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Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 09/10/11 - 03:13 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Aww, so short :( But oh gosh, such a plot twist! I wonder what will happen to Ezra now... Ugh, cliffhangers! So cruel!

Haha, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks! Uhm, I wanted to ask you if I could use Yuki for something in Drawn Together. You know, how Ezra U/H has appeared and everything...I just wanted the OK.

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 03/10/11 - 02:42 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Hmm, so about the love triangle, does that mean I was wrong about the Yukio-Aiko-Hotaka thing?

Anyways... holy crap! Ezra isn't Ezra anymore (or partly, anyway)! Darn this King and Queen! I hope Ezra's friends come to rescue him soon. Well, I mean, I like how sweet he is with Yuki, and she doesn't seem so bad right now. But it's still wrong! Ezra must be saved!

Haha, keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Uh, no. You inspired it, I was wondering if the Hikaru-Ezra-Aiko love triangle, and you inspired an alternative.rnrnrn


Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 02/10/11 - 01:17 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Ah, the fourth Kokoro. Nice! She's only nine, and she's super strong. I wonder what else she's like.... She took Ezra out with a poke to the head XP

Nice job on this, I definitely look forward to learning more about Yuki ;D

Oh, and the random observations are fine, it's nice to learn these things about the story :)

Author's Response: Hehee, thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 01/10/11 - 03:17 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Oh, a different love triangle... Yukio-Aiko-Hotaka.... Jeez, Hotaka certainly moved on fast....

But anyways, finally! Everyone is reunited! I wonder why Aiko doesn't like Hikaru already... yeesh, tension is sure going to build now.

Well anyway, great job on this chapter! Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Thanks! You should see what I have cooked up for the next chapter. Well, it was actually my brain, but yeah...Haha! Thanks again!

Name: tigerseye (Signed) · Date: 27/09/11 - 04:02 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
I have really enjoyed this story so far! It would make it a little easier to read the battels if you explained what their abilities are in more detail.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'll try my hardest!

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 27/09/11 - 12:50 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Wait a minute... How could Ezra not have realized earlier that Hikaru liked him?! It was so obvious! And he kept kissing her on the forehead, how did he not realize this earlier?! *sigh* Teenagers, what gives with them these days...

And I'm really surprised that Hotaka is calm, well, for now at least. It's just surprising that they're training and eating lunch together already. Even Yukio too... It's a little fast to make them all buddy-buddy so suddenly...

But anyway, nice job with the cute and fluffy moment! It's good to see them together, but I'm STILL wondering about Aiko. Seriously, I need to know, are Hotaka and Aiko going to get together?!

Author's Response: I am a teenager, true enough. Though only about a months in XD.rnrn

As for the whole buddy-buddy thingy, I have no clue. Did you read that last bit in Yukio's fight with Ezra, "Help...Me."rnrn

*smirks evilly* You'll find out...Thanks!

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 26/09/11 - 05:00 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Holy crap, what an amazing battle! I can't believe Hotaka was so demented, yeesh... He really liked Hikaru... I kind of hope he finds a new love. Holy jeez, is he going to fall in love with Aiko?! I can certainly see you pulling a twist like that!

Anyways, now that Yukio and Ezra are reunited and have had their fight, I wonder how things will turn out...

Keep up the awesome work!

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 26/09/11 - 02:01 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Hmm, Yukio's a good guy now. Yes! I loved how he escaped and everything. Now I don't have to worry about feeling bad for him XD Hehe, anyways, I really wonder what Ezra will do when he reunites with Akira and Aiko and even Yukio. There will be so much drama, I'm so excited. And who is this fourth Kokoro you speak of? I must know... Keep up the great work!

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 26/09/11 - 01:08 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
-_-' Is it just me, or does Ezra always have very little confidence in himself? Just something about the end made it seem that way to me again. Anyway, this was great. The battle between Yukio and Akira was cool, and I can't wait to see Ezra's fight with Hotaka. I really hope that Yukio finds Ezra soon. I hate that Akira fought him off before he could speak.

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 26/09/11 - 01:03 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
=D This was really good, Theez. I'm glad that Yukio has run away. I was just about to come in and fight the king myself. Not saying I'd win, but still. It was amazing, and I can't wait until Yukio meets up with his brothers. And ooh, you've got me curious of this fourth Kokoro.

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 24/09/11 - 07:58 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Just one complaint. They were only five when that whole parting scene happened, right? They acted a little too mature for that age. Sorry to say anything wrong, but I feel like it would be worse if I didn't say anything.

Anyway, other than their maturity, it was so cute! I absolutely loved it. And sheesh, they're going to end up killing each other with those suffocating matches. Well, that is the point, so..... I really liked the reunion. But what about Aiko? The moment I saw that, I wondered what would happen with them. There gonna be a love triangle? Wait, there's an uneven ratio. What's poor Akira/Hotaka going to do? Oh well, I'll just have to find out. And sheesh, you're seriously making me want to go in to save the bad guy.

Author's Response: About the maturity thingy, I thought that it would be like something happened when Ezra was thrown out XD. But I'm glad you liked it! Thanks!

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 24/09/11 - 07:29 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Man, I hate it when I feel sympathy for the bad guy. It makes me so scared that something bad is going to happen. It was the same thing with Loki from the most recent Thor movie. Anyway, I'm starting to fall in love with Yukio. As for Hikaru, I liked that little look into the past. Sheesh, now I keep on thinking about wanting Yukio to get approval, even if it means nothing good for Ezra. Darn you for making me feel so conflicted.

