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Reviews For Ghost Writer

Name: Kariya (Signed) · Date: 18/09/08 - 07:37 pm · For: Chapter 10: Exchange
I could only read up to here because it is 2 in the morning and I have school. But I might possibly finish it tomorrow though, and I have to say I am loving it! If I had read this before the TONFA's best in category, I so would've nominated this story!

Author's Response: Aw. . . thank you! I tried to get it nominated, but no one noticed me or something -___-;; I'm going to see if I can sneak it into the next one, but I highly doubt it. I always miss the nominations by THIS much! rawr. Thanks for the review! You're pure awesomeness ^^rnrn- Yumi

Name: suzieuchiha (Signed) · Date: 03/02/08 - 06:04 am · For: Chapter 14: Owari
aw, that was a lovely story! what does itooshi mean though?

Author's Response: itooshi is like "sweet heart". Sorry! I thought I had put the translation in there somewhere! ^^;; Thanks for the review!!rnrn- Yumi ^^

Name: Sakuranzu (Signed) · Date: 31/01/08 - 08:32 pm · For: Chapter 14: Owari
such a sweet ending :)
He finally said it, there was a real kiss. Neji got some closure, You my friend, are an artist.

Author's Response: Wow. . . thank you! This is probably the best compliment I've gotten in a long, long time. Thank you!rnrn- Yumi

Name: Sakuranzu (Signed) · Date: 31/01/08 - 08:00 pm · For: Chapter 13: Nightmare
Okay so it was more than wow but omg I would give you an 11 if the rating went that high!!!!

Author's Response: omg, I love you! ^______^ You're pure awesomeness!!!!!rnrn- Yumi

Name: Sakuranzu (Signed) · Date: 31/01/08 - 07:42 pm · For: Chapter 12: Hiashi
The soup isn't hard persey, it's just time consuming. It's one of those cream soups that might actually burn.

anywho, seeing as this a review box not a forum response xD

It wasn't particularly interesting, but obviously important to the plot. I really wasn't expecting Hizashi. Overall, good job on this chapter.

Author's Response: lol, yeah. . . I didn't particularly care for that chapter. . . It really was just a necessity. Grr!! lol ^^rnrn- Yu-chan

Name: Sakuranzu (Signed) · Date: 31/01/08 - 07:31 pm · For: Chapter 11: Favors
Okay I can't stop there... there's only 3 chapters left anyway right? I'm holding you responsible if I fail this course! jk

Naruto's character was priceless xD

Author's Response: NOOOOOO! I take no responsibility if you fail!! . . . how hard is it to make a soup anyway?? o__O??? lol thanks!rnrn- Yumi ^^

Name: Sakuranzu (Signed) · Date: 31/01/08 - 07:19 pm · For: Chapter 10: Exchange
Ack I really have to stop reading. I have to make some soup or the other for a class. But this story is quite addictive xD Nice art btw.

Ok i'm reading one more chappie just so I can start again on an even number...

Author's Response: I. Love. You!! ^_____^ Good luck with your soup! ^__^rnrn- Yu-chan

Name: Sakuranzu (Signed) · Date: 31/01/08 - 07:01 pm · For: Chapter 8: Discovery
lmfao that was awesome. Hinako kissing Neji with poor sweet little hinata's body xD i love you.

Author's Response: lol, thanks! I thought that was awesome! ^__^rnrn- Yu-chan ^^

Name: Sakuranzu (Signed) · Date: 31/01/08 - 06:33 pm · For: Chapter 5: The First Time
welcomingly is a word but not offendingly and well spazing is slang lol. *reads on*

Author's Response: lol, yeah. I've been wondering about those words. . . ^^ Thanks for the review!!! XDrnrn- Yumi ^___^

Name: Sakuranzu (Signed) · Date: 31/01/08 - 06:25 pm · For: Chapter 4: The Typewriter
Wow, okay I was getting very bored up until the end of chapter 3. lol That reminds me of back when my mom would give me readers and I'd say it was boring but she'd always say to wait until the third chapter. But now this is looking really good...*continues*

Author's Response: YAY!!!!!! I'm very happy! ^______^ Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! XDrnrn- Yumi ^^

Name: Swords_and_Bandages (Signed) · Date: 11/10/07 - 09:39 pm · For: Chapter 1: Moving In
Hmm. That's really sweet. I like that.

Sorry for putting off reading the end of this story for so long. I was quite busy in the meantime.

I'm glad Neji and Hinata finally confessed their love for each other. One thing's certain... no matter what the pairing is, if it's done right, it's well worth a read. And I can definitely say this story was worth readng.

I wonder what else you might be working on right now. Whatever they might be, I'm sure they're wonderful.

Great work.

Author's Response: Thanks. This review means a lot to me. I'm working on less intense projects right now. . . and I'm dealing with personal issues at the moment. Breakups are never good, especially when parents are involved. . . Anyway, I'd love it if you could read some of my other works and leave reviews there. I'm sure you'd enjoy them! ^__^rnrn- Yumi

Name: AshNight1214 (Signed) · Date: 31/08/07 - 08:50 pm · For: Chapter 14: Owari
le gasp!! It's over!!! Sweet ending, though. -^__^-

Author's Response: le sadness!! I know. . . I'm lamenting the fact that it's over. . . and I did try to make it as sweet as possible. I love this story. . . I'm just so sad to see that it's life is now over. . . TT__TT. . .rnrn- Yumi

Name: AshNight1214 (Signed) · Date: 31/08/07 - 08:46 pm · For: Chapter 13: Nightmare
*bawls* so... sad...

