat on the coffee table in front of him while he sat on the couch.

"You know Ishi Kuzuri I saw the man you attacked, he was a beaten, bloody mess, and then Asuma told me you did that to him, you tied his hands together so he couldn't even defend himself! And then you expect me to act like nothing happened!?" Ino yelled. "I did what I always did when it came to people who don't talk. I'm not like the other guys at this village ." Ishi growled. Tears formed in Ino's eye. Ishi went to wipe them away but Ino flinched at his touch. Ishi stood up and looked at her. "I-I'm so sorry Ino, I never wanted you to be afraid of me. I'll leave and you will never see me again." Ishi said walking toward the door. Ino stood up to stop him, but he was already gone. "Ishi no please don't leave!." Ino fell to her knees crying.
Man hunt by Thestonefang
Ino cried for a little while longer, till she composed herself, she reached for her phone and sent out a group message explaining what happen. Ino hugged his beanie to her chest as all of her friends made there way to Ishi house. "I'm so sorry Ino." Sakura said hugging. "I-I can't lose him Sakura he is my world." She said. "Don't worry we all are gonna help you find him." Gaara said. They formed a plan to each stake out a area of the village. "Remember to text when he is spotted." Choji said as they all made their way to the location assigned to them. 

Team Gai was at the training area, Team Kurenai was at the market, the sand siblings were at the main gate, Team Kakashi waited at Ishi house while team Asuma was at Ino's flower shop. "With all of us looking I'm sure he will be found within a hour." Choji said. Ino looked out the window pressing her hand on it "Ishi please come home." She thought.

Ishi made his way thru the village he stopped and bought a hoodie to hide his face. "Ishi there you are!" Said a voice. Ishi looked over his shoulder to see team Kurenai running towards him. "Shit what do they want." He said but as he turned to leave he saw a swarm of bugs crawling towards him. "There no escape from my little friends." Shino said as they caught up. "Ishi-Kun please don't leave." Hinata said tugging on his sleeve. Ishi stared at them. "Say something man!" Kiba growled pushing him. Ishi headbutted Kiba and throw shurikens at shino. Hinata actived her Byakugan and rushed towards him trying to hit his chakra points. "I don't want to hurt you Hinata." Ishi said grabbing her wrist and throwing her at her teammates. "Diamond cage" Ishi said making hand signs trapping them then ran off. Kiba texted the group letting them know what happen.

Ishi looked up at his house. "I need to get a few things before I go." He thought. He heard a twig snapped and saw team Kakashi behind him. "Really at my own house?" He sighed. "Lets just talk about this Ishi." Sakura said trying to keep things calm. "You know team Kurenai ran into me, there in a cage now." He said looking at them. "Well we won't go down that easy." Sasuke said. Naruto jumped over his teammates and tried to kick Ishi in the head. Ishi ducked and Naruto crashed into a wall. "Diamond blade." Ishi said as diamonds formed a blade on his whole right arm. Sauske ran at him as Sakura rushed to Naruto. Ishi slashed at Sasuke. He tried to dodge but Ishi was too fast and slashed him across the chest. Sakura punched Ishi in the back as Naruto headbutted him. Ishi shot diamonds at them pinning them down. "Enough of this shit." Ishi said getting his things.

Ishi ran thru the training area. "The village has too many eyes this should be fine." He thought as a spear landed in front of him. "Ishi my friend we don't want you to leave." Lee said as Neji and Tenten landed by him. "It not what you want it's what for the best." He sighed tossing his bag under a tree. Neji rushed at him using his Byakugan, Lee tried to kick him in the head , Ishi jumped over them and shook his head. "You people never learn." Ishi said. A chain wrapped around his neck slammed him onto the ground. He looked to see Tenten holding the chain. Lee drove his knee into his chest. "I'm sorry." Lee said as he tried to do it again Ishi kicked him off as Neji hit his chakra points in his legs. "Enough! Diamond meteor shower!" He roared bringing his fist down as diamonds hit the three students of Gai. 

Ishi stumbled to the main gate holding his chest. "All this to stop one guy from leaving." He sighed. Ishi felt eyes on him and looked back in time to see a puppet lunging at him. "Oh fucking hell." He said as the Puppet wrapped its arms around him. "Hello Ishi." Said a voice. Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro walked up to him. "You have had a busy night haven't you?" Temari said moving the hair out of his face. "You have no... You have no God dam idea." Ishi grunted. "Now that your trapped guess we can tell everyone where to get you." Kankuro chuckled tightening the grip of his puppet. "Don't go overboard now." Gaara sighed. Ishi chuckled and looked at them. "What's so funny ." Kankuro. "The fact you think this puppet can hold me." Ishi said as he disappeared. "What the hell?" Temari said looking up to a tree where Ishi was sitting on a branch. Gaara's sand started to move up towards him as Ishi jumped out the way the sand grabbed his arm and slammed him into the tree where Temari pinned him with her fan. "You need to be a good boy and stop running." Temari growled. Ishi gasped for air and made a hand sign. The ground opened up and the sand siblings fell down the hole. " Diamond trap" he said once the fan fell down. 

Ishi thought of another way out of the village. "There the back way but I have to run past the flower shop. Not my first choice but seems I'm not gonna get what I want." He grunted making his way. "Rough night huh?" Said someone as Ishi felt he couldn't move. "Hello Shikamaru, Choji with ya?" Ishi asked as he started to walk forward coming face to face with them. "Why are you trying to leave? Aren't you happy with the life you have now?" Choji said putting his hand on Ishi shoulder. "That not the point, Ino was scared of me, I couldn't even touch her. I just want her to be safe, and she won't be with me around me."Ishi said kicking Choji into Shikamaru. "Your just running away from your problems!" Shikamaru said trying to capture him with his shadow again. "Screw this Diamond scythe!" He said as a scythe shot out of the ground into his hand. Ishi charged at the two of them trying to slash them. Choji got hit getting knocked into a dumpster. Ishi tripped Shikamaru and brought the scythe down hitting him with the blunt end. Ishi started to walk. A sweet scent reached his noise.

Ishi froze in place and looked over his shoulder to see Ino standing there holding his beanie. "I-Ino why are you here?" He said turning towards her. "Not standing by and letting you leave." She said running at him. Ishi stood there not knowing what to-do. Ino wrapped her arms around him holding him tight. Ishi looked down at her. "Why Ino? Why get all our friends together to find me, why let them all fight even tho you knew they wouldn't be able to stop me?! I-I just wanted to keep you safe." Ishi said looking down at her. "I don't want you to go, I love you Ishi Kuzuri, I love you more then I've ever loved anything. I can't think of living with out you, I would never have stop looking for you. Please Ishi stay with me." She said looking up at Ishi with those blue eyes of hers. "B-but you flinched at my touch, I never wanted to see you do that." Ishi said putting his hand on her cheek. She leaned into and smiled. "I don't know why I flinched, my body just did it on its own. I can never be afraid of you, I feel safe in these arms of yours so please Ishi don't leave me all by myself. " Ino said kissing him. Ishi fell to his knees wrapping his arms around her waist and started to cry. "Hey its ok my love I'm here." Ino said petting him. "I won't leave, I will stay with you for the rest of my days, and beyond that." He cried. All there friends made there ways to them. "I knew it would all work out in the end." Shino said. Ishi looked at his friends and bowed "I'm so sorry I did what I did to you guys." He said. Naruto lifted Ishi head up "Don't bow to us." He smiled. They all hugged and went there own ways as Ino grabbed his hand and lead him to her house. "What are you planning?" Ishi asked. "Not letting you out of my sight for a few days, don't need you to have a relapse and try to think of leaving. You'll be staying with me for this week." Ino said. "But my gear." He said trying to make up an excuse. Ino pointed at his bag. "I know it all there." She growled dragging him inside her house.
Burn it all by Thestonefang
Ino woke up in her bed. "Where is he?" She thought as she felt for Ishi. There was a knock on her door and she turned to see Sakura. "Hello dear its time to wake up, the hokage needs us."she said putting her hand on Ino cheek. "Where is Ishi?" She asked rubbing her eyes. Sakura looked at her confused. "There no one here by that name. Now come on today Naruto takes his place as Hokage." Sakura said leaving so Ino could change. "I'll just go along with this till I figure out what going on." She thought getting dress. She walked down the hall and saw Tenten, Temari, Sakura and Hinata waiting for her. "Looks like our roommate finally woke up." Temari giggled as Ino sat by them. "We have to be at the summit by noon, and of course Ino slept in till eleven thirty." Tenten sighed shaking her head. "We had a long day yesterday I could hardly wake up myself." Hinata said smiling at Ino. The girls ate there food and left to the summit.

Naruto stood in front of his friends as he listen to Kakashi give his speech about the hokage role. "And today I pass the title to the seventh hokage. Naruto Uzumaki. May he watch over this land for many years." Kakashi said handing him the hokage head wear. "Today is a day I've waited my whole life. A day we're I would stand before you all and be part of a larger family. This has been my dream, the thing I have made my mission to become, and now I am hokage and it will be my job to keep you all safe." Naruto said. "Now as tradition if anyone wishes to challenge for the title of hokage then speak now. But only those who have a connection to a previous hokage." Kakashi said. No one raised there hand. "Then Naruto from now on you are the Hokage." He said smiling at Naruto.

Ishi walked with Orochimaru "Tell me Ishi, where would you like to go?" He said looking at Ishi. "Why don't you take me to the leaf village." Ishi said. Both of them stopped in there tracks. "You don't need to go there, we have no jobs needing us to go there." Orochimaru growled at him. "I have my own reasons to go there. So take me now." Ishi yelled. Orochimaru stared at him him pulling a Kunai out, as Ishi jumped back. Ishi shot diamonds shards at him. Throwing kunais at Ishi Orochiamru didn't notice Ishi made a clone appear behind him and punch a hole thru his chest. "It didn't have to be this way Ishi." Orochimaru coughed. "Yeah. Yeah it did." Ishi said stomping on his chest.

Ino walked to the Hokage office, she had a scroll in her hand. "It been a week since I woke up here. It my village but Ishi isn't here, and no one knows who he is." She thought as she knocked on the door. "Come in!" Naruto said as Ino walked in seeing Sasuke and Naruto. "I have a scroll for you, it seems to be very urgent." She said placing the scroll on the desk. "What it say Naruto." Sasuke said as Naruto open it. "Well it would seem Orochimaru has been killed and the man who killed him is on route to the hidden leaf." Naruto said looking at his friends standing in front of him. "What will you have us do Hokage?" Ino asked. "Send Team Gai to the gate and have them bring this man before us. Ino bring team Kurenai, the sand trio, Sakura and your team here so we can all see what this man wants." Naruto said as they nodded and did as they were told.

Ishi dragged the bag he had with him across the ground. "Hold it!" Said a voice as Ishi saw a girl and two boys stand in front of him. "Is this the leaf village?" Ishi asked. "It is, what bussines do you have here?" Neji asked Ishi throw the bag in front of them. "What is this?" Lee asked. "Think of it as a gift." Ishi said smiling. They unzip the bag and saw the dead body of Orochimaru. "Who are you?" Tenten asked.

Naruto watched as Team Gai brought the man in front of him. He wore a black vest, black cargo pants and black arm guards. "This is the man who killed Orochimaru?" Choji said to Shino. Ino froze staring at Ishi. "Are you ok Ino?" Sakura asked leaning over to her. "I know him." She whispered as Naruto spoke up . "Tell us what can do for you?" "Y'all seem to be pretty happy living up in this village, but what about the rest of the lands?" Ishi asked. "I am not the leader of the other lands, I'm only the Hokage." Naruto said standing up walking up to Ishi leaning in. "The only reason I haven't had you thrown out is because I know who you are." He whispered to Ishi. "What do you want?" Gaara grunted. "I want the title of Hokage." Ishi said as everyone laughed. "Why would we give you a chance." Shikamaru chuckled. "Tell them Naruto, tell them who I am." Ishi said glaring at Naruto. "No, take him to the holding center." Naruto said turning his back to him. "Who are you?" Kiba asked. Naruto shot Kiba a glare. "I am Ishi Kuzuri, son of Kenji Kuzuri, both trained by Orochimaru, who was trained by the third, and team mates with the fifth. Also my father was good friends with the fourth till I found the fourth stabbing him." Ishi roared. Ino stared shaking at Ishi.

