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Reviews For The Unsealed Path

Name: Patsuki21 (Signed) · Date: 18/01/08 - 08:01 pm · For: The Trouble with Teachers
this is really funny write more

Name: shadoweric (Signed) · Date: 08/10/07 - 03:24 am · For: A Path Opened
good copying of the first episode

Name: TobiIsAGoodBoy77 (Signed) · Date: 03/09/07 - 10:56 am · For: The Trouble with Teachers
XD Oh that was good! "Why is my Icha icha Paradise book on Fire?" XD

Name: Oni_Chan (Signed) · Date: 17/02/07 - 11:49 pm · For: The Trouble with Teachers
Omg Karg I love this! I think you should rewrite the series xD
I so loved how they brought in Anko and requested her as a second sensei. If she was in the show that much it would be soo much better xD

Author's Response: I'm thinking there might be a few law suits if I re-wrote Naruto, but it would be pretty amazing. Thanks for the ego booster!

Name: yura (Signed) · Date: 17/02/07 - 08:01 am · For: The Trouble with Teachers
Wow! This chapter was totally awesome! I love it! And since I like Anko-sensei so much, it only makes me love it even more. The fighting scenes where good by the way.

Author's Response: You have no idea how good that makes me feel.

Name: Oni_Chan (Signed) · Date: 16/02/07 - 07:04 pm · For: Team Meetings
Love it so far, Ky has just been too awsome, didding Sakura like that in class xD
Man rape and dismemberment...earlt Christmas, I would say so xD

Author's Response: Ky is a bit of a sadist I must admit. I guess that's why I love the bastard. And I do think Sakura would rape Sasuke if she was strong enough. Mabey she would pay Ino to take his body over...

I need to use that.

Name: Nightmare (Signed) · Date: 16/02/07 - 03:42 pm · For: Deal with a Demon
*Takes out rusty gun* DIE!

Author's Response: Well, that's nice. If you're planning to shoot, please do so before Tuesday. I really don't want to go back to school and take some dumb Spanish test...

Name: dotHackNETSLUM (Signed) · Date: 15/02/07 - 04:17 pm · For: In Which We Train
aww sooo cool! Update soon please! Really love the story, and the idea of how it's going. Can't wait to see what hppens next!

Author's Response: Update in progress. I did get that snow day Wednesday, but I spent most the day in snowball fights and didn't get to work on this. Well, I've got Friday off, so I guess we'll see if I can get another chapter up.

Name: Sabrielw6 (Signed) · Date: 14/02/07 - 06:13 am · For: In Which We Train
I think one of the best fanfics I have ever read was this one called "A New Cause." It was also about Kyuubi taking over Naruto's body but the plot was kind of different. This one actually might come close to matching it's goodness actually. It's interesting how the Kyuubi is directly taking over a body and how he's already having trouble. I guess once he gets adjusted he may be unstoppable? Anyway, I hope to read more.

And isn't the snow just great? I constantly keep reading it on the news as "a frozen misery" but this snow is worth it if it got my classes canceled for three days straight. And that means...I can put up another chapter of my fic. hee hee

Author's Response: "A New Cause," huh? I may need to look at that. As for Ky (Kyuubi), I don't want he to become unstoppable, so we'll see where it goes. And as for snow, I got another one today. There is a god and he loves me because I had a Spanish II test today.

Name: Sabrielw6 (Signed) · Date: 14/02/07 - 06:07 am · For: Deal with a Demon
The Tsukuyomi part was great. The torture details were so...gritty and ...ughh...loved it. Naruto seems like a tough kid so he would survive of course, but the idea of another layer was pretty interesting. That Itachi. So sick and evil and twisted, but we all just love him don't we?

Author's Response: Torture is fun to write about. I'm a sadists a heart, just like Itachi. Give me super-eyes and an annoying little brother and we could be twins. (minus the black nail polish)

Name: Sabrielw6 (Signed) · Date: 14/02/07 - 06:00 am · For: A Path Opened
I liked this. I liked this A LOT. Well written and has a cool plot. Thank god there are still writers like you around.

Author's Response: I'm not sure I can take that many complements at once. I must say, it's kind of a cool experience.

Name: jewel (Signed) · Date: 13/02/07 - 05:42 pm · For: In Which We Train
pretty good so far. ? who's going to know about ky and how is Itachi dealing with his techniques failure?

Author's Response: His technique work perfectly, it just took too much out of him. As for Ky, you'll see. *Cue devilish laughter*

Name: Oni_Chan (Signed) · Date: 13/02/07 - 05:16 pm · For: In Which We Train
That was nice ^_^ I like this plan with them shairing body/bunshins rather than just sharing the body.
Ky's so mean yet so true. No one wants to be seen with walking traffic cones
Poor Ky just doesn't get hands xD ^_^

Author's Response: It's hard to become used to hands after going a few thousand years without them. Oh well, he'll deal with it.

Name: jewel (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 - 04:00 pm · For: Deal with a Demon
I really like what you've done so far. I like your take on why K attacked the village and the alliance that is created. How will Sasuke react to his brother's interest in Naruto? Lots of ways to go. This could be one of the better fic out there. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Either this is better than I thought it was, or you haven't been reading much. I think I'll think it's the first one because that makes me feel better. And as for Sasuke, I think I might jut kill him. (Only joking) (Maybe)

Name: fire fox 2000 (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 - 03:14 pm · For: Deal with a Demon
I dont like it but the story plot line is good. don't worry I won't kill you

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad the plot is good. Can you tell me what you didn't like? I'm still trying to improve here.

Name: Oni_Chan (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 - 03:01 pm · For: Deal with a Demon
Omg! Poor Naru and mean Ita! Kyu! Wow thats a Kyuubi past I've never seen before, I like it ^_^

Author's Response: Yeah, Itachi is an ass. Glad to see you like the Kyuubi. It was probaly the hardest part to write, so it's nice to see some recognition.

Name: Oni_Chan (Signed) · Date: 11/02/07 - 09:43 am · For: A Path Opened
Very nice and I must say if the series started like that it would have been much more fun ^_^

Author's Response: That's the truth. Makes you wonder what the world would be like if random people had access to the things needed to make a world famous magna.

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