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Reviews For Anko Remembers

Name: Fantasy Madeline (Signed) · Date: 26/02/11 - 05:39 pm · For: Chapter 1
I don't like giving negative reviews. I never do. I never give them. This is the closest i will ever come to one, so I hope you see I am saying this for you're own good. I love Anko. i have posters of her and orochimaru on my bedroom wall. I love the emotions and feeling you conveyed. It gives a sense of structure and vivid imagery. I think you are a very talented writer, I just want to say you can do better. It seems to me like you think you can only write one shots. I want you dare you to write a full length fanfic. You are so good at it, yet I think you are selling yourself short. Try it. if you need ideas try reading my fanfics. Another tip: If you only like to write short little blurbs like this, try writing a character's diary. That way you can use you're talent at vivid imagery and emotion, in a full length fanfic. Each chapter could be a new day. I encourage you to keep writing about Anko, because 1) you're SO good at writing about her, and 2) I really love Anko and there are almost no Anko fics out there. So, do I like it? Yes. Do I think you can do much better? Yes. So, I hope this helps and you don't hate me. To make you hate me less...let me tell you I am a cute 12 year old girl with the IQ of a collage under-graduate. Bye!

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry! I certainly don't hate you! You gave me a well thought-out, honest review with helpful tips. It's much appreciated. Now, I guess I should explain some things. This was my very first fic and yes, it's a mere drabble. I wrote it two years ago, but never got around to publishing it here. I do tend to write one-shots when it comes to fanfic and save the longer efforts for my original fiction. That said, I happen to be working on a much longer one, though from Orochimaru's point of view. (It's sort of like your diary idea, detailing specific scenes from his life.) I have one chapter up on FF and will post it here as soon as the second chapter's ready. And I have some ideas for full-lengths fics to write once my works-in-progress are finished. Though most of them will be lemon... I might try the diary thing one of these days. Depends on how inspired I feel. rnSo you're as advanced as I was at your age? Well, hang in there! High school's tough for us nerds. At least, it was for me. And Anko and Orochimaru posters? I want some! Anyway, thanks!

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