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Reviews For Game. Set. Match.

Name: crazykittylover (Signed) · Date: 06/11/09 - 11:36 pm · For: Trouble is, Gee Whiz, I'm Dreaming My Life Away
XD finally u hav updated!!! im so happy! this was such a good story and it was like totally awesome! great chapter and i cant wait to read more ^^

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 06/11/09 - 10:42 am · For: Trouble is, Gee Whiz, I'm Dreaming My Life Away
OMG holy shit your back!

Name: crazykittylover (Signed) · Date: 10/02/09 - 08:06 pm · For: If I Didn't Know Now What I Didn't Know Then
wow tht is amazing, if theres more plz share, this is a fantastic story!

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 18/11/08 - 10:46 am · For: When You Wish Upon A Star
Holy shit! You've updated!


Yay! Can't wait for more!

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 08/04/08 - 06:36 am · For: Chapter 8: Thursday, Never Looking Back
Yay! Update!

I really don't have anything to add. Masterfully done, as always, with a wealth of descriptive language.

I look forward to more.

Author's Response: You are so good for my ego. Thanks for the review!

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 18/03/08 - 08:54 pm · For: Tuesday, Wednesday-Heart Attack
Hey, it's me again.

When is the next chapter coming? I've noticed that you haven't updated for a while.

Author's Response: Sorry about the lack of updates. I'm not dead! School is totally kicking my butt and it will only get worse before it gets better. I'll try to have something out in a about another week if I can finish up the research part on my project. Thanks for sticking with me, you totally get props.

Name: Kin Moriko (Signed) · Date: 20/02/08 - 09:41 am · For: Prelude to a Kiss
Hey, great work! Keep writing.
I like that Ino has always wanted a relationship with Sakura. I would like to see how what happens when they have to come back to real world. Will people be as accepting?

Name: Kira (Anonymous) · Date: 19/02/08 - 07:13 pm · For: Prelude to a Kiss
I greatly enjoy your fanfic. The concept is very original and I enjoy your writing style. Your stories are a pleasure to read and I hope there is much more to read from you in the future.

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 04/02/08 - 08:35 pm · For: Tuesday, Wednesday-Heart Attack
I have only one thing to point out: some of the extended conversations became a little confusing. Having three people in one conversation gets confusion unless you tell us who each speaker is.

Name: Krokador (Signed) · Date: 29/12/07 - 10:21 pm · For: Prelude to a Kiss
Woah, I mean... Wow. This story is sweet, it's given me sooo many ideas hehe. It's incredibly well written, and the plot is awesome. The whole alternate reality thing has always been one of my fave situations when I'm reading a fic (and somehow, I never pulled it off myself), and I've got to admit this one is pretty cool. I love how Ino's so insecure and stuff. But...

What about Sakura, is she in a dreamworld too? With her Ino loving her? Hehe, I want more :P Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Hey, same goes for The Promise of a Leaf. Great fight scenes. I can't write them so I try to stick with stories that avoid them. Hard to do when writing about ninjas, but I try. As for Sakura...let's just say that she and Ino are in this together (hint, hint). rnrnRasu

Name: The Stupid Ninja (Anonymous) · Date: 26/12/07 - 10:09 pm · For: Prelude to a Kiss
F-ing... awesome...


Name: The Stupid Ninja (Anonymous) · Date: 11/12/07 - 02:06 pm · For: The Things We Do For Love
This is a really good fic. I've been checking often to see if there's new chapters.

anyways, i think it'd be better if you posted this at Its a really good story and it'll get alot of reviews.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll think about it.rnrnRasu

Name: Kaji-kun (Anonymous) · Date: 26/11/07 - 09:20 pm · For: The Things We Do For Love
Well worth the wait. I give it a ten.

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 26/11/07 - 01:45 pm · For: The Things We Do For Love
You know the funniest thing of all? We're studying reciprocity and gift exchange in Anthro this week. I don't think my prof exactly had this in mind...

I'm still wondering how this interchange between Ino and Sakura fits in with the time period five hours earlier. I have a couple of theories, but I'm not sure. Either way, it should be interesting. Keep up the good work on this fic. I love the dialogue; it's so real and full of life.

Author's Response: I'm sure you could connect it to the Potlatch system of the Kula Islands some how.

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 26/11/07 - 10:38 am · For: Let's Do the Time Warp Again!
*does time warp again*

Great chapter once again. i love the Rocky Horror reference. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Hey, always glad to hear from you. Thanks for the props. You should check out chapter 5.rnrnRasu

Name: Kaji-kun (Anonymous) · Date: 21/10/07 - 04:08 pm · For: Strangers in Paradise
I love this story! Can't wait for ch.4!

Author's Response: Thanks! I had chapter 4 all ready, but I didn't like it so I scrapped it and started over. Thus, the longer than necessary wait. I promise to have it up by Friday.rn-Rasu

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 09/10/07 - 11:51 am · For: You may be right, I may be crazy
(@_@) Ino is definitely crazy. Either she is hallucinating (definitely crazy), or she can't realize that this is reality (also by definition crazy)

It's a little confusing right now, but I'm guessing that's the line you're going for. Mystery is always a good thing.

~(O_o)~ The flying spaghetti monster approves of this fanfic. He blesses you with his noodly appendage, and commands that you keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! I hate to admit it, but I have the FSM hat and was in the chorus. Chapter 3 should be coming soon (after my midterms are over, uck) and that should clear up some of the confusion.rn-Rasu

Name: Silent Witness (Signed) · Date: 08/10/07 - 06:18 pm · For: Prelude to a Kiss
Nothing beats Herbal Essences in the eye when it comes to bringing you back to reality. (^_^)

I must say, you've gotten me intrigued. I look forward to seeing how you develop this relationship. Keep up the good work. I always love the SakuraxIno pairings; those two just fit together so well as a couple.

Author's Response: Yeah, I know. That totally sucks. Plus, they never include that in the commercials;-)rnThanks for the feedback. You're right. Ino and Sakura are just such a classic case of OTP. In fact, they're really the only Naruto characters that I think I can always see paired together. I've just put up the second chapter, so let me know what you think.

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