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Reviews For Cursed Saint

Name: nightninja (Signed) · Date: 28/09/15 - 01:58 pm · For: Preview
Can I be in the story

Name: nightninja (Signed) · Date: 01/07/15 - 02:47 pm · For: Preview
can i be in the story?

Name: coolninja90kid (Signed) · Date: 28/04/15 - 08:50 pm · For: Prologue
can i be a o.c.?

Name: coolninja90skid (Signed) · Date: 21/04/15 - 12:56 pm · For: Preview
can I be in the story

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 30/11/14 - 06:44 am · For: Escape
So yes this was another awesome chapter. Daichi is evil as always. I'm glad they made it out of the cave. Asuma is still under control though which sucks. You're really testing the student's ability to act without their sensei. I suppose they have Raido and the others but sitll. Like I said before it felt rushed at the end but that doesn't mean it's bad. Can't wait for another chapter :)

Name: Jang Wo Li (Signed) · Date: 10/12/13 - 10:57 am · For: Evil Angel
I am really looking forward to the next chapter. I wonder, if the Shinigami was split in half and sealed in two separate people, where is the Shinigami that Hiruzen summons when fighting Orochimaru from?

Name: Jang Wo Li (Signed) · Date: 06/12/13 - 04:22 pm · For: Promise of a Lifetime
that is an AWESOME design for Ryu!

Name: LeonMMA (Anonymous) · Date: 26/09/13 - 02:47 am · For: Evil Angel
Best of the best ....... I can't wait to see what Ryu will do in chunnin exam with Naruto ....

That will be interesting ....... o_O

Name: LeonMMA (Anonymous) · Date: 24/09/13 - 07:00 am · For: Evil Angel
Man wow......... I have to admit its one of the best oc stories I've seen .....
I like your writing style please update soon ^_^

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your review. It kinda gave me a nice boost seeing as I was kinda drawing back on this because.... Well, not sure. But this definitely made me want to work on this. Again, thanks so much. Saying it's one of the best oc stories you've seen is a real confidence booster, something I lack, so it's really nice to get reviews like this. I hope you enjoy the next chapter when I get it out as well.

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 14/09/13 - 02:15 pm · For: Evil Angel
As usual it was great! We got a glimpse of what happened to Ryu and his family. I really like how you incorporated the shinigami I really didn't see it coming. Everything is well under way now and I can't wait to see what comes next. Keep on keeping on.

Name: Purple Dinosaur (Signed) · Date: 10/09/13 - 09:22 am · For: Superman
It's fun reading this when I'm falling asleep in study hall lol. The drowsiness of the meds I'm taking is really strong and my mouth is constantly dry. It doesn't help that my headache is coming back either...well I'll read on!

Name: Purple Dinosaur (Signed) · Date: 10/07/13 - 03:54 pm · For: Kryptonite
Chapters so long...did you make up these Jutsu that Shiro uses?

Author's Response: Hehe. Sorry. As you now already know, yes, Shiro's jutsus are my own.

Name: Purple Dinosaur (Signed) · Date: 10/07/13 - 03:15 pm · For: Taken

Author's Response: Haha. Already feeling protective of my oc are you? Then again, I guess that's a good thing.

Name: Purple Dinosaur (Signed) · Date: 10/07/13 - 11:07 am · For: Prologue
Interesting...I think this shall be an awesome story ^.^

Author's Response: Glad you think so, and I hope it proves true.

Name: shadow9000 (Signed) · Date: 05/07/13 - 05:47 am · For: Preview
hey! i remember all of those scenes! ;D
i was kinda hoping there would be spoiler in there ;P

and i forgot to mention in the Pieces chapter's review...
so Shiro wasn't the first victim of Ryu's inner demon huh? O.o

anyways... kool review ;D

and before i forget...

you've done an amazing awesome job with this story...!
With so many people loving the main character of this fic... who you have created! :D
You really do have a bright future ahead o' you lil sis ;D

Author's Response: You've probably seen the preview before, but only two of the scenes in this have been in the actual story, and recently actually. Hm.... Well, you'll see ;). Thanks. I'm glad you liked the preview. Thank you very much for this review. Especially since it's my 100th *^* I still cannot believe it. I'm to 100 reviews.... Oh my gosh, Shadow-san, I so love you right now. Thank you so much for getting me here.