Naruto stood across from Ishi as Kakashi walked between them. "As the sixth Hokage I will stand over this fight. We fight on this sacred ground, this cliff." He said not looking at Ishi. "You can still turn back." Naruto said. Ishi unbuckled his vest. "I've lived my entire life waiting for this moment. I trained, I lied, I killed just to get to you. I killed in the sand, the mist, the cloud, the stone. I took life from my own village members right here in the leaf, and all this death just so I can kill you." Ishi growled. Ishi charged at Naruto driving his knee into his gut. Naruto flipped away by Ishi grabbed Naruto by the leg and slammed him to the ground. Naruto looked up to him as Ishi was about to stomp on his chest. Naruto grabbed his foot and stood up pushing him back. Ishi headbutted him and grew diamond claws. "Now you die." Ishi said as tried to stab Naruto. Kakashi grabbed his wrist saying. "No take me, your father died because the fourth protecting me." "Oh I know Kakashi." Ishi said stabbing him in the chest. "No!" Naruto yelled holding Kakashi's body. Ishi punched Naruto in the face and stomped on his head. "This is your Hokage?" Ishi asked picking Naruto up and walked to the edge of the cliff. Lifting Naruto up over his head he threw him off the cliff. Turning back to the villagers "Nah I'm your Hokage." He grunted.

Standing in a room full of scrolls he looked at the aid next to him. "What is this place?" He asked. "This is were all the records of our village are held, so the next hokage will be able to learn from the ones before them." She said. "Burn it." He said. "My lord we can't it our history." She said. Ishi grabbed her by the throat and lifted her in the air. "When I tell you to do something. You better fucking do it." He said as she nodded. "Ima burn it all!" He roared. Ishi sat in the hokage chair and looked at the group before me. "Tell me, we have spies in every village there is, we will send word to have them be ready, this world will restart and we will be the ones on top of this world." Ishi said looking at them. They left as Ino started at him from the doorway. "Tell me Ishi what else will you have us do?" She ask. "To be strong and stand by my side." He said standing up walking to her. Ino watched as the man she loved walked to her. He put his hand on her cheek. "I will keep this land safe and if you are by my side I won't lose." He said. Ino looked up at him and nodded walking away.

Ishi stood in front of his army. "Alright lets go." He said as a paper bomb went off taking a group down. "Ishi!" Roared a voice as Ishi turned to see Naruto walking up. "I didn't yield, and clearly I am not dead, you are not hokage!" He said. "Nah that trail shit is done, I'm in charge here." Ishi chuckled. Ishi looked over his shoulder to see team gai, kurenia, asuma, and Kakashi run over to Naruto who had the sand trio behind him. "So be it." He growled as he snapped his fingers and his arm ran at them. Naruto jumped over them and started to fight Ishi. Ishi throw him down a crafter but Naruto grabbed his hair pulling him down with him. They both hit the ground hard as Naruto stood Ishi hit him with a flying punch. Naruto tripped him and headbutted him. Ishi threw diamonds at Naruto and then tackled him. "Your father took everything from me!" Ishi roared driving his elbow into his face. Ishi felt a sharp pain and looked down to see Naruto stabbing him in the chest a diamond shard. "Nice move." He coughed. "We can still save you." Naruto said sitting by him. "Why so you can lock me up. Nah just burn my body." Ishi said pulling the a shard up and out of his body. Naruto caught his body as it fell. Ino screamed as she woke up. "Hey hey calm down it was just a nightmare." Ishi said wrapping his arms around her. "It was such a awful dream, but I'm so happy your here." She said kissing him. "I'm not going anywhere Ino." Ishi said holding her close.
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf by Thestonefang
Ishi eyes open and he looked around. "This isn't my room." He thought trying to remember what happen. As he thought Ino walked in just in her bra and panties which were purple. "Oh good morning sleepy head." She giggled . "I'm at your place?" He asked sitting on the edge of the bed. "Yep remember this is your punishment for trying to leave my life and this village." She said tapping him on the nose. Ishi chuckled as he stood up reaching for his shirt, Ino grabbed it and hid it behind her back. "Come on Ino give me my shirt." He growled. Ino playfully shook her head. "Your gonna have to come and get it." She giggled. Ishi stood up and wrapped his arms around her picking up. "No fair." Ino said pouted struggling. "Ino wait if you do that we will...." Before Ishi could finish they fall on to the bed with Ino on top of him. "Are you ok baby?" She looking down at him. Ishi nodded looking up at her. Ino blushed leaning down kissing him, Ishi held her kissing. Ino ran her hand thru his hair as he kissed her more. Sliding his hands up her back he starts to undo her bra. "I-Ishi are you sure?" Ino asked blushing holding her bra up with one hand. "I've never been more sure of anything in my whole life." He said kissing her bare skin. Ino reached down and undid his pants as her bra fell. Ishi slipped her panties off and was astonished by the beautiful view in front of him. "D-don't look at me like that." Ino said blushing. Ishi watched her take his pants and boxers off. "This is my first time." She said as she leaned in for a kiss. Kissing her back he picked her up and laid her on the bed. "I love you Ino." He said looking into her blue eyes. Before they could do anything the door open. Ishi threw the blanket on Ino and he dashed into the closet. "Ino is everything ok up here, there was a lot of noises coming from up here." Her father asked looking at her. "Yes daddy everything fine I was just talking on the phone, I had it on speaker while I changed." Ino sighed. "I see, well you can tell Ishi he doesn't need to hide, and if you want to hide then don't leave your clothes on the ground." He chuckled. "Dammit." Ishi grunted from the closet. "The hokage wants you both at her office in a hour." He laughed closing door as Ishi walked out of the closet. "He sure knows how to ruin a moment doesn't he?" Ino sighed tossing Ishi his clothes. "Yes, I bet we would have finished at my place." Ishi mumbled. Ino kissed his cheek and they got dressed. "Food first, then let's go see Tsunade." Ino said as they made there way to the kitchen.

Ishi stood with his arms folded, eyes closed, and back against the wall in hokage office as team Kurenia and the other team Asuma members walked in. Ino stood by the desk. "Good your all here." The Hokage said. "What is the mission this time?" Kiba asked. "There been wolves seen around the village. Your job is to push them back into the woods." Tsunade said looking at Ishi. "Doesn't seem so hard." Ishi said opening his eyes. "Wow you didn't have a smartass remark for once." Shino chuckled. "Oh and beware there reports a larger wolf runs with them, some have seen it stand on its back legs like a man." Tsunade muttered. "Oh man what a drag." Shikamaru yawned taking the scroll. Ishi looked at the hokage saying "Oh? Not putting me in charge today?" Tsunade put her hands together staring at him. "I decide to let Shikamaru take charge on this one, beside you need a break as leader." She said Ishi shrugged and put his arm around Ino and headed to the door. "Ishi we need to know where we are meeting." Ino said. Ishi looked at the team. "I'll get you both when its time to head out, since your living at Ino's house it makes things easier." Choji chuckled. "Make sure you bring everything you'll need for tonight." Hinata said waving.

Ishi sat on his and Ino's bed, holding his beanie. "You gonna be ok baby?" Ino asked hugging him. Ishi leaned his head against her. "Yes, I will be fine." He said. Ino ran her fingers thru his hair. "The sun getting low my love." She said as he stood looking at her. "Did you pack all you need?" He asked grabbing his bag. Nodding Ino picked hers up and walked to the door. Choji waited for them outside. "It cute picking you both up at here. Wonder if that what it will be like after you two are married." He chuckled. "Oh don't give me that, you'll find a girl soon." Ino giggled. "What about that girl you sneak off to the hidden cloud to see every weekend?" Ishi said with a sly smile. Choji blushed and started to walk. "Come on you too!" He huffed.

Ishi walked behind with the two teams he had his hands behind his head. Ino tossed him a headset. "In case we get separated we can stay in touch." She said. "This should be a easy mission, just Corral the wolves back to the woods. Quick and easy." Shikamaru sighed. They noticed the wolves and started to surround them, sending them towards the woods. Akamura barked loudly. "You tell them boy." Kiba said patting his dog. "Well that was faster then it should have been." Ishi said looking up at a cliff. There was a bone chilling howl and a giant boulder came flying at them. They all dodged it. Ishi heard a heavy set of feet land behind of him as he turned he saw a giant wolf behind him. "Well shit." He sighed as the wolf stood up on its back legs. Its front paws were like hands. "If you guys can hear me stay away from where I am." He said to his headset as the wolf ran at him. Ishi jumped over it but felt the claws go into his leg. "Fucking hell." He grunted standing up. "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf anyways?" Ishi coughed as the beast jumped as Ishi turned around bitting his shoulder. "Mother fucker!" He yelled. The monster stopped and got off of him. " Shadow possession complete." Shikamaru said as Ino ran over to him putting medical justu on him. Choji grew his arm to a giant size and crushed the beast head. Ishi stood up saying, "I hate that lady. I hope she sleeps at night knowing that." They all made there way to the village. "What if it was a werewolf?" Shino joked. "Shino no don't say that I don't do good with horror stuff." Hinata said. Ishi rolled his eyes. "It was just a big wolf, nothing more, nothing less. " Ishi said noticing Ino staring at his bandage shoulder. "Im gonna be fine Ino." He said kissing her forehead. "Don't forget about my pool party tomorrow." Kiba said as everyone went there on ways. Ishi and Ino came up to her house. "Are you sure your ok?" Ino said looking at him. "Ino, I am fine, trust me I've been thru worst, tho having your medical ninjustu really help my ass." He said as a small smile crept across her face. They went inside and went to bed. "Wait pool party?" Ishi said.
Pool party by Thestonefang
Ishi stood in front of the mirror looking at all the scars that covered his body. "Well that big wolf added a new one." He sighed. Ishi splashed some water on his face and heard the door open. Looking in the mirror he sees Ino in a purple bikini. "W-what do you think?" She asked blushing. Ishi turned to face her. "You look beautiful." He said hugging her. Ino traced the scars on his body. "There so many of them." Ino said sounding sad. Ishi kissed the top of her head. "All these scars lead me to you." He said. Ino smiled and handed him a bag. "What's this?" He asked taking it. "Well what else do you plan on wearing when you swim?" She giggled as Ishi took the trunks out. "There just like my cargo pants just the pockets and seams are outlined in purple." He chuckled looking at her. "Well we will kinda match." Ino said leaving the bath room so he can change. He walked out putting on his black tank top. "I've never been to a pool party." He thought as he walked down stairs to see Ino wearing one of his shirts over her bikini. "They fit you great, lets go!" Ino said grabbing his hand and leading him outside.

They arrived at Kiba's house. Ishi knocked on the door and Kiba opened it. "Finally you two are here. Now the party can start." He said grabbing both there hands dragging them inside. They were lead to the back where they saw everyone in there swimwear. "Is... Is Lee wearing a Speedo?" Ishi asked as Lee climbed out of the pool. Ino waved at the girls as she made her way to them. Ishi stood by the food table watching everyone swim. "You aren't use to this kind of thing are you?" Choji said patting his back. Ishi nodded, taking his shirt off and noticed the looks he was getting. "How's the water Naruto?" He asked walking up to him. Naruto jumped up and grabbed his wrist pulling him in. "Those boys." Temari said shaking her head. "I didn't know he had that many scars tho." Tenten said looking at Ino. "I did, but that because of all the times I have to clean him up after missions." Sakura sighed. "I feel bad for him having to go thru life the way he did." Hinata said. Ino smiled and said. "He told me all those scars lead him to me, it made me really happy to hear that, but still it does hurt seeing all of them." Ishi picked Naruto up and threw him across the pool. "Here I come!" Yelled Choji yelled jumping into the pool making a huge splash. Ishi laughed as Shino glared at Choji. Ishi looked over at Ino climbing out of the pool he walked to her and the girls. "This is a pool party girls, y'all can't just tan all day." He said as there boyfriends picked them up and made there way to the pool jumping in. "Ishi Kuzuri don't you dare." Ino growled watching her friends getting dropped into the pool. "I would never." He teased leaning in to kiss her. Ino hesitated kissed back as Ishi picked her up and ran to the pool jumping in. "Ishi! My hair!" Ino yelled after she resurfaced.

Ishi stood behind the grill with Kiba, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Choji, and Naruto as the others swam. "Who knew Ishi could grill." Kiba chuckled. "Hey there something that been bugging me since you came today." Naruto said looking at Ishi. "If its about the scars don't ask, there so many now I don't remember where they came from." Ishi said flipping the meat, keeping a eye on Choji. "There is a lot of them Ishi." Sasuke said looking at the scars. "He doesn't want to talk about it so let it go guys." Shikamaru said slapping Choji's hand away from the meat. "What the hell was that for man?" Growled Choji. "That meat isn't cooked so wait for it Choji. And to sum up all the scars on my body, missions caused these, also Tsunade since returning the missions she has put me on have added. " Ishi said. "Like that new one on his shoulder, from that large wolf." Kiba said grabbing a slab of meat and tossing it to Akamura. "The dog gets meat before me?! Choji growled. "I left that out for him, and yes Kiba, just like the ones from the cult and the tall man, tho Ino's suitor brawl also gave me some." Ishi said handing Choji a plate of meat.

