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Reviews For Solace

Name: Voyna (Signed) · Date: 01/06/15 - 10:35 pm · For: Chapter 1
So I'll admit. I started crying. For so many ridiculous reasons, you know. Ten years of my life spent reading Naruto. Ten years of those spent hoping. I don't even know what I had been hoping for. Just not for what we got, I guess. And you know what is fucked up? I wonder where Karin is. I really wonder where she is, as if she were alive. As if she was more than just a piece of paper with some ink on it. As if she was somewhere alone, abandoned, waiting for Sasuke to come back. I am fucked up, eh? I told you I hated her. And yet, reading this, I just wanted to reach out to her, to grab onto her arm and make sure she was there. That this was the true ending to the story. I am really crying like a fucking baby here. I wanted the real ending to be one where women would toss aside social norms. Why could Karin not bear Sasuke children?! While remaining a kunoichi. And there is something else that I find so strong about these few words. It is the way you so blandly, realistically portray Uchiha Sasuke. Violent emotions have no place in his heart. However he has proven himself attached to both his teams. And I feel you potrayed that so perfectly. I don't know what to tell you. I liked your writing style, I am amazed at how simply you convey thoughts. I wish I could do the same, very honestly. I liked how you introduced all the characters. They had all a place in these few words. And yet, I feel sadness. Urgh, I am a crybaby. I was so proud. Look at me, I am not reading Naruto Gaiden, I am over this shit. Well, I am obviously not. Great job, as always. You made me snivel like a little bitch, goes a long way to tell you just how good an author you are.

Author's Response: I did not mean for that to happen, I feel bad. Well this story was written because I did not like how so many things were left unsaid and how the manga that shell not be named started. That is how I am dealing with it by writing how I want it to go lol. I admit that I got teary eyed by what you said since I sometimes feel my writing is crap, jumbled crap. So what you have said really and seriously means more than you think.

Name: coolninja90skid (Signed) · Date: 23/04/15 - 07:45 pm · For: Chapter 1
can I be in the story

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