Name: shadow9000 (Signed) · Date: 05/07/13 - 05:42 am · For: Pieces
hmm... now that was a pretty long chapter! :P
it had a lotta sad feelings :o
and my head is feeling heavy after reading it o.o

poor ryu having to go through all that at such a ripe age :(

and Asuma seems like a really interesting guy here :D
he seem's to ryu like kakashi for team 7
well... later he actually becomes like one too... but now even before officially becoming the one... OMG -_- i messed it up ne? =_=

oh well... nice chapter Puny-chan :D

Author's Response: Haha. This was long? Don't forget about a couple chapters after this. Yeah, this is a super sad chapter, mostly because Ryu is so emotionally damaged here. Well, don't worry. He has gone through worse before XD. Haha. I understand what you mean. Yeah, he is like Kakashi to Team 7 to Ryu. Thanks a lot for the review, Shadow-san.

Name: shadow9000 (Signed) · Date: 05/07/13 - 05:29 am · For: Superman
Woah what a chapter that was!! O_O
i hadn't reviewed here... so i figured i would now!
and man... i'd completely forgotten bout this...
Seeing Daichi's crazy Genjutsu technique..
so this wasn't the first time Asuma fell for it huh...
and Kakashi and shikaku's awesome duo again ;D
Kakashi is the best! :3

and woah...
can't believe i'm saying this.. but poor Shiro...
you did quite an amazing job at this chapter Puny-chan :D

Author's Response: *rolls eyes* Nice little loop hole you've found there, Shadow-san. No, it wasn't Asuma's first time, it was only the first time he was fully captured by the genjutsu. Hehe. Shikaku and Kakashi would make an awesome duo since they're both so smart, so I figured why not? Guessing you're a big Kakashi fan? XD Yeah, I know what you mean. Shiro was a complete and total jerk, but it had to happen. Sadly *sigh* Thanks a lot, Shadow-san ^.^

Name: shadow9000 (Signed) · Date: 03/07/13 - 11:16 am · For: Because of You
Woah what a great chapter! :D

and once again, i really get annoyed with this yuumai girl _"
i mean... she was nearing the level of Naruto's irritatingness... (and if u forgot, i hate Naruto XD)
but other then that, this was a really good chapter! .

loved how u got Shikamaru and choji really well...
so Daichi... i thought he'd reveal the part bout Ryu he is so afraid of leaking out...
but i guess not...
but what bout Asuma :/ hope he is fine D;

and owh man... poor Ryu... he's totally confused right now...
and omg Ino's mom O_O though not entirely sure who she is...
a nice and serious plot you got goin here...
can't wait to see where this goes...!
and the Raido part confused me a lil bit at the beginning of the chapter...
really great chapter Puny-chan ;D
sorry for reading and reviewing so late D:

oh.. and yuumai hid on a tree... (cool! i might actually have remembered an answer for the first time in this story P)

Author's Response: I'm very glad you liked it, Shadow-san ^.^ Haha. Yuumai isn't that bad. She's just pessimistic because of the life she has had. Though that does majorly annoy me because I can't stand pessimists, but she is fun to write. Probably because she's mentally damaged <.< Ah, come on. Naruto isn't that bad. And he's a lot better in Shippuden. Haha. Nah, he hasn't revealed it. There's a reason for that, but I haven't really showed it. Not sure if I will. You think so? I really like writing about them. Ino is pretty fun to write, too, but she can be annoying XD. Asuma fine? Hm..... Is being under the complete and total control of the bad guy fine? Yep. Ryu is just having way too much thrown at him at once. And I enjoy every second of it XD. As for Ino's mom, they don't really show anything on her. As I said, the disease thing is my own creation. It's something that would have been fixed with or without Ryu's interaction. If, that is, it's cured this time ;) Asuma fine? Hm..... Is being under the complete and total control of the bad guy fine? Hm? What part were you confused with? Glad you enjoyed it, and don't worry about it being late. And bingo ^.^ She hid in a tree.

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 26/06/13 - 08:31 am · For: Because of You
Finally got around to this! Very nice as the development continues. Still itching for the real action but I know it'll come. Hmm Yuumai doesnt trust others, very pessimistic attitude but hey I don't blame her. When your chained up like that what hope do you have? Solid all around, so update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah! Glad you did. It was weird seeing a 0 for a place for reviews. Sorry, but it'll have to wait a bit longer. Haha. Nope. Not at all. It's really weird writing through a pessimistic person's attitude since it can annoy me so much. I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you enjoy the future chapters as well.

Name: shadow9000 (Signed) · Date: 04/04/13 - 11:10 am · For: 10.5 - Capture
Aiyaa... :O
Yuumai is caught .__.
but omg :(
she was totally powerless indeed :( poor yuumai :/
what can a normal human do against trained assasains T.T
and ouch she misunderstood Ryu and Ino :O

lets see what happens in the next half :D
but omg... she's toootally in trouble ain't she ._.

and a chapter from another person's point of view.. great chapter Puny-chan :D

Author's Response: Yeah, she got away only to be captured again. Well, she's up against a strong bandit that has been trained and has a special ability of his own. Well, she's very untrusting of others, and it's sad since they really weren't doing it because of that. Haha. It's called half because it's between two - not because there will be another.