After they ate Ishi held Ino from behind. "I hope things stay this peacefully." Ino said leaning into his chest. "As do I Ino, even when we're all grown up. I hope we can all be like this." He said kissing her head. Ishi watched as Lee and Tenten held hands, Shikamaru and Temari we're resting on each other, Sasuke and Sakura were feeding each other, while Naruto splashed at Hinata. "They all seem so happy, I'm so happy we all found love." Ino said. They all cheered in agreement. After a while everyone left. Ishi held Ino's hand as they walked home. "Did you have fun today?" She asked looking at him. "It was quite enjoyable, I liked hanging with everyone." He said as they reached her house. They went inside,showered and then went to bed.
To the cloud by Thestonefang
Ishi woke up with Ino smiling at him. "W-what is it?" He asked looking at her. "Oh just something popped into my head." She giggled. Ishi watched as she pulled his pants off and looked at the bulge in his boxer. "I-Ino what are you planning?" He said. Ino pulled his boxer off letting his cock out. Ino took her top off. Looking at Ishi, she blushed as she took her bra off letting her breast bounce free. Ishi kissed her before saying. "Go ahead Ino." Ino stroked his cock as she looked up at him. Ino licked from the tip to the bottom of the base. Ino placed his cock in her mouth and started to suck it. Ishi moaned as he held her hair back so it wouldn't go in her face. Ino moaned while she sucked it faster stroking it. "Fuck Ino that feels so good." He moaned as she went faster. Ishi closed his eyes and felt Ino put his cock between her breast and started to move them up and down. "Ino if you keep doing that I'm going to cum." He moaned. "Then cum for me baby." She said moving her breast faster licking the tip as it popped out. She pulled his cock out from between her breast and pressed the tips of her nipples on the head of his cock rubbing it. Ishi felt waves of pleasure as she did this. She then placed the cock back in her mouth sucking it, trying to take as much of it as she could. Ino put the cock back between her breast moving them faster. Ishi moaned releasing a large amount of cum. Ino tried her best to take as much as she could in her mouth. After he finished he watched as she swallowed what was in her mouth, then take her finger, clean her face and put the rest in her mouth. "That was yummy." She giggled. "What was that for?" He panted. Ino kissed him and said. "Because I felt like it." They got dressed and walked down stairs.

Choji and Shikamaru we're waiting for them in the living room. "What we're you two doing up there?" Shikamaru yawned. "Nothing for you to worry about." Ino giggled nuzzling his arm. "Well I hope you guys didn't forget about our trip." Choji said smiling. "Where are we going this time?" Ishi asked. "Choji has asked us to come with him to the hidden cloud village." Shikamaru sighed. "Oh are going to meet that girl your always texting?" Ino teased. Choji blushed and looked at his hands. "I thought its about time you all met." He said. Ishi patted his back and said. "I'm sure she will be happy to meet us." Ino open the closet and pulled out their bags. "No times like now huh?" Shikamaru groaned as they all walked to the door.

Ishi walked with his friends. "Seems the cloud village is half a day away." Ino said. "Look at Choji, Ino I've never seen him this excited he is almost running." Shikamaru chuckled. "I guess he has really has fallen for her huh?" Ino giggled. "Come on guys ease up on him." Ishi growled. "It's fine Ishi, this is how we always have acted." Choji sighed looking at them. Ishi shook his head and looked forwaed. "We're just having some fun." Ino giggled and kissed his cheek. As they walked Shikamaru noticed the gates of the cloud village grow closer. "Finally we have arrived." Choji cheered. As they enter the gate, a woman walked up to them. "It's about time you got here." She said hugging Choji. "Guys I would like you all to meet Karui." Choji said blushing. Ino and Shikamaru looked at each other then back at the girl. "She so pretty." Ino thought. "I'm happy you found someone Choji." Shikamaru said rubbing the back of his head. "So your the one Choji been running off to see, it's great to finally meet you." Ishi said. "Choji told me everything about you three." Karui giggled. "Well I hope not everything." Ishi chuckled.

Karui held Choji's hand as she lead the group around the village. "So where should we take them?" Karui asked looking at Choji. "How about we get some food, and then see what happens." He said. "Is that all that run thru your mind." Ino cough. Karui turned to face Ino saying. "Is there a problem with that?" Ishi pulled Ino away from Karui. "Hey let's not fight, come on Karui." Choji said leading her away. Ishi started to follow holding Ino's hand. "Man maybe I should have brought Temari. Now I'm just the third fucking wheel." Shikamaru groaned following them. Choji pointed at the restaurant. "Here we go!" He said walking in. "Don't ever try to get in Ino's face again." Ishi whispered to Karui as he passed by her. As they sat down a woman came up to the table. "Your Ishi Kuzuri aren't you." She said as he nodded. "I've seen how you die. Would you like to know?" She asked. Ishi stood up and looked at her. "I'm trying to eat with my friends." He growled. "I see you on your back, there blood everywhere. Your holding your heart in your hands." She said. Ishi striked at her but she disappeared. Ishi sat down, feeling Ino's slide her hand in his.
A special night by Thestonefang
Ishi walked down the road leading to the inn they we're staying in. He had asked the group to let him take a walk and think about what the woman said. "It's a full moon tonight.This reminds me of the night, she found me." He thought. His eyes turned white as he looked forward. "That woman her voice sounded so familiar." He muttered. "Soon, soon you and I will be together again my child." A voice said. Ishi turned around having grown knive like claws from between his knuckles. To his surprise there wasn't any one there. "What the hell was that?" He growled looking around. "There you are!" Choji said walking up to him with Shikamaru. "What are you two doing here?" He asked looking at them. Shikamaru noticed Ishi's eyes were pure white, but decided not to say anything. "We're here to bring you back to the inn, Ino says she got a surprise for you." Choji said looking at him. Ishi eyes turned back to normal and he sighed. "Come on Ishi it's late." Shikamaru yawned. The three of them made there way to the inn.

Ishi walked into the room he and Ino we're staying in. "Ino you awake?" He asked. "I'm right here Ishi." Ino said walking up to him wearing a kimono. She kissed his cheek and took his hand leading him toward the bed. Ino sat him on the bed and grabbed the sash on her kimono as he watched the kimono fell to the ground revealing her black Lacey bra and panties. "I-Ino you look amazing." He said as she took his jacket off and tossing it to the ground. He watched as she ripped his shirt off. "There we finally got that off." Ino giggled. "What has gotten into you Ino?" He asked as she took his pants off. "Tonight is the night we finally become one." She giggled tugging his boxer off. Ino unhook her bra letting it fall to the ground. Before she knew what happen he picked her up and laid her on the bed. Ishi took Ino's panties off with his teeth and smiled looking at her. "I-Ishi that's embarrassing." She said as he kissed her. He felt her tongue enter his mouth and they fought for control. Ishi leaned down and put on of her nipples in his mouth as he caressed her thighs. Ino moaned as he put her other nipple in her mouth and slide his hand into her pussy. Moving his fingers Ishi kissed from her breast down to her pussy he slide his tongue inside of her pussy. Ino gripped his hair as Ishi licked faster loving the taste of her pussy. "Oh my god Ishi your a master with your fingers and tongue." She moaned as he licked and moved his fingers faster. Ino played with her breast as he continued what he was doing. "Oh Oh baby your gonna make me cum." She moaned as he licked deeper and faster. Ino moaned loudly as she cum. Ino panted as she looked at him. "P-please become one with me." She whimpered. Ishi pressed the tip of his cock on her pussy. Ishi slide into her as she Ino tensed up. "I'm sorry Ino does it hurt?" He asked looking at her. Ino shook her head and said. "Please don't stop, I can handle it." Ishi kissed her and started moving his hips. They moaned as Ishi started to move faster. Ino dug her nails into his back. Ishi winced as he felt the blood go down his back as she dragged her nails down his back. "Oh fuck Ishi your cock is so big." She moaned as he thrusted his hips faster into Ino. Ishi kissed her neck as he moved deeper into her. Ishi looked down at Ino as felt the cum start to build up. "Ishi please cum inside of me, I want this so bad." She moaned digging her nails deeper. Ishi trusted his hips as fast he could. "I'm going to cum Ino." He said. "Me too, Ishi lets cum together." They both moaned loudly as they released their cum. As Ishi shot a huge load of cum in Ino his eyes turned pure white. Ishi slowly slide out of Ino and kissed her. "I love you Ino Yamanaka." He said wrapping his arms around her. "And I love you Ishi Kuzuri." She said looking into his eyes. She noticed they were white, but in a blink they were normal. She curled up against him and they both fell asleep.

Ishi woke up and stretched yawning. Ino was still asleep, he kissed her head he looked in s mirror and saw the scratch marks Ino left on his back. "Dam Ino who knew you could do that." He chuckled. Walking to his bag, he open it and pulled out a clean set of clothes. "Wonder when she will wake up or when Choji will come and get us?" He said to himself. "Most likely pretty soon." Ino said sitting up. She rubbed her eye as the blank fell down exposing her breast. "Looks like sleeping beauty decided to wake up." He said walking to her kissing her. "Can you hand me my clothes my legs are still a little numb." Ino yawned. Ishi handed her, her clothes saying. "Last night, was amazing." Ino blushed as she got dressed. "I'm so happy you we're my first.' She said kissing his shoulder. "I wouldn't have it any other way." He said looking back at her. Choji open the door to their room. "Oh good you both are up. We're gonna be heading back to the leaf pretty soon." He said smiling. "Really we're not staying longer? I thought we we're gonna spend more time Karui." Ino said raising an eyebrow. "She being sent out on a mission so when she is heading out we're gonna go home." Shikamaru yawned tapping on the window. "How long we're you there man?" Ishi said standing up looking at him. "Long enough to hear about the night you guys had last night." He chuckled. Ino's face turned red as Ishi pulled Shikamaru inside the room. "Don't you speak this to anyone." Ishi growled his eyes turning white. "I won't man, I won't." Shikamaru said looking at Choji and Ino. "Let him go Ishi." Ino said patting his shoulder. Ishi eyes turned normal as they grabbed there bags and headed out. "Soon Ishi, soon you and I will be mother and son again." A voice said in his head.
Evil by Thestonefang
Ishi stood in the bathroom looking at himself in the mirror. "What the hell been going on with me lately. I've been acting different, being so quick to attack my friends." He thought as he noticed his eyes kept switching from pure white to normal. "Ishi are you ok?" Ino asked knocking on the door. "Yeah I'm fine, I'll be out in a minute." He said. As he walked out he saw his friends standing there. "What going on?" He asked. "Seems someone is ready to go to war with the five nations." Sasuke groaned. "He is calling himself Madara Uchiha, but it can't really be him can it? I mean Madara is dead." Sakura asked. "So what we're supposed to get ready for a war?" Kiba grunted. "I do believe we been trying for a war since we all left the academy, but maybe you were too busy running your dam mouth." Ishi growled glaring at Kiba. "There no reason to talk like that Ishi." Naruto said putting his hand on his shoulder. "Whatever I'll see you all later." Ishi said brushing his hand off and walking towards the door. "Ishi Kuzuri, you don't need to be on edge like this, we're all worried this." Ino said. Ishi looked back at his friends, they all froze when they saw his pure white eyes. "I said I'll be fine!" He growled leaving.

Ishi sat under a tree looking at his hands. "Hey there." Said a soft voice. Ishi looked up to see Ino standing in front of him. "I-Ino I don't know what going on with me anymore." He sighed. Ino sat by him and wrapped her arms around him. Ishi leaned into her and listen to her breath. "You been like this since the hidden cloud, when that woman told you how you we're gonna die." She said rubbing his back."It's not just that, you saw it, my eyes have been changing, there is something that making me change." He said looking up at her. Ino leaned down and kissed him, and said. "Whatever going on with you, I'm sure we can work thru it together." Ishi sat up and looked into of the eyes of the woman he loves. "Yes Ino, I'm positive if we work together, I'm sure we can work it out." He said. Shikamaru ran up the hill to the two of them. "Ishi, Kakashi wants a word with you." He yawned. Ishi sighed and looked at Ino saying. "Work calls." Ino giggled and watched them run off.