Author's Response: well. . . yes, but it works out, no? ^^rnrn- Yumi

Name: Cherished (Signed) · Date: 21/08/07 - 01:22 am · For: Chapter 13: Nightmare
OMG!!!! that is sad! i :heart: this story. but it's so sad in this chapter!!! TTTTT_TTTTT

Author's Response: I know. I'm still feeling sad after *looks at the clock* twelve hours after finishing this story. However, it will work out. The last chapter will wrap everything up. Thanks for reading and reviewing!rnrn- Yumi

Name: Ana (Anonymous) · Date: 21/08/07 - 01:18 am · For: Chapter 2: The Old Family House
oooh interesting....original, too...

Author's Response: ^___^ Thanks!!rnrn- Yumi

Name: AshNight1214 (Signed) · Date: 13/08/07 - 09:24 pm · For: Chapter 12: Hiashi
Awesome! I didn't know about that legend. hmm...

-- Yumi : . . . wow sis. . . - Yumi

Name: AshNight1214 (Signed) · Date: 13/08/07 - 09:16 pm · For: Chapter 11: Favors
YAY! Sorry it took so long for me to read this... TT,TT Anyway, awesome chapter as usual! -^___^-

-- Yumi : ^____________^ - Yumi

Name: _dreemar (Anonymous) · Date: 22/07/07 - 04:03 pm · For: Chapter 12: Hiashi
read so many chapters ^^
i loved everything about this story! Especially the characters and storyline. Everything seemed well thought out. Awesome story[:
btw, this is probaly one of the bestest stories i ever read!

-- Yumi : wow, thank you! I don't think this is one of the best stories on this site, but I appreciate the comment nonetheles!! ^^ Will you put this up in November when we have that annual contest? lol ^__^ Hope that you'll continue to read! -Yumi

Name: Swords_and_Bandages (Signed) · Date: 18/07/07 - 01:00 am · For: Chapter 11: Favors
Now I suppose there will be 2 confrontations. Good work building up to this point. I can almost see a happy ending, but I can also see a sad one. Which will it be? Personally, I prefer the happy one.

-- Yumi : Thank you so much!! I'm glad you see the possibility of a sad ending. . . for me, no matter what happens at the end it will be sad. I really love this story. I hope you'll read to the end! ^^ -Yumi

Name: Shikitoka Proto (Signed) · Date: 17/07/07 - 04:36 pm · For: Chapter 3: Hyuuga Hinako
Chichewy? Cheetos? Chinchillas?!? DUCK?!?!?!?!? lol i cannot pronounce that word^_^" I like the fic though.

-- Yumi : lol, it's like the DBZ character Chichi, and then oo-eh. If you watch the Naruto subs, you'll hear Neji and Hinata talk about their fathers like that. ^^ Thanks for reviewing!! ^______^ -Yumi

Name: XenaAdamana (Signed) · Date: 17/07/07 - 04:16 pm · For: Chapter 11: Favors
YAY! YUMI'S BACK! I missed you ^^
And yet another amazing story created. Besides the point it's a good Neji story, it also has a small bit of humor and some mystery to boot! Excellence!

-- Yumi : hey thanks! I had a day to spend doing nothing, so I decided to post again. . . ^^ I really like this one, to be honest. I think it's my best work! ^__^ And I'm really getting to love Neji-kun ^^!! Thanks again! - Yu-chan

Name: Blurble (Signed) · Date: 17/07/07 - 04:15 pm · For: Chapter 11: Favors
Wow... that was the most amazing story I've ever read. You're a REALLY good writer. ^^

-- Yumi : Thank you!! ^___^ And it's not over yet!! actually. . . i don't know when it's going to end. . . ^__^;;; Keep reading please!! ^^ -Yumi

Name: Hatake Kyuuki (Signed) · Date: 17/07/07 - 02:16 pm · For: Chapter 10: Exchange
(If you dont know what that stands for, too bad Im not translating...FINE!!! It means: Oh My Fucking Asshole Mother Fucking God!...Ya I know Im a weirdo...)
Im personnally gonna kick Itachi's arse for kidnapping Negi's mommy!!! I like Chi-kun but I LOVE Neji, and kidnapping mommies is just too low!!!

-- Yumi : lol I like you! You're funny! ^__^ And don't worry about kicking Itachi's butt. . . there will be plenty of that later by other people ^^ OH! And to let you know, I live in a household full of weirdos, so you're normal to me ^___^ -Yumi

Name: Swords_and_Bandages (Signed) · Date: 08/07/07 - 05:04 pm · For: Chapter 1: Moving In
Are you finding time to write this story? It seems more than well worth it to finish it.

-- Yumi : I'm trying to write. . . it's hard to find inspiration to write when all I find here on the site is stuff that makes me want to quit. Honestly, I used to draw ideas from the stuff I read here, and it made me want to write more. However, my friend Akira-san quit this site, and I'm finding less and less good writing. It's hard to write now because of it. I appreciate your comment, though! I'm going to try my hardest to complete this fic. This is my best work so far outside of my one-shots. Thanks again. -Yumi

Name: LittleCrane (Signed) · Date: 08/06/07 - 11:36 pm · For: Chapter 10: Exchange
ooh... that little bitch itachi... damn it,.. up date so i can read the rest!


-- Yumi : *gives cookies* I'm sorry! I've been trying to write the rest of the chapter - heck the rest of the STORY - but I can't find the time nor the creativity to write the rest!! Hopefully by this next week I'll have something up. . . finals are this Mon. - Wed. and I'm going to Grad Nite with my boyfriend the night after so. . . don't expect anything before Sat. ^^;;; THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!! ^__________^ -Yumi ^__^

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