The Ten Tails by lovinganimetoomuch27
Summary: Kiyoko doesn't know what home is. The ninja from her village are coming after the power she holds inside, but she doesn't even know what she hold inside. It talks to her, begging her to let it control. Afraid and alone she settles for a lonely life, that's before she meets a knuckle head ninja. He takes her to the Leaf and somehow she finds a home in someone who thinks of her.
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Chapter 1 by lovinganimetoomuch27
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revised it. sorry its shorter, but I didn't like the first chapter.
They say where someone thinks of you that is your home, but in my case i have no home. In the Village hidden under the Moon, there is no hiding. A small village has no secrets except for me. My childhood was like no other. All the people of the village looked at me with eyes full of hate, even my own father. I left when I was ten, and I never went back, and I don’t plan on going back either. I’ve had a few attacks directed toward me from the land of the moon. Hunting me down, trying to end my life. I lose conscience when the attack, but wake up in front of their dead bodies. I’ve killed people, their blood stained my hand. The crescent moon on their head band still haunt me, even after fourteen years on the run.

A dreadful feeling dawn upon me as the sinister night passed by slowly. The wind was beginning to die but the eerie atmosphere still remained in the air. I wanted to scream, I wanted to turn away, and search for help. But who would I look for? Their eyes pierced me with disgust and pure hatred and it was all because of the monster in me. The voice deep within me whispered, “Kill them all.”

No matter how much they hated me, I could never kill them intentionally. A fight within me that never stops, between me and the monster.In the end I couldn’t blame it, we both wanted the same thing. We wanted to be set free. I shake the paranoia out of my head.

I walk the streets alone, wanting nothing more than a hot bath.I paid for the bath and made my way to the area for the women. I was walking down the hall as a kunai nearly hit my head and stabbing the wall in front of me.I turn and see four men, all wearing the same uniform and the same headbands. A crescent moon clearly on the plaque. They are back again. Forgetting about the warm water I wanted to bathe in, I turned and looked for an exit near by. They were blocking it. My only option would be fighting, but I know I would lose conscience and kill them, I didn’t want to have more deaths put on my shoulder.

“Please stop following me.” I plead. My voice seemed foreign. I wondered when was the last time I talked to someone.

“Kiyoko, we must take you back to the Land of the Moon. You have no choice,” one of them said. He threw another kunai in my direction, I dodged it, but the other three men charged at me. One weaving signs in midair. I felt the ground shake as it tried to grab my feet to trap me. I dodged and didn’t fight back.

“Stop! I don’t want to hurt you. Leave me alone,” I yelled as I ran away from them. I heard the static of lightning behind me. I knew one of them was using a lightning jutsu, trying to hit a blow on me but failing.

“Let me do the fighting.” I heard the voice inside my head. It was always that voice I hear before losing conscience. Its voice silky smooth but menacing. I gave in again, and let him fight.
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