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Name: Bookworm51485 (Signed) · Date: 09/10/08 - 10:03 pm · For: One: Spelling
Technically it is otouto, since it's spelled with the hiragana for o-to-u-to.

Author's Response: As I have said already: there are two different schools of thought. Since you do not say "O.U" (rather and elongated "o"), some people prefer to spell it "otooto". Others are more traditional and prefer the "ou". TECHNICALLY speaking, there are no real rules to the English spellings, thus there is a difference in spelling. I know how the hiragana works. I took Japanese for 9 years and grew up with the language. I know what I'm talking about.rnrn- Yumi

Name: XenaAdamana (Signed) · Date: 30/03/08 - 05:38 pm · For: Two: Tense and Plurality
Ahhh, thank you Yumi. I've been a little wary with all my Japanese spelling and grammar.

Author's Response: ^^ yay! I help! I miss you!! TT__TTrnrn- Yu-chan

Name: Noleta (Signed) · Date: 29/01/08 - 05:19 am · For: One: Spelling
Noleta: I know japanese! Watch....

Kierra: *looks at Noleta*

Noleta: Ima mitsumete irundarou ka

Author's Response: *cursing her lack of understanding* @__@;;; I wish I spoke fluently. . . uh. . . mou eigo kaite onegai shimasu!rnrn- Yumi -___-;;;

Name: Kin Cho (Signed) · Date: 28/01/08 - 05:11 pm · For: One: Spelling
Sugoi. Nihongo wakarimasen desu ka? I know a little Japanese myself. Can't wait for you to add more. I was thinking of adding one of mine own.

Author's Response: saa, sukoshi nihongo hanashimasu. Demo, watashi no nihongo wa taihen desu. . . I'm not even sure if that's right or not -__-;; Can you believe it? I've grown up with the language spoken around me, but I can't speak it well!! @__@;; lol, I hope I don't disappoint!rnrn- Yumi ^^;;

Name: Tari (Anonymous) · Date: 28/01/08 - 09:19 am · For: One: Spelling
It's a good idea, onee-sama. I'm never sure what words are right or not, I think I'll just stick to what you say XD

Author's Response: thanks! ^^ lol, I hope I don't make any errors!! @__@;;;rnrn- Yu-chan ^__^

Name: Sakuranzu (Signed) · Date: 28/01/08 - 08:10 am · For: One: Spelling
I feel like this fanfic was made specifically about that one comment I made xD I hope I wasn't the only one! After you told me I did remember reading that somewhere. Personally i think ou looks better, but it doesn't matter in the end. I hope you add some more soon

Author's Response: lol, no you and two other people too. I just think that I had just about enough of people telling me I'm wrong over a simple spelling. . . I was also kinda ticked off this morning and the latest comment on my 'otouto' spelling just added fuel to the fire (you know how that goes, right? ^^;;;). However, I have taken notice that there are a lot of fanfic writers who try to use Japanese and fail miserably. . . so I thought maybe I'd help a little ^__^rnrn- Yumi ^^

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