Ishi leaned against the wall with his arms folded. "Thank you for coming, now we can start." Tsunade said. Ishi opened his eyes to see Neji, Shikamaru, Inoichi, Shikaku, Choza, Gaara the Kazekage, Mei the Mizukage, Ay the Raikage, and Onoki the Tsuchikage. "Why am I here?" Ishi grunted. "We need some input from the younger generation." Onoki coughed. "It was our request to have you and Shikamaru here." Choza chuckled as Shikaku and Inoichi nodded. Ishi shrugged and listened. "We have formed squads that need leaders for." Gaara said looking at his notes. "Ishi you will lead the squad of earth style users, since you are the last of the Kuzuri clan, master of diamonds." Mei said looking at him. "I will handle it." He said turning to leave. "Woah you can't go yet we have more to talk about." Ay growled. "I said I will handle it, I will do my job, so y'all focuse on your point." Ishi said as his eyes turned pure white. The group looked at him confused. "Ishi what is up with your eyes?" Kakashi asked. "He been like this since he went to the hidden cloud." Shikamaru yawned. "I wish I knew what the fuck was going on." Ishi growled looking at them before walking out. "We will need to keep an eye on him, but we have more urgent matters to focus on." Shikaku said.
This is war by Thestonefang
Ishi looked forward as he stood with his back toward his squad. "Why is this leaf kid leading us?" Someone said. "He looks like the guy who killed my brother." Another said. Ishi looked over his shoulder at the people who we're talking. "If you have a issue with me it can wait till later, tho if you don't listen to me you will die, the kages put me in charge of all of yours lives. So listen to my orders you will be fine, but remember show no mercy because the enemy will not show you any. If you get knocked down get back up, and if you die walk it off." Ishi said loud enough for them all to hear. "Yes sir!" They cheered. "I hope Ino is ok." He thought as the ground started to shake. "The Zetsu are heading your way be ready!" Kakashi said in his head, using Inoichi to send the message. Ishi rose his hand up saying. "They are almost here, on my mark send your earth style Jutsu at them." They all grew ready as the Zetsu ran at them, Ishi brought his hand down and giant boulders we're sent flying towards them. Ishi ran towards them growing diamond knife like claws out from between his knuckles. His squad ran behind him attacking the Zetsu. Ishi slashed thru two of them, before looking up seeing an another one jump towards him stabbing him in the shoulder. "Dammit where did he even come from." He growled forming a hand sign. "Diamond dust!" He roared blowing a dust of diamond shards sending a lot of the Zetsu flying. "We can't lose with Ishi leading us!" Someone cheered. Ishi looked to see that person get there head cut off. Ishi looked at his men as they fought and thought. "Shit we're losing a lot of men." Ishi pointed his hand to the sky and brought it down towards the ground. "Diamond meteor shower!" He yelled as diamond rained from the sky crushing the Zetsu. "Well well looks like you mastered it." Said a voice that made him freeze.

Ishi slowly turned to see a bald man, in a black shirt, pants and leather jacket with sunglasses staring at him as he crushed someone head. "F-father?" Ishi said taking a step back. "Yes it is I, Kenji Kuzuri, and to be honest I don't know why I'm here among the living." The man said. Ishi shook his head and said. "Focus on the Zetsu, leave him to me!" Ishi watched as his squad ran past him and his father as he walked to his father. "Ishi I'm sorry, I don't want to fight you, but I don't really have control." Kenji sighed as diamonds blades grew out of his hands. "Ishi, it Inoichi, your going to need to seal him, I know it must be hard since its your father, but you must to keep everyone safe. Remember your doing this to keep Ino safe." The voice rang in his head. Ishi ran toward his father pulling his fist back trying to slash him with his claws. Kenji jumped over him and stabbed him in the elbow. "Fucking hell!" Ishi yelled holding his elbow. "Ishi such langue you know that would break your mother's heart." He said. Ishi shoot a round of diamond arrows towards his father who made a diamond shield to block it. "To think, I kinda hoped you would have been stronger then this. I mean really Ishi, your sister was already stronger then you at this age." Kenji sighed. Ishi's eyes turned pure white, Kenji took a step back seeing this, Ishi took this as a sign and ran at his father tackling him. "You have no idea the hell I have gone thru, the life I had because of our clan untimely death!" Ishi roared driving his elbows into his father's skull. Kenji kicked him off and sent a diamond spear into his knee.

"Ishi! Ishi! Get up!" Said Shikamaru. Ishi looked to see Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino standing in front of him. "Ishi get up and help us with this guy!" Choji said looking at Kenji. "Oh so this is the new Inoshikacho?" Kenji chuckled. Ishi struggled to stand and looked at his father. "These are my family father." Ishi coughed and looked at Choji. "Ishi there no way you can do that your too hurt." Ino said looking at him. "Choji throw me at him." Ishi said charging his attack. Choji nodded and picked him up with his giant hand. "Ishi what Justus is this?" Kenji asked. "This is your son's ultimate technique. The hero's welcome!" Ino said as Ishi was thrown at his father pulling his fist back his attack turned into the shape of an arrow. "Hero's shimmering Arrow!" Ishi roared striking his father in the chest. "That's my son." Kenji said falling backwards. Ishi caught his father and laid him on the ground. Ishi motion for Ino to come to his side. "Father this is Ino, the woman I'm going to marry, the one who will help me keep our clan alive, our bloodline. I'm so happy you got to see her father." Ishi said holding Ino's hand. "I'm so proud of you Ishi, your mother would have loved her. Ino please take care of my son, keep him on this path he is on." Kenji said. Ino nodded saying with tears in her eyes. "Of course I will father." Ishi kneeled by his father as tears rolled down his cheeks. "I will always love you Ishi." Kenji said wiping his tears. "I love you too father." Ishi cried forming the sealing hand sign. "Diamond sealing." Ishi said as a diamond coffin formed around his father. Ishi stood up holding Ino's hand with the tears rolling down his cheek. Ino kissed his cheek and they walked towards Shikamaru and Choji.
Hell by Thestonefang
Ishi was breathing hard as he ran to the base camp. "Ishi come here!" Sakura yelled as ran past her. Ishi stopped and looked at her saying. "What do you need?" He was holding his elbow which was bleeding. "For you to get in here I can heal you, Ino already told me about your injuries." She sighed pulling him inside. Ishi looked at Sakura. "Take your shirt off and let me see the damage." She growled. Ishi did as she told him and put his shirt down. "They don't look as bad as she made it sound, however your elbow is the worst injury you got. I'm shocked you are even able to use your right arm." Sakura said starting to heal him. "I went up against my father Sakura, it was by far the hardest thing I've had to do." He winced as she pulled a diamond out of his elbow. "I don't think I would have been able to do what you did to be honest." Sakura said looking up at him smiling. Ishi noticed someone walk into the tent. "Oh Kankuro, I didn't hear anything about you coming here." Sakura said as she finished healing Ishi.

"Oh I just came here to make sure everything was safe around here." He chuckled. Ishi stood up saying. "If you need me let know, thanks Sakura." He walked. As he walked out he got a message from Temari telling him to go to her location. Ishi started to run. "This war is Hell. If I had to fight my father that makes me wonder if others have had to fight their loved ones." He thought as he climbed up a tree to see where he was going. Ishi jumped from tree to tree landing by Temari. "Good your here." She said as Zetsus ran towards them. Ishi grew his diamond claws and started to attack them. "Get down!" Kankuro said as his puppet shot flames towards the enemy. "Oh Kankuro I guess you are finished with Sakura huh?" Ishi said throwing a Zetsu into a tree. "Ishi what are you are you talking about, my brother has been here the whole time." Temari said. Ishi turned his head towards the direction of Sakura medical camp. "Mother fucker!" He yelled running towards the camp.

Sakura smiled turning her back to Kankuro. "Thank you for coming here and helping me." She said. "We all need to help out where we can." He chuckled. Sakura started to clean her tools, as Kankuro took out a knife about to stab her. "Get down Sakura!" Ishi yelled as he ran in shoulder tackling him. "Why would you do that?!" She screamed. "Because he isn't the real Kankuro, I just ran into him three miles away." Ishi groaned as Kankuro stabbed him in the arm turning into a Zetsu. Ishi pulled the knife out and tossed it aside. "You know I could have handle this." Sakura growled. Ishi shrugged then ran at the Zetsu. Ishi tackled him and held him down as Sakura jumped over them and slammed her fist into the Zetsu face. Ishi watched as the body went limp. "God you scary strong." Ishi whimpered as Sakura looked at him. "And don't you forget that, hurt Ino and I'll hurt you." She said sticking her tongue out.
Bleeding rage by Thestonefang
Ishi jumped down from a tree landing by Naruto and Sasuke. "This is where Shikaku told me I was needed here." Ishi said looking at his friends. "Good someone who is good at Taijustu." Naruto said patting Ishi on the back. "I thought you we're trying to get Lee or Gai, but Ishi will work." Sasuke said rolling his eyes. Ishi looked at them before a giant fire ball came flying at them. They jumped out of the way and Ishi saw two men staring at them. "Well well looks like the fox child brought some friends." The one in a mask said. "It would seem he has a Uchiha with him, but the other one I do wonder what he is." The older looking one said. "Who the hell are you two?" Ishi asked. "The masked one is Obito, and the other is Madara Uchiha." Sasuke said putting a hand on his sword. "We have no ill will towards you two, we just want to take Naruto." Obito said. "Yeah like I'm going to just hand my friend over." Ishi said as he grew his diamond claws out. "Ah a Kuzuri, he must be a descendants of Sesshomaru." Madara chuckled jumping towards them, Obito followed after him.

"Ishi, take on Madara he is weak to Taijustu." Sasuke said as Naruto and him ran towards Obito. Ishi charged at Marada trying to shoulder tackle him. Madara grabbed Ishi by the hair and flipped him over his shoulder onto the ground. "It is wise that they picked you to fight me, I never got to fight Sesshomaru, so fighting a Kuzuri has always been a battle I wanted." Madara said stomping on Ishi's chest. Ishi made a hand sign and shot a diamond arrow at him. Madara jumped back and activated his sharingan. Ishi got up and roared charging at him. Ishi looked around not seeing him. "Where are you hiding you coward!?" Ishi roared. "There something about you boy, something that lies in the dark." Madara's voice echoed as Ishi's eyes turned pure white. Ishi looked up at the sky as he heard. "Fire style Great fire annihilation!" A giant flame came rushing down towards him from the sky. Ishi formed a hand sign and roared. "Diamond ultimate shield!" A giant shield covered him as the flames hit the shield. "Shit it's getting too hot." Ishi thought as he heard a cracking sound. He looked up and saw the flames break thru his shield.

"And that will be the end of that." Madara said landing on the ground. The ground shook as diamond spears came out of the ground heading towards Madara. "How the hell can you still be alive?!" Madara roared. Dodging the spears Madara scanned the air looking for Ishi. Ishi broke thru the ground and tackled Madara as he grew closer to the ground. Ishi was bleeding from his knuckles as he slammed Madara to the ground. "When you back an animal into a corner the animal will do anything it takes to be free." Ishi coughed as he looked at Madara. Ishi made a hand sign and rose his hand to the sky. "This is my clans ultimate technique Diamond meteor shower!" He said as he brought his hand down. "You fool! If you don't move will both die!" Madara exclaimed. Ishi smiled and nodded, Madara watched the diamonds grow closer, but a strong gust of wind sent the two of them flying. "Who the hell did that?" Ishi thought as he saw Obito hand Madara his fan. "Enough playing around, bring the ten tail out already!" Madara hissed. They both did the hand signs for the summoning Jutsu as Ishi jumped back he noticed the whole army was there watching. "Ishi are you ok?" Ino asked as he landed by her. "For now I am, but this is where it gets serious." He said as the ten tailed beast appeared.
Daddy's girl by Thestonefang
Everyone looked in shock at the beast that stood in front of them with the two Uchihas on top of its head. Ino looked at Ishi and said. "Your eyes, there pure white again." Ishi shook his head saying. "It's fine, Ino don't worry about it right now." Obito looked down at the army and said. "How do you think this will all end? You really believe because you all joined forces you can stop us, it is hopeless." Naruto took a step forward saying. "You just keep on running that mouth of yours, it will make shutting you up feel so much better." The ground rattled as thousands of Zetsus ran up. "Did you forget about our army? This day will not end with your victory." Madara said. "You have a army, but we have Ishi!" Sasuke yelled as Ishi slammed his hand toward the ground yelling "Diamond meteor shower." Diamonds came crashing down from the sky crushing some of the Zetsus. Madara looked down at Ishi and tapped the ten tailed beast on the head. They watched as it rose it's hand and shot giant wooden spears at them. Ishi picked Ino up and jumped out of the way of the spears. The sound of people getting impaled rung in his ears.

