Flower shop beauty by Thestonefang
Summary: This story follows the love story of Ino and Ishi.
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Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Themes
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Series: Ishi Kuzuri wild trip
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One step closer by Thestonefang
Ino looked up at who she bumped into. "I'm sorry I was just coming around the corner." She said before her eyes widen. Before her stood a man. He wore a black leather jacket over a black shirt with large white S on the front. He had a black flannel shirt tied around his waist. His grey cloth headband hanging from a belt under the flannel. He had a pair of blue jeans on. However the one thing that stood out to Ino was a dark grey crown beanie on top of his head with curly black hair poking out from under it. "I-It can't be him can it?" She thought. "I know that long blonde hair anywhere." He chuckled. "Ishi! It is you!" Ino cheered hugging him. Ishi smiled as he hugged her. "Ino what are you doing?" Shikamaru yawned walking around the corner with the rest of their friends. "Is that Ishi?" Sakura asked as Ino let go of him and nodded. "When the hell did you get back?" Sasuke asked fist bumping him. "I got back last night it has been such a long time since I've been home. I heard you came back around the same time Naruto returned." Ishi sighed. "Your still wearing that dumb beanie?" Kiba coughed. "Well I like it on him." Hinata giggled. "Ah Ishi you got to tell me all about your training." Naruto said. They all walked together as Ishi looked at Ino from the corner of his eye.

Ino sat on her bed looking out her
window she thought, "I wonder what he is doing right now." She heard a knock on her door and looked as her father poked his head in. "Hello Ino is everything ok?" He asked smiling. "I'm fine father just thinking." She said rolling her eyes. He sat on her bed and looked at her. "What about my little flower?" Inoichi asked. "This really nice guy named Ishi. I like him alot but I don't know if im what he looking for." She sighed blushing. "You can't tell what tommrow will bring my child. If he likes you then it will happen. " He said as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Ishi!" Yelled Naruto as he turned to face him. "How can I help you Naruto?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "You wanna hang out after school just us guys?" He asked as the other guys walked up behind him. "Sure why not." Ishi nodded as he watched Ino walk across the way to meet up with the girls. "Hey see something you like?" Shikamaru said placing his hand on ishi shoulder. "I don't know." Ishi said as he walked to class. After school he went to meet with the guys. "There you are!" Kiba said smiling. They spent the afternoon talking.

It started to rain as they all went home. Ishi was running home when he noticed Ino standing under a roof. "Ino you ok?" He asked walking over to her. "Yes Ishi-kun just forgot my umbrella, I'll just wait it out." She said smiling. Ishi shook his head and smiled. "I'll walk you home
" He said as he moved her under his umbrella. Ino blushed as they walked close together. They arrived at her house and as she turned to leave he grabbed her hand. "Ishi-kun?"she said looking at him. "Ino... never mind. " He said letting go. She watched him run off as she went inside.

Ino came out of the shower and looked out side drying her hair. "Ishi you idiot you should have kissed me." She said blushing. Meanwhile ishi sat on his bed looking forward." I should have just kissed her."
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