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Reviews For Innocence Fading

Name: Nao_angel (Signed) · Date: 09/05/07 - 10:32 am · For: Team Troubles
*holds Kimi and won't let go* she's sooooooo misunderstood *cries* Genji rockz, i love him^^ OMG Oniiii sei brava^^ ti amo^^ i loved this chap, and i love when Kimi gets angry and grabs her katana^^ update soon pwease *chu* i can't wait for the team first mission^^

Author's Response: hehe ^_^ Ti amo anche Nao! I'm glad you love it Nao >< And yes the mission it beh tricky and fun >< now to think of it >>

Name: Hana (Signed) · Date: 09/05/07 - 05:18 am · For: Team Troubles
haha, Kimi is so short-tempered^^ Baku deserves his new nickname *giggles* awesome chap;)

Author's Response: *giggles* Thats Kimi and yup he does xD hehe glad you like it ^_^

Name: Hana (Signed) · Date: 28/04/07 - 12:38 pm · For: Family & Friends
wooo that was a long chap^^ Ine's really cool actually, but Baku deserves some beatings;) aah i'm glad Kimi's parents are proud of her...I think Kimi needs love haha^^ she's got something from Gaara's personality, or maybe Suna ppl are like that, lmao^^ anyway, i see you haven't updated for quite some time:P plzzz do when you have time, okay^^ it's a great story, Nao was right^^ lol *waves*

Author's Response: hehe the twins are fun cause Ine is there to keep Baku in line ^_^ and of course they're proud of her ^_^ I wuldnt let Kimi hear shes like Gaara...she dun like him *shakes head* I dunno how my OC dun love him but meh shes odd ^_^ I'll try and update it soon, I've been in a horror mood thats why I've focused on my fic Forbidden Grounds lately. I'll try to update soon for you guys ^_^

Name: Hana (Signed) · Date: 28/04/07 - 12:27 pm · For: Failure No More
Uh oh *glances at Kimi*
I start to worry about her really...
that was my fav chap so far^^ Oni's cool ku ku ku ku^^

Author's Response: everyone worries about her...shes insane..well not yet but border line heh ^_^ Im glad you like it and Im not that great ^_^ ..Orochi Laugh! ...Im ok hehe

Name: Hana (Signed) · Date: 28/04/07 - 12:18 pm · For: And So It Begins
*twitch* make Kimi humiliate Baku sometime^^ lol^^ is he any good? i wonder^^ no it's okay I don't think it's short^^ or maybe it's becoz i'm reading the whole fic in one shot, lol, dunno...

Author's Response: oh dun worry Baku-baka gets his ^_^ heh heh maybe ^_^ I'm glad you like it ^_^

Name: Hana (Signed) · Date: 28/04/07 - 12:10 pm · For: Dealing With Emotions
woah, cool katana^^ Kimi's got that rebel side that i like^^ oh no, she'll pass...make her pass *bits lower lip*

Author's Response: yes I like katanas...If I could I would make one like that...somehow and ya Kimi ish a rebel ^_^

Name: Hana (Signed) · Date: 28/04/07 - 12:01 pm · For: Dreams & Fears
hey you *waves*
lol, you're gonna laugh at me but, i was feeling so bad i needed to read a fic, so I asked my friend Nao and she told me this fic was the best one on Tonfa^^
so here I am lol^^
the beginning is great, i love the way you show Kimi's determination^^ sad her parents dont care about whether she becomes a ninja or not...

Author's Response: >< Nao ish gonna get huggled for that later hehe I'm so glad you like this, I havent updated in awhile but I guess I'll have to now ^_^

Name: Tari (Signed) · Date: 09/04/07 - 08:04 am · For: Failure No More
Uh - oh....she's turning evil...*gulp*
This is really nicely written - you have a nice style. Kudos to you!

Author's Response: well currently shes turning teme...eveil occurs in like ANBU age *huggles* Thank you ^_^

Name: Nao_angel (Signed) · Date: 01/03/07 - 07:40 am · For: Family & Friends
KIMIIIIIII I missed her so much!!! YAY!! LOL, what's with her family getting drunk like that *Nao shakes head* lol, that was fun^^ i just like Kimi so much, I never told you how MUCH I LOVE KATANAS!!! YES, one of my favourite weapons^^ and i wish i could punch BAKU BAKA!! ouuuuu i can't wait for her team to start practicing! awesome chap;)

Author's Response: Haha! No clan is perfect you know ^_^ Yeye for Kimi and Katanas! *highfives* *gasp* Omg! You soo took the my nickname for Baku! *giggles* I was gonna use it next chapter!

Name: CrimsonClover (Signed) · Date: 28/02/07 - 07:22 pm · For: Family & Friends
*bounces* I can't think of anything to say, cause I like this story. So... I'm just gonna keep bouncing around. ^^

Author's Response: Haha bouncing is good ^_^ *huggles* Glad you liked ^_^

Name: Deadly Dream (Signed) · Date: 28/02/07 - 06:57 pm · For: Family & Friends
Haha, Yumeji sounds bipolar to me. xD
But all in all, I like this chapter.^^

Author's Response: I like Yumeji! I thought there had to be someone to cancel out Kimi's 'Im going to kill you in your sleep' attitude, but we cant have Yumeji be a total airhead ^_^ And shes Genji's sis so it makes things more fun! Im glad you like it though ^_^ tis be sitting on comp...kinda forgot it hehe ^//^

Name: Pockyninjasandinsanity (Signed) · Date: 28/02/07 - 06:03 pm · For: Dreams & Fears
Oni, I officlly pissed Rachel off. She has a bazooka. XD........Go to the reviews for 'Traci's worst idea ever' and you'll see what I mean.

Author's Response: ..I think I know what you mean xD

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