Ishi looked over his shoulder as another spear came flying towards him and Ino. "Diamond wall." He said as a wall appeared behind him. Ishi landed and put Ino down as a loud cracking could be heard. "Ishi look!" Ino said pointing at the wall. Ishi looked seeing the ten tails punch thru the diamond wall. "It's hopeless there no way we can beat that monster." Tenten said. "We can not give up everyone out there fighting is for something." Ishi said. "What are we fighting for?" Naruto groaned looking at him. Taking a step towards Naruto he said. "That there still good in this world Naruto, and it's worth fighting for." "That's just the motivation this army needs. Inoichi tell me you made sure everyone heard that." Shikaku said in Ishi's head. Ishi could hear the voice of the army in his head. "Something has brighten their spirits." Obito growled. Madara pointed at the mountains saying. "If it was my army I would have the intelligent unit there."

Ishi felt the ground shake as the beast roared. Ishi stood beside his friends as they watched it charge an attack. "What is it going to do?" Hinata asked. "It going to attack us." Inoichi said in everyone's head. "No! Daddy I won't let them kill you!" Ino cried. "Shikamaru it looks like this will also be the end for me." Shikaku said. "Dad I can't do this without you." Shikamaru said. "Shikamaru listen to me, I am proud of you, I know you can do this. With you and your friends I know you can win." Shikaku said as tears formed in Shikamaru's eyes. The ten tail charged it attack. "Daddy please! Don't leave!" Ino cried as Ishi held her. "Ino you need to be strong, I know you and Ishi will be fine. Remember Ino the greatest gift, and honor is having you for a daughter." He said as the beast sent a Bijuu bomb at them. Ishi felt Ino hug him close and tight as the bomb hit the mountain and everything went quite. Ino looked up at Ishi and said. "What am I going to do?" Ishi looked at Shikamaru who was having his tears wiped by Temari. "You will rise, and you will fight for the legacy of your father, as will you Shikamaru." Ishi said. The beast roared as the earth style users pinned it between two pillars. Ishi looked up towards Madara and Obito.
Caged bird by Thestonefang
Neji landed by Naruto, Sasuke and Ishi. "So what the plan now? We have a little time before that monster breaks free." Sasuke said. Ishi wiped some blood off his lips as he growled. "Ishi your eyes have been white since Madara and Obito appeared. Are you ok?" Naruto asked. "Yes thanks to you sharing Kurma's chakra it helps." He said smiling. Shikamaru walked up rubbing the back of his neck. "Tell me Naruto! How many more of your friends will you let die, before you just give up?" Obito said looking down towards him. "Shut up! I will not let another one of my friends die!" Naruto yelled. Ishi watched as the pillars holding the beast start to shake. Ishi formed a hand sign and yelled. "Diamond spike!" A giant spike shot out of the ground stabbing the ten tail in the stomach. "Hopefully that keeps it in place till we figure what to do." Shikamaru grunted. Ishi felt Ino put her hand on his shoulder.

Madara looked down at them. "They just don't understand what I am trying to do." He sighed. The ten tailed roared and it's arm broke free shooting a wave of wooden spears. Ishi tried to make a shield but he wasn't fast enough. The screams of people getting impaled rang in his ears. "Doctor! Quick someone bring a doctor!" Naruto's voice rung out. Ishi slowly turned to see him holding Neji who had a wooden spear thru his body. "Big brother, please don't go!" Hinata cried as Naruto looked around for the medics. "Naruto that's enough. There no time for me." Neji coughed. "Why?! Why would you do this for me?! You we're going to change the Hyuga clan! Why throw it all away for me!?" Naruto yelled. "Why? Why would I do that?" Neji thought as he remembered all the events Naruto and him went thru. "Because Naruto, you called me a genius. If lady Hinata is willing to sacrifice herself for you. Then you should know that you don't just hold your own life in your hands, but all of ours. We are all willing to die to keep this world safe. I-I think I finally understand what my father ment by being truly free." Neji said as his curse mark faded along with the light in his eyes.

"Naruto! What happen to not letting another one of your friends die!" Obito yelled. Naruto looked up at him not saying anything. "Come with me Naruto, if you let my world become real then none of your friends who have died will be lost." Obito said holding his hand out. A loud smack could be heard as Hinata looked at Naruto saying. "If you run off with him, then big brother Neji's death would have been for nothing! Like Neji said we are all willing to die for you." Hinata said with her hand on his cheek. "Thank you Hinata, I needed to hear that." Naruto said standing taking her hand. Naruto sent Kurma's chakra to everyone to keep them safe. "Ishi! Let's get these bastards!" Naruto roared as they jumped towards the Uchihas. Ishi tackled Madara as Naruto used a rasegan on Obito. Ishi drove his elbow into Madara's face before he was kicked off and landed by Sasuke with Naruto. "Ishi, Naruto I have a plan. Ishi will use the heroes welcome, Naruto the rasegan and I'll use the chidori and hit all of them at the same time." Sasuke said as the other two nodded. "However we need to get up to them." Ishi said. "Can you use summoning?" Naruto asked which Ishi nodded. Sakura landed by them. "The four of us summoning should be great." Sasuke said smiling. They all formed the hand sign and bite there thumbs and placed there hands on the ground saying. "Summon!" 

Sasuke looked down at his giant snake. "It good to see you Aoda." Sasuke said smiling. "It's good to see you too lord Sasuke." Aoda said. Sakura stood ontop of lady Katsuyu. "Oh my Sakura you summoned me?" Katsuyu giggled. "Yes I did I need your help." Sakura sighed. Naruto patted Gamakichi on the head saying. "Hey there Gamakichi." "It's nice to be summoned you know." Gamakichi chuckled. The three of them looked as Ishi sat atop of a giant moth. "Long time no see Ishi." The month said in a female voice. "Sorry I haven't need to use you in a long time. I'm glad to see you out of the cocoon Shiruku " Ishi chuckled. "Are you all ready for this?" Sasuke asked. "Let's do it!" Naruto yelled. "This will be so fun!" Sakura cheered. Ishi gave a thumbs up. The summon beast charged towards the ten tail. Aoda wrapped around its waist as Katsuyu jumped on top of it as Gamakichi slashed at it cutting thru Katsuyu and she exploded into million little slugs. Shiruku flapped her wings unleashing huge gust of windd sending it flying backwards."Sasuke, Ishi now!" Naruto said. They all powered up their Justus and jumping towards the two Uchihas. "Chidori!" Sasuke yelled. "Rasengan!" Naruto yelled. "Heroes welcome!" Ishi yelled. All three them hit their attacks knocking them off the ten tail. "You fools do you know what you've done!?" Obito yelled. "Put a stop to that fucking monster." Ishi said landing on Shiruku's head. The ten tailed roared and started to attack everything. "We we're the only people keeping this beast under control ." Madara sighed. "Obito I guess you will have to become it's jinchuuriki faster then we thought." Madara growled. Obito put a seal on Madara and said. "So sorry, but now it's time for my plan to come into the light." He said as Madara crumbled away. "He was your ally and you killed him?" Ishi said. "It's my time, his time has passed." Obito said as he made a hand sign and put his hand on the ten tail. "And now I will become the jinchuuriki of this." He said sealing it inside of himself. "Now I can use the Infinite Tsukuyomi!" Obito said. "I can't let you do that." A voice said that made Ishi froze. A bright light appeared and a pale woman walked out grabbing Obito by the face crushing it. "Thank you for letting me out of my prison. Now I can be with my son." The woman said looking at Ishi with her pure white eyes. "M-mama?" Ishi said.
Mama by Thestonefang
Ishi froze staring at the pale woman. "Ishi who is she?" Ino asked. "She is my mother, but she isn't how I remember her." Ishi said. "It is true, this is my true form, I was able to break out of my prison for a few years and when I was undercover my name was Rin, I met your father and fell in love. Leading to the birth of your sister and then you, but well you know the rest. I was sealed away the night of our clans murder. Ishi my real name is Kaguya." She said taking a step towards him. Ishi stared at her confused, and said. "K-Kaguya, but then what am I?" She embraced him in her arms hugging him saying. "Since I am know as the mother of chakra I guess that could make you a a very powerful person." "Ishi you don't really believe her do you?" Ino asked staring at him. "Ino, I know she is my mama." He said hugging Kaguya. "And how in the hell can you know that?" Kiba growled. They both stared at him with their pure white eyes and Ishi said. "Oh I wonder why I could think that." "Even if she is your mother, there must have been a reason she was sealed up." Sasuke growled.

Kaguya petted Ishi as she looked at the others. "Mama I want you to meet Ino, the woman I'm going to marry." Ishi said pointing at Ino. "Oh Ishi how sweet, you have someone you want to spend the rest of your days with. My how long it has been since you we're the baby I held in my arms." Kaguya sighed and turned her eyes towards Ino. "Well I guess the war is over huh?" Lee chuckled. "Still I wonder what that Infinite Tsukuyomi Obito spoke of was." Shino coughed. "Oh don't worry you will find out soon." Kaguya said. Ishi looked up at his mother. "I'm sorry what did you say?" He asked. "Well if I use Infinite Tsukuyomi then everyone will have the world they all truly want. It what is best for everyone Ishi." She said. Ishi took a step away from his mother and said. "What the hell do you mean by that? We all like the way our lives are." Kaguya shook her head and in the blink of an eye she was in front of Ishi with her hand on his cheek. "Ishi this was the plan all along, then you and I will be able to have the perfect world as a family." She said. Ino threw a kunia at Kaguya making her jump away from Ishi.

"You won't stop me from being with my son!" Kaguya growled as her byakugan, and her forehead open to reveal her sharingan. Ishi growled as he grew his diamond claws. "You dare raise your hand against me?" Kaguya screamed. "Naruto come on we got to help him!" Sasuke said as they jumped next to Ishi. "Three against one isn't that a little unfair?" Kaguya growled. "Oh yes coming from the mother of all Chakra that really funny." Naruto sighed. Kaguya let tears fall down her cheeks as she looked at them. "Mama I didn't want you to cry, I just can't let you do this." Ishi said looking up at her. Kaguya held her arms out for a hug. Ishi walked into her arms and felt her hug him. Ishi smiled and said. "There that wasn't so..." Before he could finish she hit the Chakra points in his chest sending him flying backwards landing on Sasuke and Naruto. "Ishi don't hate me for this, but Infinite Tsukuyomi!" She yelled making the hand signs. Ishi looked as the moon turned into a Sharingan. Ishi looked seeing his friends being trapped. "Ishi, save me!" Ino screamed. Ishi ran towards her pod as it closed shut. Ishi looked back to see Naruto and Sasuke staring at Kaguya."There is no where you can hide, boy. Put as much distance between you and the truth as you want. It changes nothing. Pretend to be everything you are not. Student, Friend, Lover, but there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape. You can not change! You will always be... A Monster." Kaguya hissed. "I know." Ishi said standing up walking to her. "But I am your monster no longer." He said staring Kaguya in the eyes.
The final fight by Thestonefang
Ishi walked up and stood side by side with Sasuke, and Naruto. "Ishi your chakra points in your chest are still affected from her Byakugan." Sasuke said. "I'll be fine." Ishi coughed. Kaguya stared at the three of them and said. "You three will not win if this fight happens you will all die." The three of them ran towards her. Kaguya sent a huge ball of energy towards them and they jumped and scattered. "Phoenix flower Justus!" Sasuke yelled sending the fire towards her. "How foolish." She sighed as she sent the attack back towards him. "Diamond arrows!" Ishi yelled shooting arrows out of his wrist at her. "Rotation!" She screamed sending them flying. "Multi Shadow clones!" Naruto roared as one hundred clones of him appeared. "You can not hide from my Byakugan." She sighed and grabbed the real Naruto by the throat. Ishi ran and smashed his elbow into the back of her head. "My son, that was truly foolish. All killing ash bones!" She screamed as her bones shot out towards Ishi. "Ishi get out of there! Amaterasu!" Sasuke yelled as the black flames destroyed the bones. Naruto kicked himself free of Kaguya's grip and jumped backwards. "Sasuke! Ishi! Let's use the plan we did on Madara and Obito!" He yelled charging his Rasengan, while Sasuke charged his Chidori and Ishi charged his Heroes welcome. They all ran at her. Kaguya let tears roll down her cheeks as she watch then run at her. They all yelled there attacks names she grabbed Naruto by the wrist and threw him on the ground making the ground shake with his Rasengan before stabbing him in the knee with a ash bone. She kicked Sasuke into the air and threw a bone thru his wrist. She grabbed Ishi by the throat and lifted him in the air, his attack faded away as she looked him in the eyes. "I'm sorry my sweet Ishi." She cried stabbing him in the heart with her bone.