Name: shadow9000 (Signed) · Date: 04/04/13 - 03:43 am · For: Not Alone
MY MY! that sure was a mighty long chapter! xD
but i had fun reading it neverthless :D

hwoah... the character development in this chapter was just WOW...!! :O
and you didn't show a happy ending either... like where everything goes just fine for the good characters kinda :P
well... thats normal for you as u are always mean to all your characters to begin with =_=

Lol Ryu's innocent nature as usual... so cute ^.^ he's totally different than the ryu that was defending Kina in ffw xD
but then he does get seriosu when it gets to protecting his close friends :D

LOL Chouji xDDD

and ahahaa... team 9 are actually so awesome x) i'm starting to like them so much after reading this fic :D
and kool job at showing how smart Shikamaru is ;) you're doing an awesome job at catching all their personalities Puny-cha :D only thing is, i didn't notice much of Ino's irritating nature in this chapter :P
or of Yuumai's at that xD but then again there wasn't a chance for it really... since all those attacks and stuff started right off the bat.

Why was Ino worried? O.o i thought she heard the Hokage talk that way bout Ryu too...
but then it seems she was unaware of that fact... but why was she so worried then... O.o
was she scared that since Asuma isn't there now there were all domed T.T or was she worried bout somethign else too ? :O

Great Fights Puny-chan!! :D though they were small, but still very well done ^.^
especially the team-work! :D nice team-work and use of techniques :)

and OMG Q_Q lemme say it again... u REALLY are verrrrrry mean to all your characters!! Bad puny! :O
i mean... poor ryu was already in a mess with Asuma against him, and then u bring about Daichi!!! no wonder ryu gets annoyed at u so much -_+

woah... truely a messy situation where they are all trapped... what can 3 gennin 1 girl and a dog do against trained rogues, 1 ex-anbu and a skilled Jounin .__.
they really need some kind help ;o
and Help they got!! :D
Sand Ninja aye? :D

just two mistakes that i found while reading :P the italic words might be the mistakes imo..
“How could we save him, Ino? I couldn’t even beat Shiro-“ Even in his numbed state, he stopped himself from adding with my own power. “I couldn’t even beat Shiro,” he repeated, “and Daichi was around the same strength. How can I beat him now that he has improved?”
Ino looked back at Ryu. “So who about it? How about we go save Asuma-sensei?”

anyways... sand nin! :o but what was that guy blabbing bout his name O.o
i mean does his name have to do anything with all thats going on? o.O
does he expect the kids to know his name? =.+
hmm... interesting scene going on here... O.o o.O

and Whoa... since he knows he cannot survive Ryu's un-ringed form(dunno what else to call it ._.) he's tryin to get him on his side huh? xD nice try punk! ain't happening!!

but whoa... i didn't know that thing(w.e it is) inside ryu could emit out chakra without taking off the ring too O.o
but what a last minute decision... poor ryu he might be super panicking on the inside..! O_O

What a chapter!! with so much to think on :o!
great great one Puny-cha !! ^.^
i shall read the next one soon enough ;D

Author's Response: Hehe. Yeah, it was a bit longer, though not my longest, as you should know. Hmph. Happy ending? Of course not - things cannot be easy. I'll put everyone through poop as much as I can. Oh, yes, he gets extremely serious when he's protecting his friends, as you see happening when the innocent nature fades away in this. He will do whatever is necessary. Hehe. Team Nine is in The Reincarnation of a Legend. This is Team Ten, silly =P. But I know what you mean. After writing it I have just fallen in love with this team. Haha. I'm glad you think I'm getting their personalities. Nah, didn't really have any chance here. Too much stuff going on to do that. Of course she would worry. When the Hokage spoke, I doubt many, especially Ino, would have truly understood and taken in what the Hokage said. After all, now is a situation you'd truly start to take in things like this. Yeah, they were really small. The real fights don't start for another couple of chapters. This team is basically built on team-work, so I figured I needed to show it. Of course I am - I'm me. Though I must agree that throwing Daichi and Asuma at him at once is a bit cruel. Haha. Actually, he isn't the one really annoyed at me. It was Sasaui, which is weird since I'm way crueler to Ryu. Well, not very much, which is why they got their help. Um.... No, the first thing was purposeful. The second, however, was accidental....... Oops..... Well, I believe you now know the importance. Exactly. Nice understanding, Shadow-san. Well, we'll see ^.^ I'm still having fun imagining the future fight. It depends on if Ryu chooses to or not. And in this situation, he did. Yeah, like we've already deduced, I'm not at all nice to Ryu. Very glad you enjoyed ^.^

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 03/03/13 - 01:29 pm · For: 10.5 - Capture
Very good. I loved all the development and the brief moments of action. Nice half update. Can't wait for the next.

