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Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around different sex couples.
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Where cast of the Naruto Universe are inserted into an alternate universe.
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An area to submit intelligent essays debating topics about the Naruto Universe and writing tutorial submissions.
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Any Naruto fanfiction focused without romantic orientation, on a canon character in the current Naruto Universe.
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Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around male same sex couples.
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Any fic with no real plot and humor based. Doesn't require correct spelling, paragraphing or punctuation but it's a very good idea.
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Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around female same sex couples.
Fan Ninja Bingo Book [125]
An area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories. No stories.
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Because no fic is deleted, if a fic doesn't abide by the rules of the category or author doesn't respond to mods, it belongs here.

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Name: Tari (Anonymous) · Date: 31/10/07 - 01:41 pm · For: As they say...
Oh...Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. And I hope you find someone willing to take on Tonfa, (someone you actually like) I couldnt do it, becasue i wouldnt be able to pay fee's, and i dont have enough computer knowledge. I hope you find someone.
And thank you so much for creating such a wonderful site. I've matured a lot in my writing style since I started here, and I really want to thank you for that.

Name: A Vampires Butterfly (Signed) · Date: 30/10/07 - 05:10 pm · For: As they say...
...Wow...I don't know what to say, I'm caught speechless. What if no takes the job? Does this mean TONFA will close down? I mean, I know that the rumor has been going around, even more so because of all the new people said to be ruining the site, but...Well, I'm sorry to see you go, you ran the site wonderfully. No matter how busy you got. Hopefully you will find someone new and they will run it just as well as you did. Thank you for providing a great Naruto fanfiction site and a place for many authors to start off at. With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Name: Lamerstu (Signed) · Date: 21/08/07 - 02:07 am · For: August 7th, 2007
Umm... some of the categories aren't working and when you look at a member's profile there are some mistakes. I'm not trying to be picky or anything, just wanted you to know, just in case. ;)

~Tasi Lamerstu

PS: Oh, when you get e-mails that tell you that someone has replied to your review, is it supposed to link to the page with the review on it or your whole "reviews" section? Sorry if that didn't make sense... I just don't know how to explain it well enough. Whoa! The PS is longer than the original message... -_-'

Name: sasuke_only_luvs_me (Signed) · Date: 19/08/07 - 06:10 pm · For: August 18th and 19th
i didn't know you had the site closed down ^_^. for hours i tried so many times to get on and check my stories but i couldn't! how funny! >_

Name: Redfox50 (Signed) · Date: 14/08/07 - 10:04 pm · For: August 15/16th 2007
Wow this is very helpful to everyone wich is great.I love it

Name: Oni_Chan (Signed) · Date: 07/08/07 - 09:56 pm · For: August 7th, 2007
*giggles* Seems fun ^^
I have nothing to do that day
I'm so wearing my Akatsuki cloak xD

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