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Summary: What if The akatsuki killed his whole village? What if Naruto's mom came back for him? What if Naruto had a bloodline limit and his mom taught him it and he goes off to revenge his friends and a new gang goes with him:His mom and new friends. Okay,I am just now going to add this.Sasuke has to be alive,since he went to Orochimaru.And,if you want,you can make Hinata stay alive.Then she'd be Naruto's anchor so he doesn't turn out like Sasuke.If you do keep Hinata alive,I want it to be a NaruHina story.If not,try making a NaruOc story.
Categories: None Characters: Akatsuki, Hinata Hyuuga, Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki, Pair NaruHina, Pair OCNaru, Sasuke Uchiha
Summary: The Akatsuki killed Naruto's clan, then his mom finds him. He finds out he has a kekkai genkai.It can be either a NaruHina or NaruOc.Sasuke has to be alive.Naruto has to battle him sometime in the story.That's the best I can do since I don't remember what I put as bre2k8.
Categories: Alternate Universe & Crossovers > Minor AU, Het Romance > Top Six Pairs > Naruto and Hinata Characters: Akatsuki, Kushina Uzumaki, Pair NaruHina, Pair OCNaru
Summary: okay, i for one have never read one story about naruto falling for anyone other than hinata and sakura. c'mon, lets get some variety going here! please!!!! The plot-line is yours to design and write, but please no yaoi, yuri, or graphic lemon or anything. take the relationship slow, like a real life relationship and not a "love at first sight because of an imprinting thing the nine tailed fox has or anything! and the longer the story, the better!!! :P Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Crimson Lily
Categories: OC-centric, Het Romance > Fluff, General Fiction > Naruto Shippuuden Characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Pair OCNaru
Summary: Based in the ''cherub novel series''if haven't read it Cherub is an agency that recruits children in between the ages of 6 to 18 trio perform special missions that adults can't do. But in this SHERUB recruits graduation exam failures like Naruto who have potential but no one gives em the push they need. So after beating Mizuki up Coz there's no team left for because sai got into team seven Naruto gets recruited into SHERUB . Rules The other agents all have to be oc None of the other rookies should find out about Naruto joining SHERUB They also shouldn't know about SHERUB at all The cover story for Naruto's disappearance should be he got killed by criminals who robbed him You can follow the canon missions but when tram seven is doing d-rank missions he should be training or taking on c-rank espionage missions that Take him all over the world The world may have real world continents but you have to fit in the ninja nations properly or you cold make each nation a continent on its own eg.Asia is land of fire Coz most look Asian(and the Forests) Africa is land of lightning they look African and Coz they live in a mountain (Kilimanjaro) Europe is land of earth they look European Middle East is land of wind cuz of the desert South America is land of water skin colour (bottom tip of Argentina had misty weather) Pairing should be OCnaru he should be on par with Sasuke on everything except that Naruto's stealth,stamina and endurance should be more than sasuke's and by par I mean Naruto should know 2 Jutsu of c-rank and 1 of b-rank in his own elements Yes I said elementS Coz Sasuke had two element (fire and lightning) Naruto's elements should be water and wind to counter sasuke's (but no element mixing so no ice release) He should get weapon he's good at Coz sasuke had the Fuma shuriken before the time skip so Naruto should also get one preferably a counter to the Fuma Naruto should get better clothes to wear on missions Coz its espionage and back at base its a uniform (ranked tshirt green army pants and combat boots. And last the ranking tshirts orange for guests(when Naruto wakes up in the base he wears this and nobody can talk to him before he decides if he wants to become a SHERUB agent or not ...obviously yes he does) Grey for trainees (Naruto gets this one after he says yes and starts his 100 SHERUB training so this is when team 7 is there 3 months of d-rank after 10 days of training with Kakashi) Light blue for graduates(Naruto gets this after he finishes his SHERUB training and a day before team 7's c-rank) Navy blue for outstanding performance (this he gets when he finish his first mission same time as the zabuza mission his mission for example could be killing gato after Kakashi called for backup after the first battle with zabuza too make things easier F0R team seven) Black for excellent performance a number of times (he gets this in shippuden after the mission where sasuke kills orochimaru why is he in team 7 Coz sasuke ran away so Naruto does what sai does in shippuden...replace sasuke. Oh and he gets a partner after finishing SHERUB training could be any oc
Categories: General Fiction Characters: Naruto Uzumaki, OC, Pair OCNaru
Summary: I don't really care what its about but Naruto has to: A)fall in love B) it cant be with Sakura And 3) it has to take place in both the original and in Shippuuden
Categories: General Fiction > Naruto, Het Romance > Fluff, General Fiction > Naruto Shippuuden Characters: Pair OCNaru