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought so, Itoko-san. Yep - a lot of development here. The next update is out, so you no longer have to wait for them.

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 02/03/13 - 09:37 pm · For: 10.5 - Capture
Wow, this was an interesting chapter with Yuumai's POV. It shows us even more into her personality, which is actually a little... opposite of Ryu. It's a bit of a contrast. But this chapter really showed her character, which was an interesting half-chapter. Nice work.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. It was definitely interesting to write. I think the difference between her and Ryu is what makes it so. I'm hoping you enjoy her in the future as well.

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 20/02/13 - 08:33 pm · For: Not Alone
Took me so long to finish this chapter~ Jeez~

Anyway... Well, where to start...

I'm a little shocked that Ryu was feeling so hopeless so quickly. Especially considering he's the one who made Ino feel better about fighting. Two minutes later he's ready to give up. Doesn't seem like a Ryu type of attitude to me. I'd say that's OOCing an OC but I don't know if that's possible...

Ryu's mysterious power, has it really been this long since we've seen it / I've read those chapters? Because I was stunned when whatever that power is started talking to him. Has it always done that and I just don't remember or is that a new thing you added? (if it is new, I might nitpick at that too but I honestly don't remember...maybe I'll look again later)

So Daichi wants Ryu? He wants the kid who nearly got him captured and killed his comrade-in-crime... I'm a little interested with this and curious as to why he'd want Ryu who kinda ruined his evil scheme in the past.

I did like the part about jumping off the waterfall. I felt that was pretty heroic of Ryu and a little rash (in one of those actiony epic ways), pretty good on his part.

Meeting these strangers now seems like a nice twist, especially since the jounin has Ryu's last name... Didn't see that one coming. I wonder if Raido is simply of Ryu's clan or a brother or something who he was close to in the past.

Overall... I've found I'm pretty nitpicky ^_^; I already told you about my issue with Asuma, so I'm waiting to see how that all goes and when / if he ever gets out of this genjutsu. And I'm looking forward to seeing how they fight off the bandits and save everyone. Nice work overall, Sasaui.

Author's Response: Took me forever to get to replying to it, so don't feel bad. Then again, I nearly had it done at once, and then it messed up. Then I wanted to cry and was too annoyed to redo it for soooo long. I hopefully fixed that so you can get a better idea as to why that happened. Hopefully it's better. Hm.... Not sure you can. But, again, I hope I fixed that. You can look over it later or something if you want to see if it is better. Um.... It happened a few times to begin with. To tell the truth, I thought I had done it more, but each time it had been mentally and not added to the chapter. But it does talk when it so chooses. Just usually it doesn't choose to =P. Well, the reasoning seems kinda obvious. At least I thought it would be. But I'll just let you see for yourself I guess. Hehe. I know - I loved it. It was just such a Ryu thing being all heroic and such. I'm very glad you enjoyed it because it's a part I have always loved thinking about. Haha. I'm glad you recognized it since a few missed it, which was hilarious XD. But yep - it's definitely gonig to be adding to the plot. You'll learn about that, don't worry. Nah - I'm used to you being nitpicky. It helps me out a lot ^.^ I'm glad you like it and really hope to fix the whole Asuma thing.

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 19/02/13 - 01:58 pm · For: Betrayal
I'm really skeptical about Asuma being sucked into this genjutsu so easily. He's a skilled jounin, and even if Daichi's power is amazing (as you described during that scene through Senshi's POV), I think a little more transition of Asuma questioning the Hokage's appearance a little more into believing him would sound better. Just wasn't really something I could believe so easily would happen to him.

Other than that, the rest of this chapter was pretty good. Nothing that I could be picky about. The first scene was interesting because of the intro to the new characters. And everyone seemed relatively in character after that. Yuumai is growing to be a real... I don't know, contrast to Ryu maybe? I don't know, they both just seem really entertaining together in my opinion.

Off to the next chapter now, nice work on this one!

Author's Response: I'll hopefully explain that in a way that appeases you at the end of the arc or a little later. I just hope I remember to put that part in because I kinda decided on it as I typed the scene, so since it's a new part to write, I'm afraid I'll forget to add it. Though if I fail, I'll try to remember to go back and fix it. You can tell me when the reason is revealed. Really? Huh, that's unusual =P. Not that that's bad (that you're picky), but I'm glad you didn't have anything to be picky with in this chapter. Yep. These new characters shall play a pretty big role in the future, as I'm sure you've guessed after reading the next chapter. So it's not just me thinking Yuumai is a contrast to Ryu. I was thinking they kinda were, too, wich makes them fun to write. Thanks a lot, Onee-chan. I'm glad you liked it.

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