Ishi awoke staring at a old man. "Where am I?" He coughed. "You are in my realm." The old man said. "And who the hell are you?" Ishi growled. The old man stared at Ishi. "I am the sage of the six path, and don't feel like your special I am talking to the other two as well." The sage sighed. Ishi folded his arms and looked at him. "Your friends have chosen their paths, Naruto the sun, and Sasuke the moon. Are you willing to be the earth?" The sage said. Ishi looked at him and said. "And what do I get out of this?" The sage smiled and held out his hand saying. "Take my hand and you won't be disappointed." Ishi did as the sage said and when he opened his eyes he was standing by Naruto who was in full sage of the sixth path form, and on his left Sasuke stood with the rinne sharingan in his left eye. "Oh Ishi seems you talked to the old man too." Naruto said. "What do you mean?" He asked. "You have the Byakugan." Sasuke grunted. "Oh that's not all I can do." He roared as all eight inner gates opened. Kaguya stared at them and said. "Seems you three are at full power now."

Ishi felt the ground shake as he looked at his friends. "We need to seal her in the moon again." Naruto said. "You mean the moon she blew up to come here?" Sasuke grunted. "Don't worry the sage told me what to do." Naruto chuckled. They all looked at her again and ran at her. Ishi roared as he jumped and slammed his fist into the ground sending shock waves towards Kaguya. They watched as she froze the ground around them. Naruto threw a rod of six path at her she growled and spat a ice spear at him. Sasuke used the fire ball jutusu to melt the ice. The three of them ran at her as fast as they could. "Enough!" She screamed and used air palms to send Ishi flying. Naruto and Sasuke ran from both sides but she incased them in ice. Before the ice covered her she said. "There now it can finally be a world of peace." Ishi roared crushing the ice with his fist and breaking one of her horns off. "Now say what I say!" Naruto yelled. "Six path Chibaku Tensei!" All three yelled touching her. Kaguya screamed as she was trapped in a giant sphere and went flying into the sky. "Good bye mother." Ishi said.

The three of them fell backwards onto the ground back to normal. "That was intense." Sasuke groaned. "My whole body hurts." Ishi coughed. "I'm light headed, what about you guy?" Naruto asked. "Nah I'm good." Ishi sighed. "I feel it too Naruto." Sasuke said. Ishi lifted his head up and looked at them. "Oh shit you guys are missing an arm each." He said. "If that all we lost.. I think we came out pretty well." Naruto chuckled. They all slowly rose to there feet as they heard the sound of the pods start to open. Ishi limpt over to the pod he knew was Ino's as it open he caught her. "Fucking hell." He coughed as her eyes slowly opened. "I-Ishi I knew you would save me." She said looking at him. "It wasn't just me, Naruto and Sasuke helped without them, I wouldn't have been able to save you, or anyone." He coughed. Ishi looked at the rest of his friends come out of the pods. "I got you Sakura." Sasuke said as he helped her out. "Hinata give me your hand." Naruto said as he lead her out. "Ishi, I love you." Ino said kissing him. "And I love you Ino." He said kissing her back as all there friends walked to them.
Aftermath by Thestonefang
Ishi stood holding Ino's hand as they looked at the Memorial for the ones who fell during the war. Ishi looked at the photo of Neji. "You can finally fly free." Ishi thought as he looked up at he sky. "I hope things stay this peaceful for a while." Ino said as they walked away from the memorial. Ishi nodded and smiled as there friends walked up to them. "You know I could have beaten Kaguya." Kiba growled. Ishi rolled his eyes. "That's why you were in a pod like the rest of us." Choji chuckled. Everyone laughed as Kiba turned blushed. Ishi rubbed his shoulder. "It still hurting you huh?" Sasuke asked. "Yeah when I opened the eight gates it took a huge toll on my body, but I'm lucky my bones are fused with diamonds thanks to my kekkei genkai. " He sighed. "Yes that the risk of using the gates. That's what Gai told me about using it." Lee said patting Ishi on the back. "Your lucky the sage of the six path gave you the ability to use the eight gates, and lessen the damage." Temari said. "You three are heroes you know that?" Kankuro said. "We aren't heroes we are just three guys who did what needed to be be done." Naruto said.

It had been two years since the fourth ninja war. Ishi walked downstairs he had a full beard but wore the same gear. "Oh hi Ishi, you finally woke up." Ino giggled and kissed his cheek. "You know I don't sleep well unless your in bed with me." He chuckled holding her. "Do you think my hair has gotten too long?" She asked. Her hair had grown past her knees. "I love your hair being this long." He chuckled. "I wish you would trim that beard tho." Ino sighed. "Well since the war ended you know I've been on mission after mission, haven't had a time to shave." Ishi groaned. "I said trim not shave it." Ino growled. Ishi laughed as he poured himself something to drink. "Do you have another mission soon?" Ino asked. "Well I think I leave for one with Shikamura and Choji, but I think it's just to check on a rather close village." Ishi said. Ino puffed her cheeks out and Ishi kissed her forehead. "Beside when we get back it will be a few days till our wedding day." Ishi said. Ino brighten up at the statement. "I remember how happy we we're at Hinata and Naruto's wedding. I been waiting for this day all my life." She giggled. "Oh even before you knew me?" Ishi asked grabbing his bag. "Well I always knew a knight would come for me and marry me." Ino said kissing his forehead.

Ishi walked up to the gate and saw Choji, and Shikamaru. "So what's this mission?" Ishi grunted. "Oh we lied about the mission." Choji said waving his hand. Ishi looked over his shoulder to see, Kiba, Shino, Lee, Kankuro, Gaara, Sasuke, and Naruto walk up. "Then what exactly are we doing?" He asked. " Bachelor party Ishi!" Lee cheered. "We're going to the village hidden in the mist. It has become a huge party city since the war." Kiba chuckled. Ishi shook his head and laughed. "Alright alright let's go!" He said. The group start to walk as they laughed and cheered. Ishi was happy to be with his friends. "Wonder what the girls are gonna be up to?" Naruto asked. "I think Sakura said something them doing a Bachelorette party." Sasuke groaned. "I don't think it will be as fun as this night will be." Kankuro chuckled. "Yeah especially with your sister there it might be tense." Shikamaru joked. "Says the guy who datting her." Gaara sighed.Ishi looked up at the gate of the hidden mist. "How in the hell did we get here so fast?" Shino said. "With all the talking we did I guess time flew by." Choji said. They led Ishi to a restaurant. "It says it's closed guys." Ishi groaned. "We reserved it to be just for us." Naruto said smiling. They walked in and sat down. The food came out with some drinks. Ishi spent the whole night laughing, eating and drinking with the guys.
Girls night by Thestonefang
Ino open the door seeing Tenten,
Karui, Temari, Sakura, and Hinata. "Oh why are all of you here?" She asked. "It's time for your Bachelorette party!" Sakura giggled taking her hand. "And where are we going?" Ino asked. "To my house we have everything planned out." Hinata said. "That why we had the boys tell Ishi he had a mission they are taking him to his Bachelor party in the hidden mist." Tenten said as they walked to Hinata's house. Ino shook her head. "Bet he won't be happy to be tricked liked that." She sighed. "Well we don't have to worry about that, tonight is all about you!" Karui cheered as Hinata opened the door.

Ino sat on the couch looking at her friends. "To think we would become such great friends with people from the hidden cloud and sand." Tenten said. "We all fought as one nation in the war so I don't see why it should be a shock." Karui sighed. "Beside with you dating Choji, I'm dating Shikamaru, and Ino getting married to Ishi. I'm glad how close we have all became." Temari said nudging Ino. "Hey Ino have you thought on who going to give you away at the wedding?" Sakura asked. Ino looked at her glass and said. "Maybe Shikamaru and Choji." "I can't see them saying no." Hinata said as the others nodded in agreement. "To think Ino would end up with one of the three heroes tho." Tenten joked. "Well from the looks of it, two of the three of them will be married soon. Since Hinata and Naruto are married, and Ishi and Ino's wedding is coming closer, wonder if Sasuke will ask soon." Karui said looking at Sakura who blushed. "I was going to marry Ishi even before the war, so nothing would have changed." Ino said. "Well duh it was quite obvious how much you two love each other." Temari giggled.

Ino helped clean up, she put the cups in the sink and yawned. "It's late Ino, do you want me to walk you home?" Temari asked. Ino nodded and said good bye to her friends. "So are you exticed?" Temari asked looking at her. "I could say I waited my whole life for my wedding day, but I never thought it would be after a war." She sighed. "Or that your husband would be such a hot head." Temari joked. Ino rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't have him any other way." Ino giggled. Temari laughed and nodded. "I wonder how he going to look in his wedding garb." She said. Ino thought about Ishi in his wedding montsuki and smiled. "I'm sure he will look handsome." She said. "And your going to wear that gold and purple kimono?" Temari said as they turned the corner toward Ino's house. Ino nodded and said. "He hasn't seen it yet I hope he likes it." "I think he will be happy as long as it you who standing next to him." Temari said as her eyes motion towards the house. Ino looked and saw Ishi with his arms fold waiting outside the house. "See you later!" Temari said as she ran off. "Ishi why are you outside?" Ino asked. "Just waiting for you is all." He replied. They interlocked their fingers and walked inside.
A million dreams by Thestonefang
Ishi looked at himself in the mirror as he put his beanie on. He made sure his montsuki was on right as he heard a knock on the door. "Come in." He said as the door open. Naruto walked in and smiled. "Who would have thought you could clean up." He joked. Ishi rolled his eyes and smiled. "I'm so happy your here my friend." He said putting his hand on Naruto's shoulder. "You been there for me, Ishi of course I'm here for you." Naruto said. Ishi watched as Sasuke walked in. "You ready my friend?" He asked as Naruto poked his head out. "Ready as I'll ever be." Ishi coughed. "Don't be so nervous you'll do great." Naruto said. Ishi let out a sigh. "Am I sure I can give her the life she deserves?" Ishi asked. "Why the hell would you think that?" Sasuke groaned. "He just has some butterflies, he is taking a huge step in his life." Naruto said patting his back. Ishi thought of his days with Ino, and smiled saying. "I don't get why I'm acting like this, after all this time, I know her heart beats in time with mine." Sasuke and Naruto smiled nodding. The three of them made their way out to the altar. Ishi stood there looking at all his friends as Naruto and Sasuke stood behind him. "No turning back now." He thought.

Ino was in the room they placed her in. She was running a brush thru her hair as a knock was on the door. "Ino its almost time." Sakura said. "Are Shikamura and Choji waiting at the entrance?" She asked as she stood. "Yes they just got there." Hinata said walking in. "Ino you look amazing." Sakura said looking at her purple and gold kimono. "Thank you, thank you both." Ino said hugging them. "I know how much this day means to you Ino." Hinata said hugging her back. "To think you both would get married before me tho." Sakura teased. Ino poked her forehead and laughed. "Ishi looks so handsome." Hinata giggled. Ino finished putting her red lipstick on and looked at them. "I'm ready." She said. The three of them walked to Choji and Shikamaru. "Woah Ino, looked at you." Choji said wiping a tear away from his eye. Sakura and Hinata walked past them and made their way to the altar. "Ino, I can't believe it's already your wedding day." Shikamaru said holding back tears. Ino looked at them both and felt the tears form in her eyes. She wiped them away. "There is something else we wanted to show you." Choji said as he held out a picture of her father. Shikamaru was holding a picture of Asuma. "You guys, thank you." She cried hugging them both. They held her. "It's time to go." Shikamaru said.

Ishi heard the sounds of Ino's footsteps as she walked down the aisle. For a moment it felt like time had stop as he looked at her. Shikamaru and Choji walked her up to him. "You better take care of her." Choji chuckled. Ishi smiled and took Ino's hand and stood by her as Kakashi stood in front of them. "The day has finally came. For Ino Yamanaka and Ishi Kuzuri to become husband and wife." Kakashi said looking at them. Ishi felt Ino's tighten her grip on his hand. Ishi turned so he was facing her and she did the same. "I have watched the love the two of them have bloom like one of the flowers you can find in the Yamanaka's flower shop." Kakashi said. Ishi chuckled and looked at him. "Do you, Ishi Kuzuri take Ino to be your wife?" He asked. "I do." Ishi said holding her hands. "And do you Ino Yamanaka take Ishi to be your husband?" He asked looking at her. "I do." Ino said with tears in her eyes. "Then by the power of me Kakashi Hatake the sixth hokage, I pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride." He said. Ishi pulled Ino close and kisses her as the sounds of clapping surrounded them.

