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Name: shadoweric (Signed) · Date: 13/10/07 - 12:37 pm · For: Chapter 2 - Homecomings and Heartaches
dang that is a gooo story

Name: Gabriela (Anonymous) · Date: 30/07/07 - 05:23 pm · For: Chapter 9- Sympathy For The Devil
the story is really good.. ^_^
I'll be waiting for the update.. I hope it will be soon..

Name: Sorca5 (Signed) · Date: 16/07/07 - 02:24 pm · For: Chapter 9- Sympathy For The Devil
I love this story. I've been reading it for a while, and hope you'll update soon. I like how you portray kyuubi, and Hinata's reaction. It's cool. I have some high hopes for this story! :-)

Name: kagekage (Signed) · Date: 02/07/07 - 12:33 am · For: Chapter 9- Sympathy For The Devil
love kyuubi in this cant belive hes a perv

-- Hinata84 : lol thanx, he kinda reminds me of the big bad wolf, from those tex avery "hey wolfie" cartoons, hehe. glad you're liking this, and things can only get better from here :-D

Name: SubtleSerenity (Signed) · Date: 01/07/07 - 07:57 pm · For: Chapter 9- Sympathy For The Devil
Ooooh... not bad, as cliches go, that is. Chapter seems to be leading to something BIG... just what, though, I am still trying to figure out.
Guess I missed your last chap or two, ne? Oops... guess I should check in here more often,

-- Hinata84 : Hehe its ok. I am trying to lead up to some nice fluffy-awwww kinda stuff, and who knows what else. i'll let you in on a secret - i always write stories as i go. I let the story tell itself to me, so I'm never sure exactly what's going to happen next! I'm just as surprised writing it, as you are reading it! isnt that funny? Anyway, like i said, im trying not to rely on cliches, and hopefully the next chapter won't be so bad. anywho, keep reading, and thanx for the comments!

Name: hibiki96 (Anonymous) · Date: 01/07/07 - 05:57 pm · For: Chapter 9- Sympathy For The Devil
Lol!!! I liked Kyuubi's speech, I enjoy just about any story with an intelligent writer, and it's always interesting to see how different people come up with different ideas on how to not make it the Kyuubi's fault for the attack! Great story!!!! Update soon~!

-- Hinata84 : ::blush:: than you so much! it just seemed natural to me, like, people being misunderstood is a common theme in naruto, so y shouldn't it apply to the kyuubi as well? glad you're liking it, I'll try to update quickly!

Name: kagekage (Signed) · Date: 01/07/07 - 01:46 am · For: Chapter 8- How to Say I'm Sorry...
good heart warming and funny cant wait for the next chapter

-- Hinata84 : glad you're enjoying it. next chapter goin up today prolly! Hope you like!

Name: hibiki96 (Anonymous) · Date: 30/06/07 - 06:44 pm · For: Chapter 8- How to Say I'm Sorry...
Lol!!! How.... predictable, but at the same time it's great!!! Update SOON!!!!

-- Hinata84 : :-( Sry its predictable, I tried to be original, but there's only so much you can do while staying true to the characters. Sorry! But I will be updating soon, today as a matter of fact! Hope you like! :-D

Name: kagekage (Signed) · Date: 29/06/07 - 12:17 pm · For: Chapter 7- Anticipation...
good story keep it going want more

-- Hinata84 : thanx! im gonna try to add another chap tonight, so check back soon! thanx a ton!

Name: hibiki96 (Anonymous) · Date: 28/06/07 - 11:54 pm · For: Chapter 7- Anticipation...
Cute! And it sets up for something big, I hope! Update soon!!!!! (Why didn't I read that last chapter sooner?) *spaces out while thinking about it*

-- Hinata84 : Lol thanx. And u didnt read it sooner cuz it just got put up yesterday, silly! :-D Thanx for the review!

Name: hibiki96 (Anonymous) · Date: 28/06/07 - 11:44 pm · For: Chapter 6-Tonight, tonight
Nothing much happening, but a decent chapter *thinks to self* (Why haven't I R&R this yet?)

-- Hinata84 : Yea, sry its kind of a boring chapter, but I had to get the characters in place for the next chap. The next one will be way better, promise! Thanx!

Name: sew123093 (Signed) · Date: 28/06/07 - 06:07 pm · For: Chapter 7- Anticipation...
Why did you make it stop? Write more dangit!! So cute, and fluffy! A job well down.

-- Hinata84 : LOL Okay, okay! I had to stop for a while cuz my personal life was sucking for a bit, but its much better now. U think this is fluffy, just wait, it gets better! Thanx so much for the comments, it makes it all wothwhile. :-D

Name: Water Uzimaki (Signed) · Date: 22/04/07 - 12:10 am · For: Chapter 6-Tonight, tonight
Can't wait to read the update

-- Hinata84 : Wait no more, chapter seven is up, and ch. 8 will be too, later today! Enjoy!

