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Reviews For Aishiteru, baka.

Name: inuyashas_only_1 (Signed) · Date: 03/11/09 - 03:52 pm · For: Our Dreams... Or not.
I just had to say something, when I saw the main character's name-- "Engel" is the last name of my she-demon Spanish teacher...

Name: Xx_sakura_blossom_xX (Signed) · Date: 20/09/08 - 12:26 pm · For: Acting on Shock
This was cool, if a bit weird, she went from being emo to glomping everyone in sight!! lol. ^__^

I really like this fanfic, most have team 7 find them when they cross over to the naruto verse, Its cool that you ahve team 8!!

Author's Response: LMAO =D but there is a reason for her sudden change in personality. come here, *whispers into ear* she has amnesiaaaaa

Name: tikarina (Signed) · Date: 18/08/08 - 03:30 pm · For: Acting on Shock
Oh, my God.

"K-Kiba." I stated. He looked at me, shocked. "Kiba?!" He was now backing away from me. "KIBA!"
I attacked him with a glomp. His face showed extreme fear, but I didn't care."

Omg where twins. If i saw Kiba he wont know what hit him. :3
*attacks imaginary Kiba*

Gosh Kurenai has some anger issues! lol

Good keep it up!
Ima fan.


Tikarina :)

Author's Response: XD lol
The person I would want to attack would be Gaara, but he'd encase me in sand and use Desert Funeral on me before I come within a 5-foot radius of him xD
that was pre-shippuuden. Now he'll just have me pried off him and issue a restraining order =D
Yeah, Kurenai needs anger management.
thank you for the review! you all have made me happy. *stroking computer monitor*

Name: Dag (Signed) · Date: 18/08/08 - 10:47 am · For: Acting on Shock
Hehehe, well I was intrigued to read this story. The first chapter broke my heart :( she was so excited and then he did THAT! Hopefully she'll find someone in the Narutoverse to mend her heart again :) I'm liking this so far, but I'm wondering what Hatoru/Hotaru looks like. Update soon!

Author's Response: Really? *puppy eyes* Yeah! thanks for the review, Dag.
rnshe mispronounced her name, so she's gonna have to live with 'Hatoru'. =D
rnthere'll be a description in the next chapter. cha!

Name: OriginalTori (Signed) · Date: 18/08/08 - 08:20 am · For: Acting on Shock
XD I love 'Hatoru'. She's really funny. XDD

Author's Response: AHHH THANK YOU =D
im just in a really great mood today. 0_0

Name: OriginalTori (Signed) · Date: 18/08/08 - 08:17 am · For: Acting on Shock
XD I love 'Hatoru'. She's really funny. XDD

Author's Response: hah =D you'll find out why in the next chapter

Name: tikarina (Signed) · Date: 17/08/08 - 06:42 pm · For: Our Dreams... Or not.
its good =D
Ive read some of your other storys and i think this might turn out to be your best one yet. Keep it up!

Author's Response: hey =D
thank you! i've just gotta use something other that Notepad to write everything 0.o it effs up all the punctuations...
and yes, i will. next chapter... out.. maybe today.

Name: AikoMatsuo (Signed) · Date: 17/08/08 - 01:27 am · For: Our Dreams... Or not.
hay great keep it up its amazing.
love Aiko

Author's Response: hey AikoMatsuo =D thanks for the review.

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