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 24/09/11 - 06:58 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
I just read Silverwolf's review, and she's right about the chapter titles. When I look at them, I think of Dragon Ball Z Kai episodes titles.

The battle was really cool. I enjoyed the brief demonstration of space, even if it was, well, brief. I'm so worried about what's going to happen. It seems as if he's going to get hurt enough that I'll want to hurt your characters again...... I loved it, though. I can't wait to find out about Hikaru and Hotaka. Which I would already know if it wasn't for the fact that I keep on getting behind.

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 23/09/11 - 06:09 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
AWW! :3 It's so cute! Hikaru and Ezra are reunited, how adorable! Oh wait... What about Aiko? I can definitely see a love triangle blooming, if that's the direction you're headed in. Haha, Hotaka made me worried when he said that Hikaru was his girlfriend, but at least he seems to be friends with Ezra for now.... even though Ezra threatened him....

Ah, poor Yukio... I feel really bad for him, even if he is a bad guy....

Anyways, awesome work on these chapters, theez! Keep up the great work!

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 23/09/11 - 05:56 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Wow! These memories are extremely powerful! It shows so much insight into the characters. Both Yukio and Hikaru went through a lot. Yukio is actually shown as more than a bad guy, and the added description on Hikaru was brilliant. Excellent work! I'm off to the next chapter now :)

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 22/09/11 - 06:11 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Hehe, have I ever mentioned I love the titles you make for your chapters? No? Well, I always enjoy them, they're always so enthusiastic XD

Anyways, oh my gosh! Ezra is kidnapped! By his brother! What is going to happen to him?! What are Akira and Aiko going to do?! Oh my goodness, I can't stand the suspense and the questions flooding my head right now. Nice job, theez! Keep up the awesome work with all your stories!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like the chapter titles, I always think I make them way to enthusiastic. XDrnrnrnWelp, I'm working on another chapter as we speak [just like the old days, huh?] Thanks!

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 17/09/11 - 02:14 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Like always, this chapter was amazing. You start out with the whole statue thing, and then you have that ending. I really liked the eyes-meeting thing. I found it interesting. I'm excited for when they do meet. I want to see the powers of these Hearts. Your story is turning out really well, Theez. I can't wait to read more!

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 17/09/11 - 02:06 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
=D That was great, Theez. I loved it. I was sad, however, when we found out about Aiko's brother and the locket. It was so depressing. I hope that Ezra and Akira can fix that. It was amazing, and I can't wait to figure out what this mystery is. You're story is amazing, Theez!

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 14/09/11 - 02:10 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Whoa, what a suspenseful and slightly spooky ending. It's so interesting that Ezra and Akira know about their powers now. But what the heck, Daisuke is a double agent?! That's so mean... Ah man...

Wait, that means more action... Yay!

Haha, keep up the awesome work, theez!

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 13/09/11 - 07:40 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Ooh, mysteries to be solved... Interesting. And we learn some info on Aiko's past. It's quite tragic, really...

This Daisuke guy already sounds so mysterious. I wonder who he is and what he will tell them...

Great job on this chapter! Darn you for keeping me up late ;) Nah, it's okay. Keep up he awesome work!

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 13/09/11 - 07:18 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Is it bad that the moment I saw the prince had scarlet hair, my first thought was "He's Ezra and Akira's brother." I mean, seriously, I just guessed and then I suddenly see that he is Ezra and Akira's brother. That was something I really liked and, despite the thought I had right before it, was surprised by. And now he's coming after them.... Wow, that's got me wondering what will happen. And I can't believe her grandma would be so cruel! Is it just me, or are most of the parents you make cruel? It was great, though. I love your writing and the pain you make your characters go through just strengthens them.

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 13/09/11 - 02:47 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Gosh, the grandmother was so mean... She even kicked Aiko out! How horrible! Ugh, well, at least the three are off on a new journey :D Though it looks like Yukio will be tracking Ezra and Akira down, I hope they'll be okay...

Nice chapter, theez! I can't wait for more! Keep up the awesome work!

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 11/09/11 - 05:35 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Wow. It's not just the spacing that's improved... it's your writing too...

Great job! I see a lot more description being put in here and there, so good work on that! I'm impressed, I really can't wait for more now! Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I'll try my best!

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 11/09/11 - 04:54 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Well, I'm glad that Akira had his burn treated. The only real flaw I saw was that you had Aiko say she was Aiko twice. It was plain amazing, and I love both of them. Akira is the one who is always eager and doesn't seem to understand the danger as well as Ezra. I guess it's because he's the older of the two, huh? Either way, they're both awesome characters. I can't wait to see how it develops. Then again, any story that has Ezra in it will be awesome.

Author's Response: Actually, I meant for her to say her name twice. She told Ezra, then Akira when he woke up. Thanks!

Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 10/09/11 - 05:29 pm · For: Battle of the Hearts
Ah, alright, excuse me while I go all sentimental and crap: I remember when you first started on TONFA, and I annoyed you about spacing... Now look, you've fixed it :D

Alright, now for the review!

Awesome characters; with no non-original characters around, I wonder how this will turn out. I am, however, very excited to see more adventures with Ezra ;) Good intro, I look forward to reading more about Akira and Ezra :D

Author's Response: Thank you! Eh, being sentimental is fine.rnrnrn

Thank you! I give you this much: It will be epic!

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