Ishi stood holding Ino's hand as their friends walked up to them. "I'm so happy for you two." Gaara said smiling. Ino nuzzled Ishi's arm and smiled. "So Naruto and Ishi are married now, I wonder who is next." Kiba chuckled. "If I had to guess I would say Shikamaru would be next." Ishi said looking at Shikamaru and Temari. Ino lead Ishi to the food table. "There you are Gai." Kakashi said as he walked to them. "Ah a couple in their youth becoming one, it the true meaning of youth." Gai said. "I'm so glad you made it." Ishi said shaking his hand. "And Kakashi thank you for seeing over the wedding." Ino said. "It's what Asuma would have wanted." He said. Ishi grabbed himself and Ino a drink. "Going and making the rounds, don't worry my friend you'll get thru it." Gai said giving him a thumbs up. Ishi smiled and nodded. "I'm going to go see the girls for a bit will you be fine?" Ino asked. "Yeah I can go talk to the guys." He said kissing her. Ino walked to the girls and they started to take pictures. Ishi made his way back to the guys. "Oh so she let you off your leash?" Shino chuckled. Ishi rolled his eyes and took a sip of his drink. "Ishi I must say I'm glad with the amount of food you have here." Choji said. "There a lot of people so of course there would be a lot of food. Plus I had to get more because I knew you would be here." Ishi grunted. "I'm so happy for you, I just love weddings they are so full of youth!" Lee cried. "I'm glad you found your light Ishi." Naruto said. Ishi smiled and looked at his friends saying. "It because y'all took me in and made me feel part of a large family. Thank you all for not giving up on me." They all smiled held their cups up. "We can all agree life is a hell of a lot more interesting since you came around." Kiba chuckled. They all cheered and Ishi looked seeing Ino walking to a hill.

Ishi made his way to the hill and hugged Ino from behind. "There you are my love." He said kissing her cheek. "Is this how you thought your life would end up like?" She asked turning towards him. Ishi shook his head and said. "No, if I must be honest I thought love was never gonna be a thing for me, but you changed that for me. You helped me become a better person." Ino smiled and kissed him. He kissed her back, Ishi held Ino's hand and said. "Every night I lie in bed the brightest colors fill my head. A million dreams are keeping me awake.I think of what the world could be. A vision of the one I see. A million dreams is all it's gonna take. A million dreams for the world we're gonna make." Ino looked at Ish."However big, however small let me be part of it all,share your dreams with me.You may be right, you may be wrong, but say that you'll bring me along. To the world you see, to the world I close my eyes to see." Ino said. The two of them closed their eyes and embraced each other sharing a kiss.
The Mission by Thestonefang
Fifteen years has past since the fourth great Shinobi war. Ishi looked up at the sky His shaggy hair still poked out from under his dark grey crowned beanie. He wore a long sleeve blue shirt with a large white S on the front. He wore a pair of blue jeans. His beard was trimmed. "Who would have thought I would be part of the team going with Naruto on his last mission before becoming hokage." He thought as he heard footsteps approach. Ishi looked over his shoulder to see Ino walk up to him. "He over here guys." She said as she hugged him. He watched as his children ran up to him. Their daughter Kirino wore a pink dress she wore a pair of goggles on her forehead, her blue eyes looked at him. Their son Inokori wore a black shirt with the sleeves ripped off and a pair of pair of black cargo shorts. his medium length black hair mad his hazel eyes pop. "Well well, what y'all doing here?" He chuckled hugging them. "We came to see you before you headed off papa." Kirino said. Inokori nodded. Ishi smiled and held them close. "Oi Ishi we found ya!" Naruto said walking to them with Kankuro and Shino. "Oh your going with my teacher on this mission?" Inokori asked. Ishi nodded and kissed his kids goodbye. "I'll be back before you know it." He said before walking to Ino. "Please be safe." Ino said. "I make no promises my love." He chuckled. Ino rolled her eyes and kissed him. "I love you." She said. "And I love you." He said.

Ishi sat on the train next to Naruto. "So what the mission anyways?" Kankuro asked. "We are just going to visit Orochimaru and see if he is staying out of trouble." Ishi yawned. "Well that shouldn't be so bad now should it, but why do we need all four of us?" Shino groaned. "Just in case something goes wrong there will be back up." Naruto said. Ishi placed his hands on the window. "These electric trains are a blessing, no longer needing to run everywhere is the best." Shino said. "We're not that far now, we should get off soon." Naruto said. Ishi looked out the window and then back at his friends. "The last time we came and saw him it was about that Mitsuki kid wasn't it Naruto?" He asked. "Yeah, and I thought that would be the last time for a while, but it seems Kakashi says the hokage and a team should visit him once a month." Naruto sighed. "And Why is Kankuro here?" Shino asked. "Gaara sent me to tag along." He said shrugging. "It doesn't matter the four of us should be enough if he tries anything." Ishi grunted standing up. The four got off the train and made their way to Orochimaru's hide out.

Naruto knocked on the front door. As the door open they we're greeted by Jugo who said. "Oh is it that time already?" Karin and Suigetsu were behind him. "What you can't trust us to keep an eye on him?" Karin scoffed. "You three are the only reason we come once a month." Naruto said. Ishi stared at the three of them. "Oh what wrong big man? You looking for a fight?" Suigestsu joked walking towards him. Jugo held his arm out to stop him. "The sooner we check on master Orochimaru the faster we leave." Shino said. "Now if you don't mind can you take us to him?" Kankuro asked. "Fine just follow us, and don't go wandering, this place is like a maze it will take you years to master it." Karin said. They followed them in quite. "So tell me Ishi, do you think you could beat Jugo?" Suigestsu asked looking over his shoulder at him. "I do not know, but I know for a fact I can beat you." Ishi growled as they came to a door. "This is his lab." Jugo said opening the door. As the door open Orochimaru looked up from his papers at them. "Ah it that time already, they sent the new Hokage to see me." He said looking at them. "Shino, Kankuro wait with them outside, Ishi and I shall talk with him in here." Naruto said. They nodded and stood outside as Ishi closed the door. 

Ishi walked around the lab looking at it. "So what may I do for you lord seventh?" Orochimaru asked keeping an eye on Ishi. "Well for someone in your age group, you sure do look young. Hell you even look to be around our age." Ishi growled picking up a scroll. "You all know I won't give up on being immortal so stop acting so surprise." He hissed. "We are just checking up on you, have you been getting the food supplies we send you?" Naruto asked. Orochimaru nodded and said. "I've behaved for the most part." Ishi picked up a a solid black scroll looking at it. "Ishi I wouldn't mess with that one if I was you." Orochimaru hissed. "And why not?" Ishi asked glaring at him. "Let's just say it a scroll that holds a very old evil in it." He said. Naruto looked at Ishi and said. "Keep a hold of that Ishi." Orochimaru growled and then rolled his eyes. "Tell me Naruto how is Mitsuki." He asked. "He is fitting in quite well, making a lot of friends as well." Naruto said smiling. Orochimaru smiled hearing that. "You really care for that boy don't ya?" Ishi asked. "Oddly I do, it's like he is my own son." Orochimaru chuckled. As they talked Ishi felt a sharp pain he looked seeing his thumb bleeding and the scroll open. "Oh no no no no no. This is bad!" Orochimaru yelled the door open with Kankuro, Shino, Jugo, Kirin, and Suigestsu running in as a black smoke rose from the scroll and into Ishi's body. Ishi looked at his friends with solid black eyes.
Darkness by Thestonefang
"What the hell was in that scroll?" Naruto asked as Ishi ran towards the group. "As I told you it was an very old evil, I hadn't finished my research on it." Orochimaru said looking at Ishi. Ishi vanished and appearing behind Jugo he picked him up and threw him at Karin and Suigetsu. Shino sent his beetles at Ishi. "Diamond shards!" Ishi roared sending them at beetles. Kankuro sent his puppet towards Ishi who drove his elbow in its face as a diamond spike grew from his elbow. "Naruto, you and Orochimaru get out of here we got this." Shino said. Ishi grew his diamonds claws from between his knuckles and snarled at them. Naruto and Orochimaru ran out of the room, as Ishi roared. Kankuro made his puppet wrap around Ishi and pick him up slamming him to the ground. "You need to calm down Ishi." Shino said as Ishi broke free and grabbed Shino by the throat he lifted him up. "What's wrong Shino your bugs don't seem to want attack." Ishi growled punching Shino in the chest with a diamond covered fist.

Kankuro jumped back looking at Ishi as Shino fell to the ground. "I have no issue with you sand ninja." Ishi grunted. "You attacked my friends. And you also are taking control of another one of my friends body." Kankuro said rolling his eyes. Ishi shot diamond arrows at him, which he blocked with his puppet. "Dam I hope Naruto finds a way to break this." He thought as Ishi shot a giant diamond at him. Orochimaru and Naruto ran thru the base. "Do you know anyway we could stop this and save my friend?" Naruto asked. "Maybe with Kurama, but it also might kill him." Orochimaru hissed. Naruto glared at him as they heard Kankuro yell in pain. "He will be here shortly so you should make up your mind." Orochimaru said as he vanished. "Dammit you Snake Bastard!" Naruto growled.

Naruto looked over his shoulder as Ishi ran towards him. "Come on Ishi, we don't have to do this." Naruto said. "Oh I believe we do fox boy." He growled. Naruto kicked at Ishi who grabbed his leg and slammed him into the wall. Naruto winced and kicked him in the face. Ishi felt his nose and noticed the blood. "Oh that was a bad move." He chuckled and headbutted him. Naruto staggered as Ishi kicked him in the chest. Naruto threw a shuriken at him and thought of what he could do. Ishi ran letting the shuriken hit his arm, Ishi shot a diamond arrow at him piercing through his leg. Ishi picked him up and slammed him into the ground. "To think I thought you would have been stronger." Ishi said stomping on his chest. "Naruto you know what we must do." Kurama said. "But I don't want to kill him." He said. "But if we don't do something, he will kill us!" Kurama growled. Ishi rose his foot stomp again before a bright light sent him jumping back. He looked seeing Naruto in his Bijuu mode. "The time for playing is over!" He growled.
Break the spell by Thestonefang
Ishi tilted his head to the side looking at Naruto. "Oh your going to finally go all out?" He said licking his lips. Naruto held his arm out and the chakra stretched out towards him. Ishi tried to jump over it but another part of it reached out and grabbed his foot slamming him back down. "What ever is controlling you, you need to be stronger then it Ishi." Naruto said. Ishi formed a hand sign and said. "Diamond dust." He blew a gust filled with a diamond shards in it at him. Naruto blew it away after making a hand sign. Ishi was gone when the dust cleared. Naruto closed his eyes trying to sense where he could be. Ishi broke thru the ground and tried to stab him with his diamond claws. Naruto leaned back and grabbed his arm. Ishi roared at him and headbutted him. Naruto made a clone and it hit Ishi in the back of his neck. Ishi shoot a diamond shard at the clone making it vanish. "I'm grow tired of this Naruto!" Ishi yelled backfliping away. "Then stop giving in!" Naruto growled forming a hand sign. Ishi formed his hand sign, they both charged their attack before running at each other. "Heroes welcome!" Ishi roared pulling his fist back. "Rasengan!" Naruto yelled. The two attacks collided and sent both of them flying. Ishi hit the wall hard as Naruto rolled on the ground.

Ishi slowly opened his eyes seeing Naruto walking towards him. "The scroll Naruto. Use it." Ishi said weakly. Naruto picked it up and looked at him. Ishi shot another diamond at him. "Ishi just think of Ino, and your kids." He said as he pressed the scroll on Ishi. Ishi roared in pain as the black left his eyes and they turned normal. As Ishi fell forward Naruto caught him. "I got you old friend." Naruto said. "I hate that Orochimaru." He sighed. Naruto patted his back and supported him as they walked. Kankuro and Shino ran up to them. "Orochimaru and his little helpers have been moved to their second base." Shino said. "Kankuro I'm going to give you this scroll, take it back with you to the sand village." Naruto said handing him the solid black scroll. Ishi looked at his friends. "I'm sorry." He said. "It alright, we're alive and that all that matters." Kankuro chuckled. Shino nodded and smiled. "Let's get the hell out of here and go home." Naruto said. The four of them walked out of the base and made their way to the train.

Ishi looked at his friends as they sat on the train. "So are you just gonna stay on the train till you get to the Hidden Sand?" Naruto asked. "Yeah might as well get home as fast as I can." Kankuro sighed. "We will still have paper work to do once we get home." Ishi coughed holding his ribs. "Ino is going to give you an earful you know that." Shino said. Ishi rolled his eyes saying. "Trust me I know." "Hell once she finds out we fought and that why your like this, she gonna flip out on me." Naruto sighed. They all laughed. Ishi looked out the window at the village night life. "There are so many more lights now, compared to when we we're kids." He said. "It a new age my friends. Things we're bound to change." Kankuro said. "Soon maybe even one day the world won't need Shinobis." Shino grunted. "I don't see that happening for a long time." Naruto sighed. They all nodded, and looked at each other. "Our stop is next." Shino said. "See you soon." Kankuro said as they got off.

