Something Beautiful by milliexchan
Summary: A reply to Rain and Smoke by Swords_and_Bandages =D

Can Ino make her mind up? Does she know how she feels about Shikamaru?

Read In The Shadows by SaB, Amongst Clouds by me and then Rain and Smoke by SaB to understand whats going on!
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... by milliexchan
Author's Notes:
Another reply! This time to Rain and Smoke by SaB. Hopefully its okay =S I'm worried it won't make sense, but I tried. Please R&R and let me know?


disclaimer: i do not own naruto

I've always liked the rain. You see things come alive in the rain, everything seems to be breathing and growing. If I want to think, I go and watch it fall from the sky, millions of raindrops, never ending...

I was worried about the letter I sent to you. I'm thankful for the first time in a while that we've had no missions. I thought you might just change your mind again, or ignore my letter. That would have made team exercises awkward, I guess.

I went for barbeque with Choji today. In between eating, I knew he was trying to get information out of me. He says you've been daydreaming even more than usual. He also told me that Temari is coming back to Konoha. I'd read it in your letter, but somehow his words got to me.
When I heard that, it hit me.

I don't want Temari to come here.

I suddenly lost my appetite and had to go home. And here I am now, replying once again. I hardly know what to write, I'm sure none of it really makes sense. I've always been so sure of myself, so sure of what I like and what I don't. I could never have dreamed that I'd be here in my room, thinking of you.

And I don't mean it in a bad way.

I can't get you out of my mind, and even the rain can't make these thoughts go away. I've known envy before, every time I saw Sakura with Sasuke. But I've never felt jealousy like this. I know its not an attractive trait but... Ever since I got that letter it's been hard to control my emotions. It's been hard not to walk out in this downpour and run to your house, just to stand with you and look up at the clouds. It's hard not to pick up the phone just to hear your voice, even though I'm sure you'd be yawning as I'd yap on about my day (as always)!

I look at our friends and see how their friendships have blossomed into something more, something beautiful.

Is that what we have waiting for us, if we really do give it a chance? I suppose I can take the risk, Shikamaru. The question is, can you let go of what you have now?

Let me know soon,

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