Unbroken by Yami Sango
Summary: Love is a funny thing that takes shape in many forms.
A series of connecting one-shots!
[Minato/Reader, Child!Naruto/Reader]
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Horizon by Yami Sango
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Title: Horizon
Rating: G
Pairing: Minato/You (one-sided)
Spoilers: Eh?
Warnings: None.

I wrote this on my break at work today. xD


Sitting in under the usual tree near the training grounds, he tells you he's in love. In that very moment you feel your heart being torn from your body. You want to cry but you force a smile on your face, giving your dearest friend your blessings.

You find yourself rendered speechless when you find out he's going to be a father. You are touched that you are the first person he seeks out when he hears the news. You envelope him in a warm hug, whispering a congratulations in his ear. You know he'd make an amazing father.

Nine months later you cradle a baby at his memorial. You finally let the tears you hold back flow freely. Glancing down at the crying baby in your arms, you make a vow to protect him at all costs.

"Keep your chin up kid," Jiraiya murmurs from beside you as he slips an arm across your shoulders to offer you some comfort. "I have a feeling you're going to have your hands full with that little monster."


I don't mean monster as in him having the demon inside of him. I mean as him being a handful. :P
~Yami Sango
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