Naruto had Ishi's arm around him helping him walk. "Looks like you two have some people waiting for ya." Shino said pointing. They followed his finger and saw Ino and Hinata staring at them. "H-Hinata what are you doing here?" Naruto asked. "I-Ino you didn't need to come." Ishi said. Shino walked off as the two women looked at their husbands. "We heard there was a huge fight at one of Orochimaru's bases." Hinata said. "And it looks like it involved you two." Ino growled. Ishi looked at Naruto and then back at his wife. "Now Ino, all Naruto did was knock some sense back into me, after I was possessed by a evil scroll." He said. "Well I mean they did make it home safe." Hinata said looking at Ino. Ino sighed and traded places with Naruto. "Come on Ishi, let's go home." She said. Naruto and Hinata waved as they walked home. "You lost to Naruto?" She asked. "Well to be fair it wasn't really me, if it was actually me, I would have won." He said. "Your dam right you would have." She said kissing him.
In the wind by Thestonefang
A month has passed since Naruto was named the seventh Hokage. Ishi's son Inokori Kuzuri had graduated from the Academy along side his friends. He was placed on team ten with Chocho Akimichi and Shikadai Nara lead Hanabi Hyuga. Boruto Uzumaki was teamed with Sadara Uchiha and Mitsuki on team seven lead by Konohamaru Sarutobi. Metal Lee, Denki Kaminarimon and Iwabe Yuino made team five lead by Udon. There was a three girl team fifteen Sumire Kakei, Wasabi Izuno, and Namida Suzumeno lead by Moegi Kazamatsuri. Ishi watched as his son tied his headband on his forehead. "I can't believe already both our kids are Shinobis." Ino said leaning on him. "I can't believe his squad leader is Hanabi." Ish coughed. "And what so wrong with that Big brother." Hanabi said puffing her cheeks out. Ishi jumped a little when she spoke. "Why, and how long have you been in my house?" He asked. "I came here to see my student." She said as Ino giggled. Ishi rolled his eyes and yelled. "Inokori your sensei is here." Inokori walked into the kitchen rubbing his eye. "Hanabi sensei what are you doing here so early." He yawned. "Its eleven hunny." Ino said kissing the top of his head. "Like I would let you sleep till noon." Hanabi said poking his cheek. "P-please don't do that sensei." Inokori said blushing. "Your so cute!" She giggled. "Please stop teasing my son, Hanabi." Ishi growled. "Ishi I forgot to tell you but Naruto wants you at his office soon." Ino said poking her head in.

Ishi knocked on the door of Naruto's office. "Come in." Naruto said. Walking in he noticed Shikamaru standing by the window. "What can I do for you lord seventh?" He asked. "You don't have to be so formal with me Ishi, just calling me Naruto is fine." Naruto chuckled. "How being the head of the Anbu?" Shikamaru asked. "It's a handful, but I can handle it." Ishi chuckled. "Anyways, you must be wondering why I asked you here." Naruto said. Ishi nodded looking at him. "Sasuke is out keeping the village safe from the shadows. Well he has some information he would like someone to retrieve it." He said putting his hands together. "That doesn't sound so bad." Ishi said. "You need to be at this point by midnight tonight, or he will leave." Shikamaru said. Ishi looked at the map and nodded. "It's always some late night meeting with him isn't it." Ishi sighed. "It's just how he is." Naruto said. "I'll get it done." Ishi said walking out.

Ishi stood outside his house. "I'll be back late." He said. "Good luck papa." Kirino said hugging him. "See you in the morning." Inokori said as Ishi rubbed his head. Ino walked up to him and kissed him. "Make sure you tell Sasuke he should vist Sakura and Sadara more often." She said. Ishi held her and smiled. "I will my love." He said. Ishi walked toward the entrance of the village. "It gonna take a bit to get there, but I have at least four hours till midnight, guess I can just walk." He thought as he looked up at the sky. Ishi kicked a rock as he walked. "Sasuke, it been about a year since I last saw him I wonder how he has been." He thought. After a hour he arrived at the point the map said to go. Ishi sat with his back against the tree closing his eyes. "I'm sure I'll wake up before he arrives." Ishi said to himself falling asleep.

"So Naruto sent you." A voice said. Ishi open his eyes and looked at Sasuke who was standing in front of him. "Hello Ishi, it been a while." He said. Ishi stood up and stretched. "Hey Sasuke." He said. Sasuke smiled at Ishi. "It's good to see you." He said. Ishi put his hand on Sasuke's shoulder and said. "You know you are welcomed in the village you don't need to always stay away." Sasuke sighed and looked at him. "It must be hard being the husband to my wife's best friend huh." He said. Ishi laughed at the statement before saying. "This is a time of peace, Sasuke, you don't need to be on edge anymore." "But how long are we going to be in this so could peace? I am trying to make sure this peace last forever." Sasuke growled. "Do you even know anything about Sadara? How long has it been since you had a home cooked meal?" Ishi grunted. Sasuke looked into Ishi's eyes. "Look it's better I'm not around, I'll just hurt them." Sasuke sighed. "You have no idea how much that would hurt them to hear you say that. We aren't kids anymore Sasuke Uchiha, we are fathers now. You know that daughter of yours sees me as an uncle, to Sakura I am a brother. How much does she even know about you?!" Ishi yelled. The woods echoed with that last statement. Sasuke looked down hurt to hear that. "But, that isn't why I was sent here. I will take the scroll." Ishi said. Sasuke looked at him before tossing the scroll to him. "Maybe your right, my old friend. After this trip, I'll stop home." Sasuke said smiling. They shook hands and went their separate ways.
From now on by Thestonefang
Author's Notes:
Thank you all for reading my story throughout the years but this is the final chapter, I have written it so I will tie directly into his son Inokori story I will also be writing a prequel about his days in the academy thank you all so much
Ishi walked down the street, making his way thru the village. "The day just dragged on and on." He sighed. Ishi cracked his neck and yawned. "Yo Ishi!" Said a voice Ishi turned to see Choji, Karui and their daughter Chocho. "Did you just get off work Uncle?" Chocho asked. "Yeah, it was a long day." He said smiling. "I still find it hard to believe Naruto handed picked you to lead the Anbu." Karui said. "It doesn't really surprise me, Naruto would want to keep Ishi to be close to him." Choji chuckled. Ishi looked at them and smiled. "Y'all must be happy Chocho is a Genin." He said. "I am over the moon with pride!" Choji cheered. Chocho blushed and rolled her eyes hearing him. "Of course I would make Genin, I mean it is me after all." She said. Ishi looked at Karui and said. "Does she get it this from your family?" Karui shrugged and said. "Maybe a little, anyways we are on our way to get something to eat, you want to come?" Ishi shook his head saying. "I can't keep my family waiting, maybe next time." Ishi watched as they walked away.

Ishi started to walk again, when a kunai came hit the wall by his face. "Sorry about that Ishi!" Tenten said running up to him, Lee and Metal were behind her. "The little guy was trying to show his mother his kunai skills." He chuckled. Ishi pulled the kunai out of the wall and handed it to Metal. "Thank you sir." He said taking it. "Just be careful where you throw it Metal." Ishi said. "What are you doing out, at this time I thought you would be home with your family." Lee said. "I just got off work, and then ran into the Akimichis." Ishi sighed. "You know it must be fun being the head of the Anbu." Tenten said. "It 's a stressful job, but it's my job." He said. "Did you hear, I'm a genin now!" Metal cheered pointing to his headband. "There wasn't a doubt in my mind you wouldn't pass the test." Ishi chuckled. "Well of course Lee and him train so much it would have surprised me if he didn't." Tenten sighed kissing Metal on top of the head. "Your son passed aswell didn't he?" Lee asked. "Yep and they put him on a team with Shikdai and Chocho." He said. "Well sorry to keep you see ya Ishi." Tenten said as they all ran off.

Ishi took a step but felt himself freeze. "Not funny Shikamaru." He growled. "Wasn't me, Ishi my boy wanted to test his Shadow possession technique on ya." Shikamaru said walking up with Temari. "That's enough Shikdai." Temari growled. "Yeah yeah ma." Shikdai groaned letting Ishi free. "Well what do I owe this encounter with the Naras for?" He said. "We just came back from your place. Ino invited us over." Temari said. "Oh she didn't tell me about y'all coming over?" Ishi said. "She figured you would be working." Shikdai yawned. Ishi looked at Shikdai then at Shikamaru saying. "Like father like son huh?" "Yeah yeah, anyways since our kids will be on the same team, your going to be seeing us a lot more." Shikamaru said. "I see you everyday for work man." He groaned. "Oh shut it you two. Your friends after all." Temari growled. Ishi looked at Shikamaru out of the corner of his eyes, Shikamaru was doing the same. Shikdai looked at Ishi. "I am happy I got put in the same squad as Inokori, making new friends is such a drag." He said. Ishi smiled at him and said. "Just make sure you three always have each others back." "It getting late so we're going to head home see ya Ishi." Shikamaru said as they started to walk.

Ishi looked up and saw Sakura and Sadara staring down at him. "Hello uncle Ishi!" Sadara said. "We will be down in a minute so stay there." Sakura said. Ishi waited as the two Uchihas walked out to him. "Uncle, why would they put me and Boruto on the same team." Sadara sighed. "Things happen, and no one can explain." He said. Sakura looked at him. "Did you speak to Sasuke recently?" She asked. "I did talk to him last night, he says after this trip he is on, he will stop by." Ishi said smiling. "You talked to my father!?" Sadara asked. Ishi looked down at her and nodded. Sakura smiled and kissed Ishi on the cheek. "Thank you for talking some sense into him." She said. "He would kill me for saying this put he is a lot like Naruto, both so hard headed." Ishi said. Sakura giggled and nodded. "Is my father healthy?" Sadara asked. "Your father is doing quite well, tho it wouldn't hurt him to come home and get a home made meal." Ishi sighed. "You know I just got off the phone with Ino, she going to be happy your on your way home." Sakura said. "Reminds me of what Sasuke said, being married to my wife's best friend must be hard. Y'all are always talking." Ishi chuckled. Sakura puffed her cheeks out and glared at him. "W-well I'll see y'all later." He said backing away.

"Big brother!!" A voice cried out as Ishi turned around to see Hanbi running up to him. Behind her was Boruto, Himawari, Hinata, and Naruto. "Well well what this the seventh hokage is actually out of the office." Ishi chuckled. "Well my son did just become a genin so I decided we could all go out to get ice cream." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head. "Uncle look how big I've grown." Himawari giggled. "You just keep growing everyday." Ishi chuckled. "It's nice to see you Ishi." Hinata said. "And you as well Hinata." Ishi said. "Dad, I never said I wanted to get ice cream with you." Boruto groaned. Ishi stared at Boruto and said. "Oh your just acting like this, but deep down I know your happy." Boruto rolled his eyes. "You shouldn't be so rude to Ishi." Hanbi said. "Like I care, he just another grown up." Boruto yawned. "I don't envy who ever is leading your squad." Ishi growled. "Boruto say your sorry to Ishi." Hinata said. "It's fine Hinata, he just being stubborn." Ishi sighed. "I do apologize Ishi, for how my son is acting." Naruto said. Ishi held his fist out to Naruto and said. "Just go get your ice cream with your family." Naruto smiled and fisted bumped him back. Ishi watched as they walked off. Ishi grew closer to his house.

Ishi walked into his house. "Dammit it's late." He muttered to himself. As he walked towards the stairs he saw Ino waiting for him at the top of the stairs. "Long day my love?" She said walking to him. Ishi nodded and wrapped his arms around her. "I guess the kids are in bed huh?" He sighed. Ino kissed his cheek and said. "They understand Ishi, they know what you do for this village." Ishi rested against her. "Did you eat already?" She asked. "No, I came right home after work." He said. Ino took his hand and lead him to the kitchen. "I kept you food in the microwave." She said turning it on. Ishi eat the food once she took it out and sighed. "God I missed you home cooked meals." Ino blushed and kissed his head. "Once your done come to bed ok?" She asked he nodded and smiled at her. "I love you Ishi." She said walking out. "And I love you Ino." He said back. He washed his plate and walked up stairs. He poked his head in Kirino's room and saw her sleeping peacefully. He walked in and kissed her forehead saying. "Sleep well my little princess." He walked out and was about to enter his son's room when heard him speak. "No, not like this." Inokori whimpered in his sleep. "He is having a nightmare." Ishi thought as he quietly walked to the chair in the room, and watched over his son sleep.
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