The Blood in Your Snow by baldragnarok16
Summary: A NarutoxHaku poem.

Post Wave Country Arc.

Naruto reflects on his meeting with Haku.

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Chapter 1 by baldragnarok16
The Blood in Your Snow

Rating: K


The soul of man is immortal and imperishable.



Pure and innocent

Like these thoughts running through my head

The delicate flakes of snow melt upon your head

I still remember the first time I met you

Sullied and guilty

Like when I remember the day you died

I can’t help but feel responsible

These currents that are running through

My mind tell me

To forgive and forget

To relive and repent

But I can’t

I still remember the day that you found me,

Exhausted and tired

Our conversation in the protection of the forest

Runs through my head every day

And I can’t help but cry

Despite what the currents telling me

You were pure as snow

I am the blood that taints your snow

And maybe, maybe if we had met

Not on opposing sides

But as allies

We could have done so much more

And then I could thank you for all

That you have done

I had always felt alone,

But now, after seeing the pure white snow

I can’t help but feel as if

You were right here beside me

I’m not asking for you forgiveness or your understanding

I just want you to know

That I was the blood tainting your snow

And that no matter how many times anyone might say

“It wasn’t your fault” or

“It had to be done”

I will never forgive myself

And the only thing I wish for now

Is to once again see the pure white snow.
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