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Name: CCMrs (Signed) · Date: 24/02/17 - 07:53 pm · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
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CCMrs 2017.2.25

Name: CatyCal95 (Signed) · Date: 14/11/10 - 02:57 pm · For: Chapter 4: Sunday Night Sleepover (Part 2)
NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hate sakura so extra points for that.
as i'm a adolescent, i like stupid things and special this story.
i really hope o update. the sooner the better.

Author's Response: yay! fellow Sakura haters! XD I'm trying to update this. I just haven't found the time/motivation to do so. . . Hopefully it will be soon!rnrn- Yumi

Name: dalaw (Signed) · Date: 13/02/09 - 10:18 am · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
lol nice i like 10

Author's Response: Thanks! XDrnrn- Yumi

Name: wolfie (Anonymous) · Date: 11/02/08 - 01:17 pm · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
omg xDD a emo lawn!! me and my friends were crackin up! i fell off my bed and hit my head but i still started laughin! nd i love the part where sakura got attack by raisins xDD i laugheded so hard i couldnt breathe and i was crying lol and my rating for this story is 10 keep writin!

Author's Response: lol, awesomeness!! ^__^ Glad you like it, but try not to die!!! I don't want my readers to die!!!!!!! >< lol Thanks!rnrn- Yumi ^^

Name: Tari (Anonymous) · Date: 19/12/07 - 09:48 am · For: Chapter 3: Sunday Night Sleepover (Part 1)
OMFG...please update this soon!
And I need to get a chair with a safety harness before you do...i keep falling off from laughing ^^"

Author's Response: I will update soon. . . ^^;; Sorry, perhaps I should warn the readers to get a safety harness before reading this! ^__^ Thanks!!rnrn- Yu-chan ^^

Name: Frosty (Anonymous) · Date: 29/11/07 - 06:59 pm · For: Chapter 3: Sunday Night Sleepover (Part 1)
Oh My Gods! I loved this story! Update! Update! Update! Sorry for the 'Update!' chant, couldn't help myself...
Anyways, I really do enjoy this, though a few more details would be nice. At anyrate... It was great. I look forward to the next instalment.

Author's Response: Details will come in time. . . as will the rest of the story. I have a paper due at the end of the month about some pressing social issue and people's views about it. I haven't come up with the sources for my paper and the issue itself is unclear. . . @__@ I'll update as soon as I can!!rnrn- Yumi

Name: pietra521 (Signed) · Date: 04/11/07 - 01:01 pm · For: Chapter 3: Sunday Night Sleepover (Part 1)
HeHeHe This is very interesting!! I can't wait to see what happens next! Update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks! ^__^ It's gonna be a fun few chapters, trust me! And I'll try to update as soon as I can!rnrn- Yumi

Name: Tsukuyomi_Assasin (Signed) · Date: 28/10/07 - 08:43 pm · For: Chapter 2: IHOP: International House of Peanuts
HaHaHa! That was hilarious! I was taking a break from a workout and I was pretty moody from earlier. But this cracked me up! HaHa, thanks for starting this!

Author's Response: no problem! ^^ Wait until the third chapter!! You're gonna love that XD!!!!!!!!rnrn- Yumi

Name: AshNight1214 (Signed) · Date: 27/10/07 - 09:13 pm · For: Chapter 2: IHOP: International House of Peanuts
0.0 Peanut and... peaches... ew. Great job grossing us out, though.

Author's Response: XD yay! ^___^rnrn- Yumi

Name: sam (Anonymous) · Date: 23/10/07 - 06:57 pm · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .

Author's Response: lol, yes I shall ^___^!!!!!!! I've been trying to work on the second chapter, but the THIRD chapter has been on my mind for the last week and a half!!! XD It's gonna be so long and great. . . X3rnrn- Yumi

Name: Cherished (Signed) · Date: 21/09/07 - 08:36 pm · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
LOL!!!!! this is wicked! i needed warpedness!!!!! thank. you! :heart:

Author's Response: lol, no problem! Please come back for the upcoming chapters!!!!!!!! ^_^rnrn- Yumi

Name: Hiratai (Anonymous) · Date: 08/09/07 - 08:25 am · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
I like this alot, it's funny, screwed up, and it has vampires in it.

Author's Response: lol, thanks! ^^ The vampires will come into the next chapter, so look for this fic again!!!!! XDrnrn- Yumi

Name: InuKit31 (Anonymous) · Date: 02/09/07 - 04:38 pm · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
im not sher what to think its funny though and for makeing me giggle heres a 7

Author's Response: Thanks ^^;;;rnrn- Yumi

Name: Tari (Anonymous) · Date: 01/09/07 - 12:33 pm · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
*stares*....emo lawn? Okay....
^^ actually, that would be so helpful...i fight my lawn every far the lawn is winning T_T
Hehe...I'm gonna try the cookie trick when I go back to school! Thnakyou for more evil ideas! mwuhaha....

Author's Response: =O.O= . . . the cookie thing might not work. . . but you can try! ^^;;; Do tell me how that works out, okay? ^__^rnrnI'm sorry to hear about the war with your lawn, btw. Try playing depressing music while you mow? lol ^^ Thanks!!rnrn- Yumi

Name: suzieuchiha (Anonymous) · Date: 01/09/07 - 07:48 am · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
lol! this is crazy! i love it! i'm guna have to keep track of this! gud work!

Author's Response: thanks! It'll get crazier as time goes on. . . I still have to write about those vampires you know X3rnrn-- Yumi

Name: AshNight1214 (Signed) · Date: 31/08/07 - 08:56 pm · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
I'm stealing your emo lawns!!!!

Author's Response: DON'T STEAL MY EMO LAWNS!!!!!!!!! Besides, they aren't mine. . . Andy and his friends made up the joke "I wish my lawn was emo. That way it would cut itself." ^^;;; Thanks for reading!!rnrn- Yumi

Name: Kaori Uzumaki (Signed) · Date: 31/08/07 - 05:47 pm · For: Chapter 1: Konoha's High. . .
Aww...Stop emo-bashing...*can't stop laughing from Gaara-kun's emo lawn* I DON'T KNOW! IT JUST SHRINKS!!

Author's Response: I'll stop. . . ^^ It's just kinda fun. . . I'll make fun of everyone, don't worry!! ^_______^ Thanks for the review!!rnrn- Yumi

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