Name: kagekage (Signed) · Date: 26/03/07 - 11:34 pm · For: Chapter 6-Tonight, tonight
more please this is really good

-- Hinata84 : Just added a new chapter yesterday, and prolly adding another today. Thanx!

Name: Master_Jeriah_slayer (Signed) · Date: 25/03/07 - 05:50 pm · For: Chapter 6-Tonight, tonight
.....god damn it, u did what no1 was able to do make me feel sadness XD u ass lol jk, jk nice story though even if all but 1 chapt is teary =P

Author's Response: hehe yea sry bout the sadness, but it'll just make the happy parts that much happier, right? Anyway, happiness IS coming, i promise! Next chapter will be up in a day or two, so keep checkin back!

Name: Master_Jeriah_slayer (Signed) · Date: 25/03/07 - 05:46 pm · For: Chapter 6-Tonight, tonight
.....god damn it, u did what no1 was able to do make me feel sadness XD u ass lol jk, jk nice story though even if all but 1 chapt is teary =P

Name: SubtleSerenity (Signed) · Date: 24/03/07 - 11:15 am · For: Chapter 6-Tonight, tonight
A bit short, but I think I like where this is going, ya?
Now, just hope that Naruto doesn't stick his foot in his mouth... once again...

Author's Response: Yea, it was a bit short, but I'll make sure the next one is longer. And full of goodness. I can't make any promises about Naruto, tho, you know how he is, lol. But he's trying. Gotta give the boy credit where you can, lol.

Name: hibiki96 (Anonymous) · Date: 23/03/07 - 09:49 pm · For: Chapter 5 - My Hero... (if you can think of a better title, please LMK!)
Once again, you've touched my heart!! Update! Soon! Please! Don't make me cry (T_T)

Author's Response: Aw, don't cry! Chapter 6 is up now! So glad my story has made you happy. Now I'm gonna cry! lol

Name: hibiki96 (Anonymous) · Date: 23/03/07 - 09:47 pm · For: Chapter 4 - Sometimes death is easier than life...
Nice chapter, very heart warning, anyway about the title thing, if you know what's going to happen during your chapter, make a title for it and base everything around that

Author's Response: THanks for the tip, the problem is I never know whats going to happen until I write it; I make it up as I go along. That's why I always title my chapters after I write them. Thanx for the feedback!

Name: hibiki96 (Anonymous) · Date: 23/03/07 - 09:44 pm · For: Chapter 3 - Blonde and Blind
Like the title of the chapter, and it's very discriptive, can't wait for update

Author's Response: Thanx, I always write the chapter first, and then add the title. Up to chapter 6 is posted now, so enjoy!

Name: SubtleSerenity (Signed) · Date: 23/03/07 - 08:26 pm · For: Chapter 5 - My Hero... (if you can think of a better title, please LMK!)
Hmmmm... Kyuubi got out? Even a little bit, that's all worlds of not good.
And you read one of my stories? I feel so loved now.
I stand by what I said before; you are a phenominal writer.

Author's Response: Hehe I know, Kyuubi=badness. But don't worry, things'll be alright. and yes, your stories are very good! And I wouldn't call myself phenominal, b ut thankies! ::blush::

Name: Modoken (Signed) · Date: 23/03/07 - 07:39 pm · For: Chapter 1 - The joy before the fall
really good, but are you gonna continue We're In Love?

Author's Response: Thanx for the feedback, but We're In Love isn't by me. It's by an author called hibiki96.

Name: Arconin (Signed) · Date: 23/03/07 - 05:03 pm · For: Chapter 5 - My Hero... (if you can think of a better title, please LMK!)
AWESOME! this was a great story! I love the NaruHina pairing, and your style is awesome...update soon.

Author's Response: Thanx so much! I'll probably update again either tonight or tomorrow. Keep checking!

Name: SubtleSerenity (Signed) · Date: 23/03/07 - 02:23 pm · For: Chapter 4 - Sometimes death is easier than life...
Ooooh, the suspense.
Still awesomeness incarnate, this.
I know; Naruhina is pretty much all I write, too. Please... update quickly.
Or I will sic flying monkeys on you.

Author's Response: LOL Don't make me get my flying monkeys! lol... Dude i cant believe you're only 16... and a dude! I read one of your stories earlier, and it was awesome! I rated/reviewed. I'm gonna add another chap or two tonight. Thanx 4 all the feedback! Oops, just saw that I forgot to add a title to ch. 4, its tuff because i write as i go, so i cant really title a chapter till im done w/ it. thanx tho!

Name: hibiki96 (Anonymous) · Date: 22/03/07 - 07:03 pm · For: Chapter 2 - Homecomings and Heartaches
Nice! Can't wait for update, also about what chapter does Naruto 'notice' her?

Author's Response: I'm updating it today, and don't worry, it's coming! Can't give away too much at once, gotta build up the suspense, lol. Not much longer tho! :-D

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